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Awwe, poor Taeyeon
Sunday, January 18, 2009

It was reported awhile ago that some of SNSD's members were sick recently, namely taeyeon, sunny and yuri if im not wrong. SNSD had an mag interview recently but Taeyeon was absent because she was down with a big bad cold. Super shitty, how can those flu virus even attack our cute leader here?

Oh well, its no use scolding the virus, so anyway, i read this article about ty's account in the hospital. She gave this account on ChinChin radio that she is hosting together with Kangin.

"I went to the hospital to receive a shot because I was very ill with the flu.
But when I arrived, the nurse told me to just lie down and wait, because it was
lunch time.
But she was a nurse, instead of telling me to wait, couldn't she
have just given me a shot?
I almost caused a scene, but I simply stated,
'How could you be like that,' and left. Is it a patients duty to be sick on

Damn shitty shitty. I guess everyone knows how it feels when u are seriously illed. And its like you've dragged your whole heavy body to the hospital, hoping to seek treatment fast, but in the end, lunch is more important than their patient's well-being.

Kangin was so cute though :

"Tell me which hospital it was. It looks like that nurse has lost her mind.
She should just eat lunch forever."

He can get senseless sometimes but he is just so super funny! haha!

ANW, so because of her words ( and kangin's) , they became targets for some netizens. They say it was inappropriate to say such stuffs on national radio and demand their company for an apology.

Anti Fans at work again.

They were just obviously picking on taeyeonie cannnnn!!! If i were taeyeon, i most probably will point middle finger at the nurse and jab her instead.

Y on earth is it inappropriate? if the government or which ever people in charge heard that , they can make improvements on the services in the hospital! See, taeyeon din do anything wrong, its the right thing to voice out your displease to such services, so others wont get the same treatment once improvements have been made.

And, imagine if its their own idol, so sickly and gna die, and docs are still happily eating lunch. The idol might just die lying on the bed while waiting for the doctor to stroll back to their consultation room after their stupid lunch.

Especially taeyeon, HOW CAN WE LOSE HER.
She is such a great entertainer, and she is so frigging adorable.

Whats more, she is such a wonderful/powerful singer! That is the main reason why i love her so so much!

See, she even have this super lovely puppy,

And the thing is , she gets to stand beside eunhyuk too!

And i swear she has the cutest bangs on earth..

She is also a great leader of SNSD. She not only leads the group to great achievements, she herself too did SNSD proud by getting some Popularity award for her solo song " Can you hear me" in last year's Golden Disk Award! its such a prestigious award and she got it!

She is always so full of energy even if she is so tired and sick, and cheers her members up when they are down!

Oh man, how can people even anti her.

She is just so frigging lovable.

So i hope those stupid netizens who stupidly think they are so mature and knows exactly what to say on national radio and what not to to stop making some weird comments. They should better spend their time to find doctors to repair their freaking screwed brains. And if they are like SOOO DAMN SMART like how they like to they are, they should then find their doctors at the hosptital canteen instead of going straight into the consultation room.

Lastly, dont mess with taeyeonie!!!!

source : allkpop,soshified


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