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Big Bang Alive Galaxy 2012 in Singapore!
Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pardon the shitty quality photos.

But the concert was just wow, fantastic baby!

Big Bang is wonderful at hyping up the atmosphere. Their songs just get people on their feet, jumping and dancing around. I absolutely loved it.

I just felt so happy when they performed Haru Haru because that is my absolutely favourite BB song. They did the slow version but it was still amazing nonetheless.

I fell in love with Daesung that night. He looked a lot better in real life and he was so sweet and adorable. His smile just dazzled me off my feet. When he did his wings solo and walked out with that huge pair of fluffy wings, I am like hey angel~

Seungri was also damn handsome! :)

Will definitely go for another Big Bang concert in the future! Worth the sweat, the wait, the money and my love!


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Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour
Thursday, September 27, 2012



Yes, I bet all you lucky ones holding the tickets cannot wait! To get into the mood, let's look at the Big Bang Alive Tour trailer!

Haha, Kpop-Heroes, wtf! It just makes them sound ridiculous.

Not enough?!?! Let's look at their previous live performances!

Although I personally do not believe in watching a DVD of a concert prior to the real show. I prefer going for the real thing and then buying the DVD just to recap all the amazing wonderful moments after that.

The concert is going to be a blast! I love Super Junior, but I cannot deny that Big Bang puts up a wow, fantastic baby live performance! Their energy is really great!

Have a great day all you VIPs out there.

By the way, if you are looking for an iphone /4s cover to bring to the concert, dearjojo.com is selling VIP covers!

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We Got Mail!
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We got mail again!

This time our friend Ariel, who was one of our lucky winners for our previous giveaways, have sent us in a flashmob video!

Check it out here!

I'm glad you finally achieved your dream of wanting to do a kpop flash mob! Sure sounds like you had pretty good fun!

We love your video! The dancing was absolutely fantastic and I love the vibrant choice of colours your dancers are wearing except one tiny problem, we can only see part of the dance mob! It would have been perfect if you got a full view of everyone dancing! But we still think it is awesome!

Do continue to spread the kpop love! :D

On a side note,

Our friends all the way over at Atlanta are having a Kpop party and they invite you to it!

It's going to be held at TakoBar, 818 Juniper StreetAtlanta, Georgia 30308.

Be their facebook friend to get in FREE before 11pm!

More details about the party can be found here!
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6 thoughts on kpop
Wednesday, September 12, 2012


(only using an old banner because I have no time to make a new one, and i like this banner too)

On the outside fangirls might seem crazy for going all out for their idols, but kpop has made life a lot easier to handle for a lot of people. And that sometimes, is the reason why we dive ourselves in to the world of Kpop.

1. Kpop taught me it was okay to be awkward.

I love my awkward idols. Sohee was so awkward in Wonder Bakery, Yesung was just an awkward turtle in general, all their phails on variety show thought me it was okay to make a fool of myself once in a while. Nobody would look on me any less and still love me for the fail whale that I am. They aren't perfect robots but embarrassed human beings like us too.

2. I can become pretty too.

This is 2NE1.

This is how 2NE1 used to look.

I love this picture. It s a very good picture to illustrate my point on how dressing up and putting makeup can improve one's appearance.

Not to the point of this

but significantly enough.

3. Collecting cars is a perfectly reasonable hobby.

Eunhyuk, in Full House, said his hobby was collecting cars. I love Kpop because it makes me laugh. It makes me happy when I have had a bad day.

Their variety shows don't take themselves too seriously. Most of their idols don't carry that idol baggage around a.k.a Fahrenheit (a mando popband)

Running man is totally the best show to watch after a shitty day at work. It never fails to put a smile on my face or make me clap in delight.

4. The Fandoms.

I am an ELF. I have participated in plenty of Super Junior activities. What is awesome about Kpop fandoms is that they usually have an official colour. Going to an SJ concert and looking at the sapphire blue ocean makes me proud to be in the fandom, supporting my idol.

People in the fandom support each other, are willing to get to know each other and make friends just based on the pretext we like the same group.

It lets me know, I am not alone. Kpop brings people together. I have made a lot of new friends that way.

I'm pretty sure the other VIPs, SONEs, Cassiopeia, Shawols etc will feel the same way.

5. I will have false hopes.

That is unfortunately the ultimate downside to Kpop. I now live with the knowledge that guys like NichKhun, Lee Seung Gi and Jung Yun Ho exist. I now also live with the expectation that I would meet a guy like these perfect men and be able to marry them.

What's worse is that Korean Dramas perpetuate that notion by even suggesting that any protaganist (rich or ugly or has some extremely sad life) will and can end up with a happily ever ending. Life has also gotten X81371384 more difficult for the kpop fan girl.

6. People rarely feel bored.

Things are constantly changing in the world of kpop. They happen fast and furious and oh so exciting (Think T-ara). Anyway, besides it being such a dynamic environment there are plenty of thigns to do. Watch Korean Drams, Variety Shows, read up on your idols in forums, go make friends in forums, do artwork etc. The list never ends. There is never a dull moment in the world of Kpop which means that you will not be wasting your time doing drugs or out doing illegal things.

If I get any more thoughts, will definitely share them again as part 2. Till then, let's go look at some pretty girl group photos. -shuyan


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Whatsapp Wallpapers
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Having a good wallpaper for whatsapp can be frustrating. The convos can block the entire kpop celebrity you have as your wallpaper. Here at Super-Kpop, we decided to create wallpapers which gives you a higher percentage of looking at pretty snsd faces as you scroll messages your nearest and dearest.

Jessica Jung

Choi Soo Young

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Soo Young Wallpaper
Monday, September 10, 2012

Here is a wallpaper of long legs Soo Young!

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We Got Mail!
Sunday, September 9, 2012

We got mail!

People have been sending in stuff for us to share, so here we go!


DJ Froto has sent in his remix-ed version of G-Dragon's One of A Kind.

I like the remix its good, unfortunately, it is after a video medium.

The video can be more interesting. Lengthy shots of equipment can really be... not that interesting.

Two A group of French Hip Hop dances has decided to remix Big Bang's Fantastic Baby!

It has a detailed plot describing dancers struggling to liberate the world from anti-music dictatorship. The costumes and make up are pretty elaborate so that is nice.

Good effort! And its awesome they are spreading more Kpop love to France!!


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A man you can marry
Thursday, September 6, 2012

So I was watching the latest episode of running man and only one thought was running through my mind.


So cute leh this boy!


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Doreen saw the MV and sent me "they are fucking pretty". So I rushed home to watch it because silly phone and silly 3G network could not support it when I was in the MRT.

Full of flawless and perfect. Why are they all so gorgeous. When we look at the MV we are once again reminded of being inferior (uglier) beings.

They are like angels in the soft lighting of the MV.


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We love to hear from our readers out there! Whether they have something interesting to share, like their own works (e.g. flashmob in Sweden), or just fascinating stuff or thoughts they have about kpop!

Joshua Simon from Singapore has shared with us his acoustic rendition of Psy's Gangnam Style! If you don't know what Gangnam Style is, please leave the rock you have been living under.

This is a nice change from all the parodies popping out everywhere. And well it is a pretty decent homemade video! It's brilliant this stuff!

Do continue to share stuff with us!

P/s: I know some mail get lost in the spam section, do tweet us a DM or email us again!


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Using their power for a greater good!
Sunday, September 2, 2012

A few weeks ago, Super-Kpop (we love animals!) decided to support Gentle Paw's flea market by donating some of our kpop posters to them to help raise funds for the medical fees of the dogs affect with parvovirus. We are glad the dogs there are well now. Thank you to the kind souls who bought our posters!

This brings our attention to KPOP stars who love animals too and are regularly campaigning for their rights and better welfare.

For her 23rd birthday, Tiffany of SNSD has decided to help out with raising money for the Korean Animal Welfare Association. Items worn by Tiffany will be auctioned off and the sum raised will go to help them run their activities.

Dana from The Grace tweets a lot about animals. Look at following example below.

She retweets a lot of stuff from @FromCareKorea which supports the coexistence of animal rights on earth!

Yes they are retweets, but she is sending out the message to her fans to care for animals and they need our love. Thank you Dana for being such a lovely lady. Plus 29357203 points for having a heart for animals.

And who can forget Lee Hyori.

She regularly states out her stand on her love for animals and the rights they should have.

Although there was the controversy about her wearing leather jackets, she has since thrown away all leather jackets which are cruelly made from animal hide.

She has released a book in March of 2012 and all proceeds from her photo essay book 'closer' will be donated to the Korean Animal Rights Advocates.

There was also this incident where she tweeted "I’m embarrassed and sorry to be a human as he(the owner). Next time don’t be born as a dog, mute and powerless” about the incident of a photograph of a beagle hanging out of the car boot of an Equus and dragged on the motorway,and faces the possibility of getting sued for defamation. Well we say, animal torturers deserve any shit they get. Please continue standing up for them (animals).


Here are other celebrities who have done their part for animal rights including participating in a photoshoot for exhibition with The Korean Society of Human Animal Bond. They include SNSD, SHINee, Lee Yeon Hee, Gong Hyo Jin and others.

Not only are KPOP artistes doing their part, but fans are also helping out.

Like U-Know Yunho's fans who have decided to donate to the Korean Animal Welfare Association. in celebration of his 27th Birthday!

SO did Shinhwa's fans! Because " Shinhwa has shown their interest in love to animals numerous times in the past, and this is a perfect way to respect that." they have decided to donate 3,450 Kilograms of animal feed to an animal welfare organization!

All these people are awesome!! I bet there are a lot more examples out there!

We hope everyone will care for animals and treat them with the respect they deserve. They are unable to voice out their pain and unhappiness but that does not mean they cannot feel too. All animals, big or small, healthy or not deserve as much happiness that they can. Not everyone is as blessed to get adopted into a family who loves them (eg Doreen's JoJo). And anyone reading this, we hope you can do your part too! Even if you do not volunteer or donate, you can still do a tiny something if you spot anyone abusing their pets and any animal in distress to the SPCA or local animal welfare centre!

Animal welfare associations/ animal shelters out there, if you think Super-Kpop can help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us! :)

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