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Ring Ding Dong
Monday, May 31, 2010

Ok, Ringtonesssss!


Goobne CF - Click here to download

Come On Over - Click here to download

Super Junior

Shake It Up - Click here to download

My Only Girl - Click here to download


The Goobne CF was too irresistable to pass up!


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The Jessica Way of Life
Friday, May 28, 2010

Okay someone's requesting for the links to The Jessica Way of Life!

So here is it!

Enjoy! :D


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Twitter addicts.
Thursday, May 27, 2010




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Macro of the day
Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know you can't get enough of eunhae!

credits to whoever who made this!


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Beast Handphone Wallpaperssss!
Friday, May 21, 2010

making artwork like this is sort of therapeutic to keep my mind off things.



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Super Junior Hot Wallpaper!
Tuesday, May 18, 2010




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Oh holy holy, Super Junior has morphed into men! Bonamana is X82375801 more manly than Sorry Sorry with their new bodies and they just can't stop showing it off. So now we can't stop thinking about you~

This is Super Junior for W korea Magazine.

Yeah, I know Taeyang, Seungri, and the whole of 2pm has awesome bodies like this, but only Super Junior's new fantastic fantastic abs gets me all excited like this! Even DBSK didn't WOW me like that. I have no idea how they totally bulked up so much from the skinny boys that they are, but WOAH~ Looking goooood~

Super Junior Victory world cup teaser!

Since Singapore won't be having a team, I guess Im gna support Korea so I can see all these awesome songs and dances. ;D



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Heenim Heenim!
Monday, May 17, 2010

I dont know why the sudden love for heechul,
But i made some emoticons of him!

Have fun using them! Heechul is so pretty aint he!?


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Long live eunhae!
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello people!
Heres Eunhae for you!

I love them so, dont cha?!

brb, dying after watching sj's inki performance , Boom Boom killed me.
Plus 2PM.

Lemme go regulate my heartbeat....


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Super Junior is a positive good cause it has such wonderful effects on everyone!



I like the dance too! Esp the 4 people part, nice!

Right now, our kpop world just consists of Super Junior! 2pm? CN Blue? whatever~

BTW, love for Lee Seunggi is just growing and growing! WHY SO CUTEEEE!



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Ringtones Ringtones, anyone?
Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Didnt go to work today so i had some time to tidy up some ringtones and share it with you you you.

T-ARA - 너 때문에 미쳐 (I Go Crazy Because of You)
Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

F(X) - Mr Boogie
Click here to download!

Click here to download!

B2ST BEAST - Take care of my girlfriend (Say No)
Click here to download!


Some BONAMANA MV for you?

I can't explain the hotness of this.
Oh, hips, its the hips.


Anw, photo of the day:

I saw a post on siwon that reads SIWON LOVES JESUS.
And his expression is epic. LMAO.
I love you siwon.


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Heechul shed tears while talking about his withdrawal rumors

Super Junior's Kim Heechul revealed his feeling regarding rumors about him withdrawing from Super Junior.

Kim Heechul participated in SBS Strong Heart recording that set to be broadcast on the 11th. During the recording, he revealed that " Because of acting and other individual activities, there are times where Super Junior singer activities had become a burden ( to me ) "

He continued. " Because of this, I'm having some conflict with other members, it even came to the point where i have to leave the dorm and lived alone "

" There were many Super Junior's fan who also said things like Kim Heechul has no help to Super Junior at all. I was really hurt because there's even rumor about me withdrawing from Super Junior "

Fellow member, Leeteuk who was also a guest on Strong Heart that day had left the recording set because he couldn't resist his tears. He began to cry after hearing Kim Heechul's confession. After that, Kim Heechul started to shed tears too.

Excluding Kangin who is entering the army soon, Kibum who is focusing on his acting career and Hankyung who is currently having some dispute with the company, the other 10 members of Super Junior will be releasing their 4th album on the 13th.

Credit : Super Junior Tieba
Chinese to English translation by : MilkShake @ sj-world.net
Please take out with full credit.

Ahh, i think i mentioned before that i hate to see them cry. So emotional.Heenim,how is it that u are useless in SJ? Fans who said that arent even fit to be a Fan in the first place. Super Junior is really like a great big warm family. Their so attached to each other that it really hurts when they fall out with one another. Awwe.

And teukie CRIED and LEFT? OMG!! Omo, leader is real emotional, as usual.
I know i have to be thankful that there are at least 10 members left for the,promotion of their upcoming album, but i still hope that it will be the full 13 one day. Havent got enough of 13!

Anw all ten will be appearing on Strong Heart and Star King next month, cry bbs.

Show full support to super junior, place your order for their 4th Album at SUPER--MARKET now! Competition is real sttrong this time, and ELFs know that we can do it, all for suju. Fighting!!


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Wonder Girls ill-treated
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just thought the world should know about these disgusting treament kpop artiste are receving from their evil companies! so wrong!!

A former English tutor for popular K-pop group Wonder Girls on Tuesday painted a grim and detailed account of JYPE’s “ill-conceived” management of the band’s venture into the North American market.

Daniel Gauss, who was the group’s New York-based English tutor from October 2009 to May 2010 said over e-mail that the girls had been mismanaged by local music mogul Park Jin-young’s entertainment company.

Gauss’ claim as the group’s private tutor was confirmed over the phone by two current Manhattan-based JYPE employees.

In the e-mails, Gauss alleges that all members of the group had not been given health insurance coverage. “I was shocked when one of the girls told me that the girls are not covered by health insurance in America,” he wrote. “I once saw one girl in extreme pain -- due to a pre-existing problem stemming from a previous operation -- who received no professional medical treatment for the pain and I saw others with minor ailments go untreated.”

Gauss further wrote that after the group acquired the sponsorship deal with Sony Ericsson, JYPE had Sun-ye perform in Sanya, China, for Sony Ericsson executives, shortly after her father was rushed to the hospital in a coma.

He wrote that Sun-ye had told him “her father had stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the hospital. In the ambulance, (Sun-ye) and her family had to decide whether the father should be given treatment to be kept alive since he had lapsed into a coma. The family chose to keep him alive and I was told by the girl that he was never going to come out of the coma.”

"Very shortly after that trauma, she was performing for Sony Ericcson executives in Sanya," Gaus wrote "I did not have the heart to ask her whether it was her idea or JYPE’s idea for her to perform."

He also claimed JYPE illegally housed the members within the company’s Manhattan office -- for which he said the city of New York slapped the company with a $2,500 fine.

An online link to the New York City Department of Buildings was provided by Gauss which confirms the company had not only been issued a class-2 citation on May 28, 2009 and fined for altering and changing an occupied building for residential use without a valid permit, but also defaulted on the violation.

The company was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing last month, but failed to do so, which has resulted in the case being given a default status.

Gauss also said that JYPE had sold the band’s CD at a bargain basement price of $1 at retail clothing chains around the United States, which significantly boosted both its sales and its performance in the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

On Oct. 23, 2009 the group’s single "Nobody" entered the top 100 at No. 76 that was widely publicized by the local media.

This allegation was confirmed by Wonder Girl’s former manager and current JYPE marketing department employee David Hyun. "That was part of our distribution deal and that is definitely one of the reasons why they cracked the top 100."

When pressed about other allegations made by Gauss, Hyun refused to comment any further.

”I rather not comment on anything that came from (Gauss) other than confirm he did used to tutor for the Wonder Girls,“ he said.

Jane Kim, the group’s current manager, refused to state why Gauss had quit his job as a private tutor.

Gauss claims he quit his position because he had become disenchanted with JYPE’s management of the band.

He had been contacted by reps from the company after he had posted a Craigslist classified ad of himself as an English tutor in New York, but according to him, once he began his job as tutor, he had become increasingly concerned about the way the group was being managed by the company.

"I cannot profit in any manner by revealing this information," he wrote.

"I believe my motives are genuine. I did not ask for any compensation for any of this information and I do not want any. I saw and heard about some nasty things at JYPE and I think people have a right to know the truth especially since the girls are under contract for the next three-plus years and might not be able to speak freely about negative aspects of their experience."

By Song Woong-ki (kws@heraldm.com)

SOURCE: The Korean Herald

Do support the girls' upcoming album! They've really worked hard, like how you know. :D


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Monday, May 10, 2010


It just feels very "vasantham central" to me, v bollywood.
Oh well, like what shuyan said, its always good cause they are SUJU!

/puts song on repeat.

So excited for the new album, ever since teukie announced the upcoming 4th album during Super Show II Msia (i heard it with my own ears! omg!) .

Here's an article with regards to the album,

Super Junior's album will be filled with 11 songs that show off their charm and musical sensibility.

The first song, "Beauty" will complete the SJ Funky genre. The unique rhythm and witty lyrics will impress. Also Yesung and Kyuhyun's duet song "Someone Like Me" and Ryeowook's first solo song "Spring Day" are particularly eye-catching. "Someone Like Me" is a song about being unable to express one's heart to the person you love. The sad vocals of Yesung and Kyuhyun, who both possess much charm, are in perfect harmony. "Spring Day" is Ryeowook's first solo song, which combines warm melodies and Ryeowook's lyrical, outstanding beautiful voice. Also Super Junior is gathering attention through their version of Toy's classic song "Good Person", which they remade in their own style.

Other than the dark and powerful atmosphere, the album is filled with songs such as the hip hop song "Bad Woman" which shows off the intense group's sexy image, the sophisticated melody and dynamic vocals in the outstanding pop ballad "Love Like This", and the trendy medium tempo dance song "My Only Girl", etc.

Also the excitement is mounting over the production of two different jacket versions of the album. On the 13th, Super Junior's intense and classy image will be shown through Version A's Mod & Funk style. On the 20th, through the release of Version B, you'll be able to see backstage, sketches of the music video set, and the members' natural charms.

On the 10th, Super Junior's title song "Beauty" was released, and on the 14th, they will perform their Comeback Stage on KBS 2TV's Music Bank.

Original Source: Sports Choson.
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Do not take out without credit.

Feels like national day, celebrate people!


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Donghae Cyworld Updates
Tuesday, May 4, 2010


한경, 강인, 기범 사랑해^^

Hankyung, Kangin, Kibum (I) love you^^


남 들 이 뭐 라 건 귀 에 들 리 지 도 별 로 신 경 쓰 고 싶 지 않 다 .
13… & E.L.F

no matter what people says… No matter what I hear… I won’t care.
13… & E.L.F

cr: Lee Donghae’s cyworld
title translated by: tiromaru @ sapphirepearls
sidebar translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls

Anw....Donghae, you are really the sweetest thing. <3 color="#ff9900">-doreen

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Super Junior's 4th album out on 13th MAYYYYY! :D OMG SO FREAKING AWESOME.

Unfortunately that news comes with Kangin's enlistment announcement. So its left with 10 members of the original 13. Sigh. Oh well.

More news, Xiah junsu's been in Singapore for his brother's Zuno showcase and apparently, Xiah caught the limelight. et's take a look at Xiah's solo and how is he coping without Changmin and Yunho.

Not bad I have to say.

Meanwhile Changmin looks gorgeous rushing between airports.

Meanwhile SHINee's Key is trying his hand out at cooking cooking~

"SHINee member Key is the first Korean idol to take on the challenge of becoming a Western Style Cooking Specialist"

You can cook for me anytime Key~This is such a cute new right! :D

Life has been occupied watching B2st Almighty after SHINee's Hello Baby ended its run.

Ok, still very excited about the whole Super Junior's 4th album! Super Market is going to open orders soon! :D


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