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Saturday, October 31, 2009

If you have been here for our previous spazz nights, you would know that recently, every spazz night, we would gush over East of Eden. Yeah, the show is old and quite long ago but its showing here in Singapore right now on Starhub Ch 55 every Saturday 1030pm. So it makes sense to dedicate one spazz post to this awesome show yea?

EOE was produced by Chorokbaem Media. MBC labeled it as their 47th Anniversary Special Project Drama. 25 billion won was spent for the production of East of Eden.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Lee Dong Chul was five years old, his father was killed. He witnessed who the killer was and promised to seek revenge on the man who caused his father's death, Shin Tae Hwan. But unbeknownst to everyone is the fact that Dong Chul's younger brother, Dong Wook, was switched at birth with Tae Hwan's son, Myung Hun, in the hospital. Dong Wook grows up with dreams of becoming a prosecutor to help the family seek revenge on Shin Tae Hwan. But what happens when they find out that they're not brothers? What will Dong Chul do when he finds out that his real brother was raised by Shin Tae Hwan and that the brother that had been beside him all these years is actually the son of his enemy?

And the uber hot Song Seung Hyun as the present day DongChul!

Lee Da Hae and Lee Yeon Hee is also very pretty in this show!

This drama is so exciting the the villians are so unbelievably evil that both of us here at SKP cant help spazzzzing over it every Saturday night! Shall not spazz here to prevent spoilers. :)

Extra Random Stuffs!

Super Junior Sendbill CF!

Henry's birthday celebration by SJ and SHINee!

Cause this is so cute!!!!!

CLICK HERE to vote for your favourite Mnet Asian Music Awards Song for the overseas viewer awards!

Picture of the Day

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why doesnt anyone help MIR from MBLAQ photoshop away his double chin?

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SHINee wallpaper!
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beacuse I love Jonghyun so,





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FTI Handphone wallpapers!
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Because FTI is coming her in Decemeber for the Seoul'd out concert, let's celebrate! :)








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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I came by some marcos once in a while. And since its EXAMS, here are some macros to take you away from schoolwork for just a teeny bit!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Leeteukie is such a creeper!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Okay, this is not a macro, but still, Micky is always watching too.

So you have to study!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh god, I see this marco and I think of this video. Its forever funny no matter how many times I watch it. Is that a pepsi you are drinking my dear siwon?

credits: Everywhere, im not even sure who are the awesome cr8tors. but if u want me to credit u do tell!


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Power of Makeup!
Monday, October 26, 2009

Once again, Korean girl groups show us again, how important makeup truly is.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Before and after. Spot the difference.

MCs visit BEG's Narsha, T-ara's Hyomin, Kara's Hara and 4minute's Hyunah and wake them up revealing their non made up faces. SNSD's Yuri had already done her makeup.

Makeup is truly amazing. ALL HAIL.

Makes me feel comforted that these female celebrities can look like crap (eg. have bad skin, damaged hair) just like us normal people! ^^

Get celebrity endorsed makeup at our very own super-market.

credits: omgkpop


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Happy Birthday Krystal!~
Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy sweeeeeet 16 Krystal!
You are so pretty and i love your hair!
You've worked hard to make your wish come true, so continue working hard to become the next Asian icon together with other f(x) members! We will be here to support you! Fighting!

Here is her birthday message!
Lol @ ring ding dong thing....hehe shinee~~

f(x) Krystal's birthday messages!Hello~
It's f(x)'s maknae, Krystal!

It's my 16th birthday today~
I'm really grateful because a lot of people greeted me^^
Our Music Core performance ended and before we went to our next schedule,
I had a birthday party with f(x) members and fans~
I was really really thankful.T-T

Um… And my parents and sister!
To my parents who gave birth to me and raised me, thank you so much,
And to Jessica-unni who always looked out for me… um… I need you to look out for me kekekeke jkjk
To Bikssong-unni, Amber-unni, Luna-unni, Ssul who are always with me~ Thank you!!

In the future, I will show a better me~
I'll become a hardworking Krystal!
To all fans, I love you..….♡
Ring ding dong dong dong dong dong~ keke

love the jung sisters. ;)


f(x) to krytal :

* f(Victoria) : Our pretty daughter~Krystal… Happy birthday^^ 'Vic-umma' will always be by your side~^*^

* f(Amber) : Krystal baby~ Happy 16th Birthday~ Thanks for being here^^ you know we’re always here for you<3

* f(Luna) : Our maknae Krystal >< Happy Happy Birthday, you know I love you right??hehehe

* f(Sul li) : Yo~~!! Jjung~! Happy Birthday~ hihi thanks for being born >ㅁ< kiss *smooch*!

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I have no idea why but there have been unexplainable an influx of new idol groups debuting this month and we're seriously overwhelmed. As usual, all the girl groups look alike while boy bands tends to stand out more as they have the right flavours that meets the expectation of hungry fangirls like you out there.
So today in Saturday Spazz Night, we will bring to you some of the hottest debuts this season and some that you can totally ignore.

Here we go!

Child Of Empire

They are probably the largest group to debut this year. With 9 members, they automatically reminded me of the male snsd/new generation of Super Junior. Judging from the member intro video, i feel that their looks are kind of passable and it feels like they have been in this business for a very long time.

The members of the group had trained for 4 years together with Jewelry members Ha JooYeon and Kim Eun Jung. And for these guys, they have already garnered great interests and popularity through their appearance on Mnet ‘Empire’s Children’.

Member introduction

1. Moon Joon Young – Micky YooChun’s lookalike
2. Kim Dong Joon – Youngest
3. Park Hyung Sik
4. Ha Min Woo
5. Jung Hee Chul – Good in acting and musicals
6. Kevin Kim – Good in English
7. Hwang Kang Hee – Good in expression mimick, next JoKwon
8. Tae Hoon
9. Shi Wan – The fashionista

Why the hell Jung Hee Chul look so much liek Ryeowook!? Maknae is cute. hehe.

One of their pre-debut performance.

okay, its so off expectation. I expected better vocals, or rather, better coordination when they sing? Like suju, not all of them sing at one time, cause it can be really messy and hard to listen when all 9 people start singing. Its not like they are a choir or something. They need some better outfits too. Oh, i forgot that their company had this major crisis. Okay, i shall close on eye on their outfits for now.

Overall, with a much better packaging and more stage experience, i think this group won't be doing too badly! Looking forward to their debut stage.

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5stars



Firstly, if you are wodnering what their group name means, well the J is the letter that is in all four girls' names, the Q and T stand for QUALITY and QUARTET. x_x
3 of them are from 13-member girl group i-13 which totally failed.

I fell for you

After listening to their their debut single, "I Fell For You", i totally didnt fall
for them. The song sounds like some music that will be playing on some arcade machine.

Their not exactly pretty and their song and stlye are very cliched and nothing really attractive.

Sorry JQT, but no.

superkpop rates : ***** 1/5 stars



I Want You Back full mv

One of my favourite amongst the many many new groups out there.
Their song and style might seem familiar - outfits & MV very 2NE1ish and song 4minute-ish & 2ne1ish, but what sets them apart from other groups is their pretty face!!! Yes!

With their lovely looks, decent vocals and a rather okayish debut song, this is a win for Secret! Hope to see more of them in the future.

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5 stars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Let's learn more about the members!

1. AJ
2. Yoon Doo Joon
3. Poppin Dragon ( first debuted with XING + weird name?)
4. So-1
5. Yang Yo Seob (AJ's highschool classmate)
6. Son Dong Woon (cute boy who looks like NICHKKHUN)

Okay, im giving this 4 stars caused I used to lvoe AJ and his "Dancing shoes" and XING with "My Girl". Plus, Nickhun lookalike SDW is cute! After watching the MV it reminds me very much of 2PM, not surprising since they are JYP afterall. But song is quite addictive. I see potential in them with all the buzz they are creating right now.

superkpop rates : ***** 4/5 stars

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


This is the 5 member group produced by RAIN. Well, they do seem to be little Rain clones but I quite like their style! Its nice. Unfortunately, song OH YEAH is not wow yeah. its just so so.


1. Lee Joon
2. Yang Seung Ho
3. Jung Byung Hee
4. Bang Cheol Yong ( Go Eun Ah's brother a.k.a. HONGKI's Lookalike)
5. Park Sang Hyun (Dara;s little Bro a.k.a. THUNDER)

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5 stars

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Super Love! ♥
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sigh. One more problem for Kangin. The picture he took with some biatch who decided to post up a picture of her and Kangin posing intimately. And she commented that Kangin should watch his language. So SM says Kangin will be suspended from Super Junior activities until the end of the year.

So amidst all of all Kangin's problems I wna discuss and share my Super Junior Love with everyone!


My favourite Super Junior Songs. (limited to 3 choices only)

Its so hard to choose 3 songs only sigh. I really love many many of their songs but I think I will go with

Way for Love, Miracle and Marry U

How Super Junior Songs affect me.

I listen to Super Junior usually on the way home when Im really tired after a shitty day at school. Its amazing that Super Junior has the ability to cheer me up so much. The best part is, you can listen to the songs over and over again and NEVER get sick of it. I used to work in this shop that played kpop songs and They had Marry U and She's Gone and Hate U Love U in one of the CDs. I probably listened to it about 10 times a day and till now, I still love the songs. Its love! And they really perk you up and give you strength to go on with life if it gets really horrid. So I'm hoping that Super Junior's own songs work for Kangin too!

If anyone wants to share how Super Junior affects them, you can send us an email and we can post them here to share the love. :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kangin Fighting! Keep watching this page, we have a much overdue WHY I LIKE YOU : KANGIN coming up pretty soon! :D

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Okay i almost died when i listened to both versions of Chocolate Love on my ipod the other day.
The quality sucks and thank you no one for informing me. :/

Here is the HQ MP3 of chocolate love by both snsd and F(x).


Click here to download



Click here to download


To Add On...

Where U At

Click here to download


FT Island
ONE DATE (LIE) Digital Single

Click here to download


SNSD - Yuri, Sunny, HyoYeon
As Time Goes By (Radio Live)

Click here to download


SNSD - Jessica
Kiss Me (Radio Live)

Click here to download

Video Credits: loveAngel1204 @ yt


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Super Junior M Icons!
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Junior M Oppo Icons! :D

Our Supermen! ^^



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SHINee Ring Ding Dong Ringtones!
Monday, October 19, 2009

Noona Neomu Yeppeo!

Ring Ding Dong Ver 1 - Click here to download

Ring Ding Dong Ver 2 - Click here to download

SHINee song Ring Ding Dong also up at download section now!

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Stars help animals in Lotte’s Thermometer of Love event
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Korean conglomerate Lotte along with fromcare are combining forces with the help from some of Korea's top stars to help animals in need through the "Thermometer of Love" event. TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's Changmin, Super Junior's Lee Teuk, Wonder Girls Yubin and Sun, 2PM's Nickhun, Lee Jun Ki, Rain, T-ara, Yoo Eun Hye, and many other top stars are donating some items that they own to the event. Lotte is putting up these items up for auction on their website and all proceeds from the auction will be donated to help the needy animals (food, shelter, general health).

Okay, this is awesome cause I love seeing stars going all out to help animals and yes, I believe that animals need more help than humans do because they can't voice out their pain and hurt etc. Donate if you can, if not donate to the SPCA or ACRES or AFSD! :)

And apparently, one of the highest bids currently is Changmin's Japanese book. The cool thing we, OMG, Changmin dearest and I use the same Japanese learning book. Minna no Nihongo I! Except yknow, his has Korean translation except of English. Still... same same! :)

credits: allkpop


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Spazz Night~~~ will never be the same again!

Alright peeeepole, we've decided change the format of Saturday Spazz Night!

We've inculded a twitter box on the side bar if you havent notice, and will be updating quick bites of kpop news (selectively) there almost daily. So, do follow us if you have a twitter account, if not, go create one! Or u can simply come here to chew on the kpop news. : )
So we don't see a need to put up news on a weekly basis on ssn anymore!
so we will transforming ssn to a night with more fun and interesting spazzing instead of mere commenting on news, and we really look forward to your participation!

cbox is always there for you to shoutout your thoughts n opinions, and also make new friends who share the same fandom as u! Or you can simply email us if you dont want the whole wide world to know what u are thinking but u just need to tell someone who understands. Suggestions are welcomed too. Of course, nothing offensive please, but superkpoppers have been relatively nice people so far!

The thing that will not change is that doreen and shuyan will both be online from 11 to 1am on saturdays to reply to your tags instantly! So, come on come on come on baby~lachatata, time to spazz!



Ring Ding Dong~!
Thank you holy goddess Yuri, my youtube finally worked and i can finally watch this MV!


If you think that the title of the song is too stupid for an intelligent individual like yourself and u refuse to watch it, then im tellin you now that you are the stupid one! who cares what ring ding dong means, u can sit under a churchbell & hear it go ding dong ding dong, and get enlightened later.

Seriously, the boys are so hot hot! OMG. The first time i understand why minho is called charming.

Fill in the blanks.

I ______________ this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting ___________. __________ was the second hottest.I wish ___________ can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like ____________ Onew's eyebrows. Overall,_______________________.


I need to turn on the aircon after watching this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting jonghyun's lips (sorry sy). Key was the second hottest. I wish Onew can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like pasting scotchtape on Onew's eyebrows.
Overall, this is win!


I love this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting off doreen's head cause I see the above. Onew with the good hair parts in the mv was the second hottest.I wish Minho and Key can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like laughing at Onew's eyebrows. Overall, its fantastic~, jonghyun's blonde hair is damn hot and im getting seduced by Minho.

You can fill in the blanks too!


Super Junior once again prove that they are of high entertainment value,
yes its you KyuHyun!

SJ just does ridiculous random stuffs that makes us laugh real hard and love them more! Why are so lovable?!

SJ-M was at Changsha doing their SuperGirl promotions and while singing, zhoumi's voice cracked and it totally cracks Kyuhyun up that he couldnt even sing his line! signalled ryeowook to sing his part for him. This is damn hilarious! He even squat down to laugh in the end!!

This is even cuter. HanKyung slips and fall while dancing super girl!
Okay, im on the high now. BAHAHAHHA!

Vote Vote Vote!

Bonus : SJ-M interview.

What is Henry n kyuhyun doing at the back! Kyuhyun looks really cheeky, up to no good! and donghae trying to eat the mic. So super love~

Super Junior - M!


The BOOMZ photo of the week.
(non-singaporean may not know what boomz means. Google Ris Low!)

Im sure you will know who is this. Take your time.

Lesson learnt : Eyeliners works wonders.
( Go get your wonderline eyeliner at super-market now!)

Here is a damn funny macro to end the new and improved SSN!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway, if you aren't mermerized by Minho at the end of Ring Ding Dong MV, TAKE THIS!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How can you resist THE MINHO?
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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Happy Birthday Dearest Lee Dong Hae! We love you from the bottom of our hearts and we are sure your dad does too! I believe he would be very proud of all that you have accomplished today. Fighting okay! Now its SJM Super Girl Promo time, do take care of yourself and your health!


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Chocolate Love MVs are out!

i like both of them! Its just really attractive. F(x) look damn pretty! But i thought that style was kindaf too mature for them?


I really love taeyeon & Yoona here!


SHINEE's Ring Ding Dong MV teaser

Okay finally something AWESOME!

Shuyan is so gonna get killed by Minho!

This is so fantastic fantastic~~~~! and erm...elastic!


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Ring Ding Dong
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So....SHINee's full new song Ring Ding Dong is out.

and you know...its totally....


fantastic fantastic~~~elastic elastic~~




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SHINee's JoJo
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Shine song Teaser - JoJo
This is he 3rd track from their upcoming mini album, Year Of Us.

No comments on the song, but i freaking need to comment on Key's hair.


He looks exactly like that tomboy from 4minute!

Someone even commented that he looks like Narsha. LMAO.

But furious > hilarious.



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Things We Should Be Loving!
Monday, October 12, 2009


SNSD Loves Disney.

From Disney Mirrors,
To Disney Sponsored Clothes.

Seohyun and Tiffany are wearing Disney shirts.
And Yuri has the same birthday as Mr Walt Disney, that's why Yuri loves Disney so much!
Fried Chicken!

Wonder Girls love them,

SNSD loves them,

Kara loves them,

and, SUPER JUNIOR loves them,

Let's all go out and eat some chicken! BBQ Chicken outlets can be found around Singapore, otherwise you can find the good old KFC. Nobody endorses it, but its still very very fufilling!

Note: Disney Shirts can be found at super--market if you are interested to buy. :)

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