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Korean Singers, English Covers Part 2
Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, Part 2 is here! vote vote vote!

Take A Bow - 2NE1

this song is up at download section!

That's What Friends Are For - Park Jin Young (JYP) , SunYe(WG), YeEun (WG), JoKwon(2AM)

Stand Up For Love - Davichi, Taeyeon (SNSD), SunYe (WG)

A Whole New World - Xiah , Boa

Leave suggestions! :)


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lets go to Thailand!

Heheh! Nichkun is so cute! Cute answers too! My lvoe for 2pm is growing cause I keep watching all these vids where jay, taec and nich are all sprouting english! LOVE IT!

credits: symbelmyns@yt

Unstoppable High Kick 2

MBC Sitcom "Through the Roof High Kick" had a production meeting "Ilsan MBC Dream" on the 26th of August at the center of Gyeonggi Province, at 2:00PM.

During the meeting, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Ja Ock, Oh Hyun Kyung, Jung Bo Suk, Choi Daniel, Shin Se Kyung, Suh Shin Ae, Yoon Si Yoon, Jin Ji Hee, AJ, and Yoo In Na had time to take pictures.

Also known as, "Unstoppable High Kick 2," in the long run, "Through the Roof High Kick" two sisters that barely arrived in Seoul will be moving into Soon Jae's assailed household. "Unstoppable High Kick" can be seen in an illusion of one breath, shown by PD Kim Byung Wook and Lee Soon Jae helping attract attention.

The sitcom challenges, Jung Bo Suk and Oh Hyun Kyung as husband and wife, MBC Drama "Queen Seon Duk" Princess Chun Myung (teen) Shin Se Kyung, "Thank You" Suh Shin Ae, as the 2 sisters barely arriving in Seoul, and Lee Soon Jae being a little older than 60year old Kim Ja Ock. A romantic comedy expecting a lot of attention.

"Through the Roof High Kick" starts airing on September 7th.

Unstoppable High Kick was Ryeowook's fav show! Cant wait to see how No 2 will turn out!

credits: MBC, newsen

U-Know YunHO really into Character

Group Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about the acting passion of his SM Town family member Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

HeeChul was present at the press conference of his comeback drama SBS weekend drama ‘Thousand times I love you’ and talked about UKnow YunHo’s recent conditions.

He said, “I talked a lot with UKnow, and we spent fun time together. He is a friend with leadership and does well in everything. And he is recently living his drama character. He wears his training suit and uses dialect.”

“YunHo really like acting and wants to do well. He is living like his character well and brings out his drama character well.”

Meanwhile the first episode to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’ will be aired on 9th September.

I hope he gets so into character he really falls in lvoe with Go Ara! :D

credits: sookyeong

Musical Jessica!

SNSD's Jessica will be making her acting debut in a musical.

She will take on the lead role of Legally Blonde the Musical which will start showing at Seoul Coex Atium on November 14th.
A representative said over the phone with Newsen that "the decision (Jessica's role in the musical) is almost finalized". This will be a chance for Jessica to make her acting debut as a musical star. Jessica has recently drawn attention for her blond hair during the Genie activities.

Legally Blonde the Musical is a Broadway musical based on the hit 2001 Hollywood movie. Along with Jessica, Kim Dong Wook ("National Representative") will play the male lead, with actors/singers like Kim Soo Jin, Jun Soo Kyung and Cho Jung Hwa in the supporting cast.

I LOVE LEGALLY BLONDDDD! But her hair more orange then blonde? Who cares! YAYY! Too abd we wont get a chance to watch it! Kpop stars are v into musicals lately!

credits: cafe.daum, gogoparty@lj


Amber, the perfect boyfriend

With f(x)’s debut fast approaching, it seems that netizens have gone into overdrive attempting to find out as much about the group members as possible. Thanks to their Sherlock Holmes level snooping, we now have a better picture of the group member netizens have become so intrigued by.

Amber, the group’s androgynous 17 year old Chinese-American member is said to hail from Orange County California and was selected from an SM Entertainment global casting call in 2007. Since her arrival in Korea, Amber has established herself as a favorite among “Noonies”. The name comes from the response of “Noonas” (a boy’s elder sister) mistaking Amber for a boy at first; then later realizing that she is a girl and addressing themselves as “Unnies” (a girl’s elder sister).

It has been revealed that Noonies go to great lengths to learn more about her. A female clerk noonie purposefully made mistakes with Amber’s store purchase in order to coerce the girl to talk to her.

Noonies have asked Amber her blood type, which happens to be B.

`They know that Amber, like her boyish persona, demonstrates what they feel are masculine qualities.

`If Amber sees a girl holding something heavy, she will insist on carrying it herself.

`When walking across the street, she checks for cars then leads her companions across the street gently by their arms.

`She has often been seen walking around Seoul with Korean-American member Krystal (15) while speaking English; and was often mistaken for Krystal’s boyfriend because of her appearance.

`She currently shares a dorm room with Korean member Sulli (15) and Chinese member Victoria (22)

`She and Krystal have a brotherly relationship and like to joke around

`One day when Victoria was sick, Amber was spotted entering the dorm with one arm wrapped around her while carrying multiple bags in the other.

Thanks Nosey Noonies!

Seriously, i dont mind her as my bf if im a les that is!!

credits : seoulbeats


Super Junior in HongKong

According to HK fans' news, SUJU have gone to HK to do some photo-shooting.
So all 13 of them will be present.

Till now, Heechul, Sungmin and Kangin arrived HK at yesterday noon, while M (Geng, Hae, Kyu, Ryeo and Won) arrived at night. That explains the photos of M in Incheon Airport. They are staying at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui and they are probably leaving HK on 30th.

However, because this visiting and photoshooting is not officially announced, so some news are not confirmed and maybe fake.

8.27 Night - Heechul, Sungmin and Kangin went to Lan Kwai Fong to shoot, while M went to Victoria Habour.

8.28 12:45pm - M are at Golden Coast. Yesung, Teuk, Hyuk and Shindong arrived HK and are heading to there.

oh boy~

Will put up more links when spazzing~

credits : baidu, soompi


WOohooo~ here comes the cassies!

Fans File Petition for TVXQ @ National Human Rights Commission

More than 120,000 fans of the K-pop idol group TVXQ, which is embroiled in legal battle against its agency, filed a collective petition with the human rights agency on Friday, judging a working contract made between three members of the group and their agency to be “unfair” and “inhumane.”

Three representatives of the fans visited the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Seoul and submitted the petition and a bulky package of papers with their signatures of support.

They said in a statement, “The contract banning TVXQ members from changing their agency for 13 years since their debut is the same as a life-long working contract, which is extremely disadvantageous to the singers.”

They claimed the period is far longer than that of other agencies. “Singers have the right to change their agency to one offering better conditions. Under the contract, however, they have no choice but to work with the present agency virtually until they retire. This is an infringement of human rights,” the statement said.

A NHRC spokesman told The Korea Times, “It will take at least three months to the complete investigation of the case.”

The controversy over the five-member group’s working contract touched off early this month after three of its members ― Micky, Xiah and Hero ― asked the Seoul Administrative Court to terminate the validity of their contract with their agency, SM Entertainment. The other two members, Max and U-Know, did not take part in the action.

According to the legal document filed, the agency prohibited their freedom as artists by claiming that the group’s and members’ activities belonged to the agency, requiring them to follow the agency’s demands to appear at certain performances and broadcasts, and to stay under the agency’s wing for 13 years.

Reports of dissension started circulating about a month ago.

The three members were said to have conflicting interests with SM regarding their private business endeavors in the makeup industry. Max and U-Know, meanwhile, had been busy pursuing individual acting careers in TV soaps in addition to their work with the group.

This raised concern among fans about the group’s potential breakup. Despite the rumor of internal conflicts, the five singers appeared all together, as planned, at a concern in Japan early this month.

SM said, “TVXQ is a group that represents Asia and we believe that their career should continue. We hope to figure things out soon.”

TVXQ debuted in 2004 with the album “Hug” and shot to stardom in Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia. Their subsequent albums were well received and their fourth album, “Mirotic,” released last year, sold 500,000 copies here despite sluggishness in the Korean record market.

i respect the cassies so much, maybe i should worship them instead.

credits : koreatimes


SNSD Seohyun doesnt like boys O.O & tells Sunny to stop acting cute~

SNSD members disclosed personal information about Seohyun without hesitation.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, SNSD members agreed unanimously that Seohyun is like a "greenhouse flower" and continued to talk about her.

Taeyeon stated, "Seohyun does not like men. At her age, she should be interested and curious about that sort of stuff but she really isn't and that worries me." Sooyoung continued, "Seohyun is thoroughly self-managed. Even if our schedule is supposed to end at 3:00AM, she insists that she has to go to sleep by midnight to take good care of her skin."

Sooyoung continued, "At first I thought Seohyun was only joking. But she really does go to bed by herself at midnight." Hyoyeon also spoke about Seohyun's good habits, "Seohyun sets her alarm clock to 7:00AM and wakes up to it every morning. She wakes up at that time to read books while the others are still sleeping."


SNSD's Seohyun stated that Sunny needs to stop acting cute.

In the recent broadcasting of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, Sunny stated, "Many people think Sunny is the youngest member in the group because she tries to act cute all the time," and "I wish she would stop trying to act cute all the time."

Sunny replied, "Whenever Seohyun sees me eating fast food, she would approach me and tell me that I will die very quickly if I continue eating fast food," and laughed, "Well let's see how long Seohyun lives."

Hahaha, seohyun sounds like a very traditional girl. Love her! Maybe i should start to belike her and lead a very diciplined life! Maybe i will then become a better person and can tolerate yikey people in my life! Im such a hater now. bleah.

credits : ssf


Japanese are sick of S. Koreans?

An internet survey to Japanese netizens revealed the following:

Top 10 Celebs you are sick of seeing on TV & commercials all the time

10. Matsushima Nanako (actress, wife of Takashi Sorimachi)
9. Kim Yuna (Korean figure skater)
8. Tsuji Nozomi (ex-Morning Musume)
7. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
6. Ando Miki (Japanese figure skater)
5. Horikita Maki (U-25 idol/actress)
4. Fukada Kyoko (idol, actress)
3. Ueto Aya (idol, actress)
1. Niiyama Chiharu

Huh, why! i would love to see them everyday! well, Except for some... :)

credits : kawaii-joyu


Jang Liyin confirms comeback


Hope everybody has been doing well! I really miss you guys~~
My single will be released around October or so. I've been in Korea all this time, everyday practising dancing and singing.
Throughout this time, I really miss you guys! Because I've been in Korea for seven months already, I've been preparing in Korea all this time.
Because everybody haven't received our news, I'm really sorry about it. However, even though I haven't had much activities, I've felt that I've learned a lot of things.
I hope everybody has accomplished a lot throughout the past seven months. Today, I came here to leave a message only with that wish!
I hope all my loving Chocolates will live each day to the fullest, use each opportunity to the fullest... Work hard in your studies, gain more experience, to create your own path!
We all have to work hard!!


Been so so so long since I last left a message! I really miss everybody! Has everyone has been doing well lately? My new single will be released during October. I know everybody has been waiting for a long time, and I'm really sorry to have you guys wait so long. This new single, I really like it, especially the A-side. Very touching. Also this time, the MV is filmed with Super Junior's Donghae. The content is pretty good. Don't be impatient, Liyin will come back immediately! I hope this time, I can be with you guys even closer, with even more interactions! School's starting now over here. I hope everybody will study hard, to welcome a new semester!! Work hard, everybody! Jiayou, I love you guys!!

credits : baidu, ifensim, chocolyn


Happily in love, Song Hye-kyo

Actor Hyeon Bin is so lucky to be loved by the top actress Song Hye-kyo!She has been in a magazine shoot and interviewed through HIGHCUT magazine's 11'th issue.

The staff say that she is always smiling, light hearted, and happy just like a person in love! After "Worlds Within" drama the relationship between Song and Hyeon grew and became lovers that became a hot topic!

The two are the same age born in 1982 and they made public their relationship to the press last July.

i wanna post this becos she is so god damn pretttttyyy!!!

credits : hancinema


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

10th of September!



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SM 's new girl group - f(x)
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

O.O ?
Huh? f(x)? Math? Functions?

weird name.

Oh well anwyway, heres the news

SM Entertainment released a video clip introducing f(x), a brand new girl group that is becoming a hot topic of conversation.

On August 24th, SM Entertainment released a music video clip on their homepage website as well as on YouTube to announce the 5-person group f(x)'s debut single 'LACHATA.'

The members of the girl group f(x) are Victora, Amber, Sul Li, Luna and Krystal. Out of these members, Krystal has gained early popularity as the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD.

Born in 1994 and currently attending high school in grade 8 as an SM trainee, Krystal, while preparing for her debut, has gained much attention for being Jessica's younger sister. She also made a special appearance on the music video of SHINee's 'Juliette.'

f(x) is currently described as an 'Asian pop dance group.' Based on released video, the five members of f(x) are characterized as 'sexy and charismatic.'

SM Entertainment officials stated to Newsen, "f(x) is to debut this upcoming fall. The average age of the members is 16.6 and the group strives to promote not only within the nation, but also overseas."

Following the path of SES, Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace and SNSD, f(x) has gained much public interest for their potential growth as a global group.

Reporter: Park Saeyeon, psyon@newsen.com
Source: newsen
Translation: Glucose@soshified.com/forums

Yay krsytal! can be the ice princess of f(x) [ i still think its a damn awkward name. EFF AXE? ]

To me, they are like CSJH + 2NE1 + 4MINS + T-ARA + After School. but more of CSJH though, since its a SM thing. Not really agreeing to the "new snsd" name that they are giving them though.

okay, im really looking forward to their debut!

What about chu?

everybody say, latchata~ta!

edit :

Individual photos of F(x) members:

Leader Victoria Song (1987)

Heard that she is from china?


Amber (1992)

American Chinese. Some one called her "Amber Oppa" on forums. LMAO. she does look like chunglim-ish in the official photo. handsome~


Luna (1993)

She look damn cool / dao. I like.


SulLi (1994)

Child actress. Seen her before? She acted in seonhwa princess and in some dbsk mv before.


Maknae Krystal (1994)

Already enjoying lots of attention thanks to sister Jessica from SNSD.
She really don't look like Jessica though! Look alil more mature.

I finally dug out the meaning of their group.

Also f(x) known to be a Mathematical function, like the variable x in the function, the members will show a variety of charms and talents not only in the Korea but also in the rest of Asia.

f stands for flower, and x stands for the XX chromosomes in females – they will be a feminine group like flowers, and will be the best Asia pop dance group being the hot icon of Asia.

Its still weird okay.
We can really see how this group is set to compete with 2NE1. Weirdest name contest. I think f(x) wins this round cause its really random enough.

All eyes are set to see what f(x) have in order to match up , or rather beat 2NE1.
Rivalry between SM and YG all over again.

Who will you be rooting for?


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Korean Singers, English Covers Part 1
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I totally love it when our favourite kpop idols start singing english songs!
You can like, laugh at their engrish and be amazed by the fact that they can sing as well as the ang mos!!!

So for this week, i'll be posting some of the more awesome ones that ive seen. Pick your favourite one by voting! Then maybe we can have a battle or something to choose the best english cover here!

So lets get started!

Wonder Girls - Love You I Do

i really love yeeun's voice! OMG! but still, yoobin's voice = sexay~!

My Everything - Lee Dong Hae

I dont know how you can not like this. So touching~~~ lee donghae lee donghae!

Don't Wanna Try - Nickhun

Good piano skills, handsome face, cute voice. No, no baby, i wanna try.

Come on over - SNSD

OMG taeyeon's vocals are really superb! I really really love this!

Greatest Love Of All - Guess Who?

I dont know if this is contestable but...whatever! its so lovely!

Leave suggestions!



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Hello bbz~

Oh my, i havent been contributing much since school started. Schools definetely a bitch and taking up a hell lotz of my time. I should be spending my time more wisely by looking at some suju or snsd to gain some motivation instead of spending like a 3 hours session staring at some math papers that are only meant for aliens. SCHOOL = FAIL. And you are not allowed to disagree! Oh well, i've properly planned my time this time round so that i can do more post here!

Enough of my rant.

Because of school, i totally forgot that i have a batch of banners to share with you people!









































Here are some shinee love from shuyan!






Alright, i know its kind of messy...i will categorize them soon!

Till then!

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