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Sweet Potato~
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ok, so im watching the sweet potato couple right now and awwwww,

Seohyun is such a good girl obsessed with self-discovery books and having good nutrients. And its so sweet to see them play music together especially when they are both so talented in this area.

I didnt really like Yonghwa in You're Beautiful, but now when I see this cute playful side of him I go awww, but he seems to be the kind of guy who knows how to flirt and make girls happy. And I think his teeth are so cute!

There you go, to start watching the Sweet Potato Couple~

I hope Yonghwa doesnt end up breaking Seohyun's heart since afterall, he is her first guy!


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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



More Fail.

MOAR FAIL. Some matching shoes please.



Anyway some snsd goodness..Run Devil Run Story Version!

I kind of like the bitchy part! ;)

go snsd!


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echo echo echo in my mind!
Sunday, March 28, 2010

Annyeong super-kpopers! How ya doing people.

Apparently i cant tag on our tagboard for some insane reasons, and im too lazy to go resolve the problems. So..HELLO PEOPLE ON THE TAGBOARD! Thanks for all da tagging and all da love and all da support. so sorry if u are waiting forever for a reply, here is it! i will TRY to reply one by one...sorry if i missed anyone's out!

( i'll start from the 3rd page, and will skip those w/o proper nickname.)

Kawaii: =>.<= Labbbbb u MWAHHH! ^.^
Super-kpop(doreen) : LABB U TOOxxx.

loverssssss: I hereby declare im a fan of SNSD and KARA!!!!!! Anyone one with me???
Super-kpop(doreen): im with u! the snsd part! ;)

lani jane: i really love Kpop!
Super-kpop(doreen): me too!

cl: hi....gud luk im ur fan
Super-kpop(doreen): u r CL's fan or our fan?! Thanks for tagging though! ^^

nai: who is the fattest among snsd members?
Super-kpop(doreen): none...really. :)

erika: hellow
Super-kpop(doreen): heeeeeya. new on our tagboard?!

passerby: is sunny the second child?
Super-kpop(doreen): hmm...not too sure...!

SNSD fan: hi, will you be making any SNSD Oh hp wallpaper?
Super-kpop(doreen): hmm...dont think so will be making Oh! how about run devil run hp wallie?

nurDDOS: hye, blogwalking. nice blog here. i hope you can come out with more wallpapers, esp shinee's
Super-kpop(doreen): Hello...yes we will! do check back!

goichi: oh!good^^nice to meet you
Super-kpop(doreen): annyeonnggg!

LUV TVFXQ: halooo....i want 2 shout that I very9 luv TVFXQ...
Super-kpop(doreen): hello Luv TVFXQ. They love you too!

Jackaaay: hiii there, i love your layouuts ! i wonder if you have any kpop blogger layouts..? thanks :]
Super-kpop(doreen): blogger layouts....? None at this moment. :( thanks for loving our layouts!

K-Pop-Boy-Hangai: hi
Super-kpop(doreen): hi hi fellow kpop lover. :)

MsJessicaJung: HELLO
Super-kpop(doreen): HELLO JESSICA JUNGGGGGG! pabo!

Hidayah ( SOO YOUNG ! :D ): TEAM SOOYOUNG ! RUN DEVIL DEVIL RUN RUN ! Super-kpop(doreen): RUN DEVIL DEVIL RUN RUN!!! buy their repackage album at super--market! hehehe!

shineefangirl1209: thankyou for all this great stuff! but just to let you know, some of your sheet music (that i really want) has something wrong with the download link.
Super-kpop(doreen): please state which sheet music u want. i will reupload again. ;)

Alison: OMG. JEALOUS! I want them to have a concert here too D:

Super-kpop(doreen): to make u even more jaelous...THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME! HAHAHAH! u can fly back to KL for SS3!!!!! COME BACK SG PLS.

raymond.: hehe.
Super-kpop(doreen): haha. what? hello anyway!

YAY! Looking forward to see moar moar moar tags from you people!!

Anyway, i've made some blinkies! Do feel free to use them anywhere, but PLEASE DO CREDIT!!!!

Super Junior - Weeh! Only 13 forever.



I've made sj version of this blinkes before! Its the power of 9 this time!

tata. cya!


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Yay!!! We just came back from super show II at KL last evening!

It feels so unreal!
The concert was totally a blast and i cant stop thinking about siwon's hot body! So distracting! Love kyuhyun's performances too..so princey..so charming! Especially when he sang xiao jing teng's yuan liang wo. wow.

Overall, the concert was good and everyone was so cute and lovely!

and omfg, they were only like 5 steps away from us when we saw them outside their hotel. donghae is soooooooooooooo super handsome and his complexion was perfecccct!!! Hyukie was super thin and cute at the same time!

Awwweeeee it still feels like a dream!!!

Will update more when i have the time! so do check back!

Heres some suju emoticons to share in the mean time!!!

Bonus : snsd

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Needs some hot
Thursday, March 11, 2010


Lets see some Hot siwon! :D

Today is Friday, dc and i are gna be seeing shinee on saturdaaaaaayy for the Singapore Entertainment Awards. Get your tickets now, But i think the front seats are all pretty sold. :D

So right now, HOT singapore is feeling the love from all these kpop stars.

The Wonder Girls were in town on this week for some random Sony Errisson Event!

So not going to post overrated Nobody video here sorry but at least Tell Me hasn't make that stage~!

And BEG loves Singapore cause they keep coming back for moarrrr!

First Sundown Fest last Dec and then in Feb for their Zouk mini concert.


Im guessing they totally spent their free time in Clarke Quay. Im guessing Gain is loving the Singapore Sun!

And FTI is coming back once again. Not v sure when cause not a HUGE fan of theirs but yea, everyone is feeling the Singapore loveeeeee! :D

credits: akp, lj


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Hp Wallllllieeeeee~~
Thursday, March 4, 2010

U Kiss
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lee Hyori

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kim So Eun

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kim Tae Hee

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I love magazine photoshoots cause they make great handphone wallies. The IU and Taehee ones are gorjess anyway!


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World peace?
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If this was true, world peace can be achieved.

Hitler wants 2pm too!
Aye, off with the whole Jaebum stuff. I know its ok to be upset but boycotting whole of 2pm is just very unfair. Im sure Jay probably left because he didnt wna drag the entire 2pm down w him because of his apst actions and NOW SEE WHAT HAPPENS, more deep shit, sigh.

If only what all facist leaders wanted was just a copy of SNSD's album, access to soshified and Music Core etc. :D

Kwon Yuri, I chooose you~~~

Wild SNSD! These people are seriously clever!



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Its 2PM, Chill people.
Monday, March 1, 2010

A Filipino fan's reaction to Jaebum leaving 2PM


I dont really understand whats going on these days but it looks like 2pm is going through real shit.

It seems like a tsunami hit the kpop world and instead of mourning, everyone else is getting so agitated and refuse to accept it. I mean, a tsunami is for real, and so is jaebum leaving the group. Just accept it and move on! They shouldnt really do this to the rest of the members. I mean, 2PM is not just about jay himself. Think about the hardwork and effort the other members put in, its really unfair to throw the whole group away just because of jaebum.

You know, im not a great jaebum fan but i really do adore him because of his talent and his humbleness. Its definetely saddening to see anyone of them go, especially leader jaebum. But i believe there must be a real serious cause that led them to make such decision. So lets just wait for the cause to be revealed and hopefully it would a convincing one. At the same time, MOVE ON AND STOP DESTROYING THINGS! Its useless anyway!

When the fuck are these fans going to grow up. There are many other things to do in life. They ought to really learn what is true Love & Respect.

Farewell leadja jaebum.


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