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Oh Daehyun, you are so fine
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

TO be honest, I have not taken notice of ANY new band since like, forever. So BAP is pretty something to catch my eye. Okay, actually I just happened to see this amazing gif of Daehyun smiling away.

His smile has since snatched my heart away. SO GORGEOUS THAT SMILE.

I would like to do the decent thing and share the gif that made me fall in love, but tumblr is being very uncooperative at this moment. Sorry gais.

Well, since then I have been maniacally listening to their songs and I think this is my favourite so far.

SO much love~ My heart is bursting with happiness. Life as been bullshit lately but as I listen to this happy and uplifting song, I get a bit motivated to walk/run a little faster to reach my goal. :)

Anyway, since they have just released new work, here it is as well!

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I miss suju to death.
Monday, July 22, 2013

Listening to super junior's old ballads tonight just brought me back to the good old times when the world was a much less complicated place. I haven't been that happiest kid ever, but watching SJ & witnessing their friendship truly brought me joy and motivation at that point of time. My SJ fandom is strong, and the memories are extremely beautiful and irreplaceable. I'm lucky and i can't be thankful enough for the existence of super junior! Although for some reasons I wasn't able to be there for the most recent concert (LOL), I promise I will be there to support them till the end!

I've probably posted this more than a million times on this blog but who cares. This is one of my favourite (and one of the first sj ballads I've heard) ballad from SJ. I miss the "13" days!

Super Junior, She's Gone - LIVE Super Show 2

Love this song from KRY too! Relish relish...~~

Super Junior KRY - Let's Not

AWESOME, right?

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Super Show 5 in Singapore
Monday, July 8, 2013

They were back again in Singapore for the latest installation of Super Show. These dorky and adorable boys never fail to charm my socks off everytime I see them live. Seriously, they can be all cute and happy when bouncing around or doing their little antics and be so serious and masculine dancing. Love them so much. 

Not too thrilled about the set lineup though. Wished there were more ballads but maybe cause they lacked Yesung? But on the the plus side Kangin is back. When I look at him I have this stronf urge to marry him even if he will make me do all the housework and be a bit of a lazy bum. And they combined the ballads together with Someday. It was one of my facourite tracks off Sexy. The glorious song deserves more stage time than just a verse please that was a work of art.

Loved the super heroes bit and the sunny dance. It is kinda what makes ss so special after all this time. Their videos were love too! Some were mehhh too many guns here and there, stop promoting violence!! But some were so beautifully made. Hahahha. 

Anyway at the end, Eunhyuk came out to give a little speech, about the whole Zhoumi and Henry thing. Personally, I already treat both of them as part of SJ. They have been performing with them so long plus they can value add to SJ. Henry can compose and play that wonderful violin. Plus he is also very very cute! Zhoumi can write! Not only his new book but his chinese lyrics are so fucking cheem I need to refer to google translate to understand what they mean sometimes. 

It would also be nice since they can also fill the void left behind by i-am-gonna-pursue-an-acting-career Kim Kibum and i-think-i-prefer-china Hangeng. With Leeteuk and Heechul and Yesung in the  army you gotta admit the stage is looking somewhat empty. 

Seriously its already been so long, can't these narrow minded E.L.Fs get over it. Its not like they are adding some unknown members in. (FT Island, T-ara, After School) and they are doing absolutely fine. 

I love Henry! Zhou mi a bit less haha but I don't have an issue with him being part of the same stage together with them. Sheesh its only the same stage. Still remember the first super show when Henry got booed for playing a bit of Don't Don. That was a fucking good work of violin playing (i think because i am not musically inclined).

I think that's one really nice thing about Singapore. We are such an accepting nation (minus the roars of fury from batshit crazy fans when the guys go close and go all touchy touchy with girls then thats a different thing). No wonder Henry feels a connection with us. Loveeeez. Nobody I have met who loves Super Junior has an issue or discontentment or dislike towards Henry and Zhoumi. Not even the old and hardcore fans and I love my fellow E.L.Fs for that! :)

Thank you Super Junior and Super Junior M for the nice time last night. You guys have done so much for me. 

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