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Taeyeon cried as she mourns for ex-president Roh's death on ChinChin
Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taeyeon is such a sweetie...

On her radio program chinhanchingoo on 29th taeyeon mourned deeply for the passing of Ex-President Roh Moohyun.

"When there is a road that nobody goes through, everybody avoids it. Most people choose the safer way, but sometimes there are people who choose to do the opposite."

"Today, in your lead, many people are following you close behind, and already made a new road. Today was the funeral ceremony of Ex-President Roh Moohyun. The pall bearing car slowly made it's way through the crowd with many people following it close behind, and in no time it become a new road. In his life and in his death, he was a person who always walked a different road," Taeyeon said, honoring his memory.

On that day's broadcast, the music played were mainly calm songs to mourn the passing of ex-president Roh, and letters from the radio listeners were read on air, making Taeyeon unable to hide her tears in between each one. Near the end of the program Taeyeon said, "Today I want to sing," and she performed live Kim Yeonwoo's 'The Common Words of I Love You'.

credits : iPOMz @ yt , soshifanclub

This is so touching....! aww, taeyeon's voice..

Over the past few days, i kept seeing news of the ex-president on KBS world. Its really saddening and touching at the same time seeing all koreans come together to mourn for their beloved Ex-president. I really liked the korean spirit. Its an awful sight seeing all the sad and traumatised faces on tv, it made me feel like crying at some point of time too.

I cannot really comment on whether what he did in the past was correct or not. But to me, its really wrong to choose the suicide path to atone for his mistakes. However, seeing the whole nation in so much pain and grieve, he must have been a great and loving president.

May he rest in peace.

credits : OSEN, Cph & soy @ soshified


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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our favourite Kstars in danger!

South Korea seems to be undergoing turbulent times right now. I hope this doesn't come across as being shallow but, with the H1N1 flu virius spreaking to S.Korea and the threat of N.Korea's nuclear missiles, I AM SO WORRIED FOR THEM! If let say Suju or DBSK, or whoever gets the disease I wil be really upset for them. I would also fear for the rest of the people but, Kstars are people we actually know and lvoe you know what I mean. And if war erupts between S and K korea, OMG! I would just die of a heart attack, I would be so worried.

I know we can't do much about the virus cause it may mutate and spread like wildfire and its like a airbourne disease, but the whole N.Korea thing is just unnecessary. I mean, Come on, lets live in peace! Come and join us in loving Kpop!

See, Shinhwa perfomed there before, so have Baby VOX. Unfortunately, N.Koreans dont seem to have much of a reaction. Is it because they aren't allowed to or they just dont appreciate it?

TSK! I just don't get it! Now, if only the whole Yesung is the son of the N.Korean president is true, maybe the whole of N.Korea will love SuperJunior as a result, and Hooray! Haengbok! N/korea should just channel Younha and go "Peace, Love & Icecream!" Let us bond through music!

And the whole nuclear experiment thing jsut puts the whole world into danger. They test it to protect themselves but in the first place if they didn't carry out these "tests" no one would be attacking them. Maybe, these N.Korean government should watch BOF and listen to TVXQ too!

So I pray for health and safety for our beloved Kstars and world peace for the world!

Oh and here is what the N.Korean government thinks about the Kscene.

"Anti-communist" movies and TV dramas are now being massively produced and shown in south Korea to defile the dignified system in the DPRK and incite antipathy and confrontation between the north and the south. And even foreign films seriously misrepresenting the reality of the DPRK are openly shown there."

Erm, government propaganda? Oh dear, anyway, I hope N. Korea opens up soon and start to embrace the world! Their people are deprived of KPOP!


SHINee's my Romeo

OKAAAAY, So what do everyone think about SHINee's much anticipated new album? Well the truth is, I haven't heard it cause I've been too busy sigh, working. But I will have heard the entire album in time for Saturday SPAZZ NIGHT to SPAZZZ all about it! :) Do give your thoughts on the new ROMEO!


Alluring Kim Yuna

S.Koreas favourite sports star, Kim Yuna! This girl really has got everything going for her! The 2nd best ice-skater in the world, she can sing, she endorses many cool stuff like the Samsung haptic anycall and now she appears in Allure Magazine. And she is stunning!

She is so perfect, I want to be like her. But I her it takes a lifetime of hardwork to achieve where she is now. Goodness, she is gorgeous in the pictures. I am extremely jealous of atheletic stars with fabulous looks.


Super Junior and Fried Chicken

As everyone would have known, Super Junior(minus Kibum) have taken on Kyochon Chicken as a new endorsement! Another reason to love fried chicken now and can eat those fattening, oily, juicy pieces of chicken without feeling guilty now! Oh dear, I hope Suju doesn't grow fat as a result. SM seriously loves their fried chicken these days. SNSD endorses goobne chicken?


Son Dambi giving Hollywood a miss

An extremely clever desicion made by Dambi's management company. I seriously don't understand why everyone wants to expand to USA. It just doest make sense! If they want this super huge market, they should target CHINA. They have the biggest population in the whole world. Or Japan( which is unfortunately already dominated by THSK and Johnny Entertainment) which has expensive music but difficult to break in. Or they are welcome to move to South East Asia. :) We love you here, in fact, you dont even need much publicity here! Anyway, if Dambi wants to break into Hollywood she will have stiff competition from BoA and Rain! So well done, Sondambi's management company!


Congrats to XIAH!

Our cutest TVXQ boy is healed and can dance on the Sapporo Concert stage in The Secret Code Tour! :) Im so happy for him!

credits: shanny_w@lj, xcherryblossomx@lj, ashiva@lj, NK's Official News Service, deazaskia@lj,zhuuzhuusoba @ iscreamshinki


RUMOURS : Female Version of SHINee?

Oh yes, so i've been anticipating that SM would introduce a new girl group / new solo female singer soon and it is sort of coming true! Rumour has it that SM would be introducing this new girl group which will be pretty much the female counterpart of SHINee.

Okay i knew it. Its a DBSK - The Grace , Super Junior - SNSD, and now its SHINee! SM is so predictable. Arh yah yah yah, i know i know, YG does it too, like Big Bang - 2NE1 ( which i still think its still weird) .

Chew it :

SM Entertainment said that they will not release group pictures of the girls so that the people will be surprised for the concept. They have revealed S4U’s concept, but they thought so that it will be a disaster. Mr. Park, the manager said ” We will erase or delete any information about the S4U girls. Currently, the girls are recording their debut album that will be released on late July or early August. “

On the interview, the group leader, Lee Nara, also known as Lara said “We went on a very different training system compared to SNSD and The Grace’s since our trainors are from U.S. We worked hard as trainees for more than 3 years as a group and we will work even harder as a singer. We will also work in variuos fields in entertainment industry as this is the unique capability of SM talents, being all-rounders. Please support our group.”

Sun Anna, one of the 2 follow-up members stated her happiness in joining the group. “I was so surprised when Manager Park summoned me and Seng Yeon. We were suprised that we will be debuting. Though we were not able to train with Lara, DaEun and DoYeon for long, we have been together for years already. Please support our group.”

Yoo Seung Yeon, the other new member said that she will be the female version of Minho or Key. She is not yet sure of her pair but she said it is between Key and Minho. She also mentioned about The Grace’s Lina for being mentor while she was still a trainee. She hopes to see her fans soon.

Member Profiles :

Real Name: Lee Nara
Birth Date: 1990
Position: Leader, main rapper and vocalist

Real Name: Noh Da Eun
Birth Date: December 12, 1989
Position: main vocalist


Real Name: Sun Anna
Birthdate: 1990Position: Lead Vocalist, rapper


Real Name: Yoo Seung Yeon
Birthdate: 1992
Position: lead dancer

Real Name: Yoo Do Yeon
Birth Date: 1994
Position: main dancer, vocalist

Honestly, after looking at the namelist, i totally feel like ignoring the whole group. I thought Krystal Jung will be in there! And other than Krystal, many other people were hoping to see the girl (who!?) in Amigo in there too. OH WELL.

And that seungyeon person stated that she will be the female version of minho and Key? HUH?? But minho and key are like totally different, and i totally agree that key is a girl and do not need a counterpart at all!

Look, he is a girl and even have a boyfriend called Jonghyun!

They can just dress SHINee like that, and you get a female SHINee!

Definetely no need a new girl group.

Note : This piece of news is totally not reliable to a super large extent.The original source is taken from a blog, which you know, is highly untrustable. That's why i call it RUMOUR! Don't take this too seriously! :)


TOP spotted at school

omg, how i love stalker behaviour.

Here is TOP for you in Dangguk University!

Please tell me about that ring.

I wonder how these korean students can stay sane with all these stars appearing infront of their eyes from time to time in the school campus.Can you imagine if Choi siwon, Lee minho, Yoona, Sunye, Changmin or kimbum etc were your classmates and sits beside you during lecture? I cannot even breathe at the thought of it!

Well, at least this proves that despite their celeb status + busy schedule and any other nonsense, these stars still (try to) attend school!

I have always been wondering how these busy k-poppers are able to graduate with uni degrees despite missing 3/4 of lessons throughout the whole course.

Then i found an article saying :

"Even if they sleep in class, do no homework, and bomb on all of their exams,
they will still pass. And even if they fail, they can try again, and their old
mark is erased as if it had never existed."

Arhh, so ideal, i like it!

credits : deazaskia @ lj, extrakorea @ wp


ETN Ranking - Male Artists as Girls

(suju - 6 members)

10th place
Eunhyuk + Sungmin + Kangin

2nd place
Heechul + Shindong + Eeteuk

Lee tuek just totally freaked me out.

He is a girl! ye ber da... O.O!!!

Half of super junior members can really pass off as girls,


no one can beat Heechul though,

I totally died when i realise this was Heechul,
He totally looks like a woman,he is a MOM!

Mummy Chul!

Okay, im getting jealous..why on earth guys can be so much prettier than girls!!? UNFAIR!

Share more pictures with us! ^^

credits : sup3rjunior @ yt


SHINee Falls

so we had a gif of onew falling down last week,
Here is jonghyun's fall for you this week!

Jonghyun is so adorable!

i just love how cute they are when they fall down! makes me love shinee more!

haha, evil aye?



Hope to see you people tonight!


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"Deer" YoonA,

Happy Birthday! Thank you for being my motivation for all these times!
I love your determination, perserverance and your face alot!

Stay pretty, lovely and as strong as ever!
Please try to eat more and we wish you all the best in your studies and career!

All the way yoona!

p.s. Please read the message i left for you on ssf! ^^

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Gifts and Mini set of SJ icons! :)
Friday, May 29, 2009

Request: Icepluscoffee's Heechul Wallies. :)

Hope you like them, will do mroe of your favourite heechulie when I have the time!

Other Handphone Wallpapers.



Suju Cosmo Wallpaper

Yippee, mini goodies! Hope you guys like them! :0


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WHy I like You: Lee Dong Hae
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its another Why I Like You post! This time, I needddd to spazzz about my favourite Super Junior Member. Lee Dong Hae. Well, here it goes...

The first time I fell in love with Donghae(DH) was when I was watching Super Adonis Camp and Donghae was saying how much he loves children and he was playing with the little boys in the show. So lovable and guys who love children are like WOAHHH to me. And then I watched more clips of him and read about his miscellaneous information and my love for Donghae just grew and grew.

10 Random Donghae Facts

1. If he has a girlfriend, he'll like to give her a tour around his hometown, Mokpo, and let her know the place he grew up in.( So sweet, he loves his hometown and is proud of it! )

2. Before he debuted, he was afraid of taking the aeroplane, so he never went to any of the 3 school trip to Jeju Island during high school.

3. No matter how much he eats, he will not gain fat. Whenever he feels like he had gain a bit of weight, he'll exercise. And the first place to slim down is his face. (Lucky guy)

4. He once promised his father that under any circumstances, he will not drink alcohol. (Forever the filial boy)

5. If someone tells him he's short, he'll definitely go online and search for ways to grow taller and drinks only milk and soy milk.

6. He often forget his hat, cellphone or similar items. he would look high and low for his hat, when he already wore it. Once he was chatting with another member on the phone and said: "I've forgotten my phone, I'm gonna go up and take it."

7. He'll turn into a beast if he's on stage preforming U. When he had eyes contact with the members, they'll think that his stares is so not human. ( I think so too! He changes when he is on stage dancing! Like once when other members said, Donghae dances so hard the floor will shake. And during the filming of U mv I think, the floor was glass and they were afraid the glass fall would break cause Donghae was really using a lot of strength to dance.)

8. He's not really good at searching things online. He doesn't really even know how to use 'Naver' to search. Thus he doesn't like going online, not to mention shopping online too.

9. Donghae resides on the 4th storey of a small apartment. everyday after school, he would press the bell of his neighbor's house (1st storey) and run away, until he got caught once.(Naughty boy!)

10. Which ever eletrical appliances Donghae touches, it spoils. Once when Shindong had a new computer for about a week, after Donghae used it to read up on Super Junior, it malfunctioned. And he has spoilt the 2 computers in Ryeowook room. Kangin says "so sometimes when the members buy new cellphones, & donghae asks to see it, we’ll get nervous." Donghae admits "when i was younger, my parents told me before, that i shouldn’t touch any of the electric appliances at home."

Any couple with Donghae is cute!

Eunhae! Favourite couple on earth!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But where on earth is Kim Ki Bum now? He has gone missing again. :(


Donghae's adorable laugh

Donghae's random cuteness

Donghae's Charm

Sihae + Coke!

Heheh, I can never get tired of looking at this. And when Siwon finds out the cameras are rolling you see his total facial expression changes while Donghae smiles sneakily when handed the coke. :)

Donghae, Confusion.

Look at his little lost self! :) He is so cute confused and everything.

Mickey Donghae!

How much I lvoe the clip, I even have a emoticon of Mickey DH Check out the emoticons section. I so love random videos of DH at radio stations being all weird and funny.

And why everyone should love Donghae.

I think the first time I watched this on DVD I cried. Its so touching that Donghae sang this in memory for his father.

Adorable! Love his expression ear with the Hello Kitty earmuffs!

Last cute GIF of Donghae!

And DH says in ver C of Sorry Sorry, "Sorry Sorry because we took everyone'e heart." AWWW.

Our dearest FISHY! I'm feeling all elFISH now! :) I LOVE LEE DONGHAE and that's why!

credits: magicapuri@youtube, lovecubic@youtube, dongbangjunior@youtube, MattieAn@youtube, 희철패밀리—金希澈中文网, Animeuver@sjfh, kumaguro4304's@lj, Miharu-san@sjfh


Why I Like You: Celebrity love

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