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Falling for Lee Min Ho
Saturday, February 28, 2009

CAN YOU SAY COOL? Lee Min Ho rocks for doing something like this! :) Keep up the good work! Even though I think its very funny, but its okay yknow, everyone falls down! YAYY LEE MIN HO ROCKS! (more so with straight hair!) And Congrats on winning Best New Actor at the 45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards.

And everyone is leaving for America! Seo Inyoung is in America, hopefully with Crown J! :) And Hyunjoong is leaving for US of A and now handsome boy Kim Bum is going there too!

P/s: Congrats too Yoona of SNSD for winning the Best New Actress at the 45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards.

P/s/s: Its March tomorrow! I await Super Junior's 3rd album! :)

credits: hoonfamily@youtube, allkpop


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Boys Over Flowers
Friday, February 27, 2009

The "Boys Over Flowers" craze is spreading like wildfire and its getting out of control! Even small matters such as JiHu's rare humane expression ie. gritting his teeth out of anger, can make it to the headlines. How amazing!

And of course, we definetely cannot miss on that!!
Being occasionally nice people, we totally won't let you people out there miss this awesome drama! Therefore, we have included the link to the Boys Over Flowers playlist on our video section for your convenience!

Awwe, you lucky lot of people..!

Anyway, thank you Selena for the link!


Also, do check out our goodies section for new wallies and signatures made by Shuyan!
New link banners are also up! Do link us with your favourite banners okay!
Lastly, be sure not to miss our poll this time round!
Doreen's propaganda time : CHOOSE EUNHAE BECAUSE ITS LOVE!!!!!



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The WonSoKa Line
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heard of it?!

Fans of Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) , and Kara has recently established this "WonSoKa Line" to celebrate the friendship between these three toplisted girl groups.

Wonder Girls

Its damn rare good to see fans of different groups coming together to do such decent thing other than bashing up each other ( which is really retarded. )

Anyway, im not so sure about the Kara part, but of my knowledge, i know the relationship between Wonder Girls and SNSD is rather positive and real.

So Nyeo Shi Dae a.k.a SNSD

There seems rivalry between these two top girl groups ever since their debut. But seriously, i think all these enimity are caused by some stupid anti fans!

Like please, if you don't like the other group, just leave them alone!!! No point critising them! They should better use their time to love their favourite group more, think of ways survive this bloody global recession, or hold campaigns on global warming rather than rioting against other groups. Its like, so what if the other groups really crack and disband? The economy will still continue to slump and the Earth would still melt eventually. You are gonna die too. So why not do something more useful??

ANTIS ARE STUPID!! so i dont really know if they will understand what is the point im trying to make.


Evidence of Wonder Girls and SNSD's friendship is everywhere! Especially between SNSD's taeyeon and WG's Sunye & yoobin!

For example,

Yoobin was a DJ for tentenclub.
Then Taeyeon sent a text message to Yoobin,
“I’m listening to your radio right now…Don’t be nervous..hwaiting!!”.
response, Yoobin said,“I”ll treat Taeyeon to dinner or something…”
-credits : sosiz/cathode , wonder generation @ wordpress

Also at Golden Disk Awards last year, taeyeon was caught chatting happily with Wonder Girls!

Check out the fancam!!

Right, its captured. No doubts!!

And also, if you are a great taeyeonie or wg fan, u will know how many freaky times taeyeon performed with sunye or Wonder Girls as a group!

Like this one, during christmas last year, they had this very cute performance with taeyeon standing in the middle of WG!

And I'm also sure many of you have watched the awesome" Stand Up For Love" performance by Taeyeon, Sunye & Davichi! If you havent, for god's sake, PLEASE WATCH IT!!
Also, the sexy Buttons performance by Taeyeon, Sunye and some-other-people-i-don't-know that can cannot be missed!

So many many never ending collaborations! Together, Taeyeon and Sunye ROCKS!

And furthermore, if you are a Sunmi fan, you will definetely know that Taeyeon is Sunmi's number one idol!

Here u can see how Sunmi was happily clapping her hands, all excited, and paying full attention when taeyeon was receiving her award and giving her thank you speech!

Credits: xxreverie @ youtube

In addition, Sunye and Sooyoung went to the same high school, and furthermore, Sunye and Yoona will be starting their college life together in the same school! And of course, this would totally further improve the Wonder Generation relationship!!

It is also known that SNSD's maknae Seohyun is quite close to maknae of WG, Sohee. How cute!!
But i think i would still prefer the leader-leader thing between taeyeon and sunye! yay!

Okay, now the doubtful Kara part.

According to what I've observed so far, Kara's Nicole Jung seems to be nicer and more friendly as compared to other members! And its kind of true that she seems to have more relationship with the other groups, especially SNSD. Like for example, Nicole Jung and Tiffany have established a rather good "unnie-dongsaeng" (sisters) relationship since both of them grew up in the land of freedom, America before getting imported to Korea as singers. Also, it has been reported that Nicole has also been close friends with SNSD's Hyoyeon even before their debut.

And also just a few weeks back, there have been photos of Nicole Jung hugging Jessica and Seohyun on MusicBank after SNSD was awarded thewinner of the week.

How so lovely?!

Other than Nicole, Kara's Park Gyuri were friends Wonder Girls Yoobin knew since their high school days, and Seung Yeon of Kara, and Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun are fellow schoolmates at Kyung Hee Univeresity. How cool is that?

Kara on ChinChin recently , a radio programme hosted by Taeyeon and Kangin of Super Junior.

But I'm not so sure how genuine is this snsd/wg relationship with Kara after Kara's jaws totally reached the floor when they witnessed SNSD's 'miraculous' win at musicbank though they were absent.

Is this SO DAMN SHOCKING??! Whatsup with that reaction!!

Credits: popbuggy @ youtube

Oh well, anyway, im kind of positive towards this WonSoKa Line. I mean, who wouldn't want peace?! And I'm really glad that these fans are finally maturing. Comparisons of groups, especially Wonder Girls and SNSD still exist (which are really pointless, stupid & irritating, like how mojojojo exist) , but its significantly getting lesser and lesser! I seriously hope everyone would love each other, and if you really can't then just leave the others alone!
Come on, make the already deteoriating and overheated world a better place!

Let me make a last random note, blogger sucks!!!

Credits : soshified, wonder generation @ wordpress, Youtube


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SM town LIVE in Bangkok!
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Super Junior - Happiness, Wonderboy TVXQ - Balloons

Yayy! I feel happy when I see SuJu having fun as all 13 of them! :) But I don't see Kibum. Is he there? Dong Bang Junior Forever! :) I MISS SUPER JUNIOR! Balloons is such a cute song! It makes me smile, so does Wonderboy and Happiness! Its a feel happy video of Dong Bang Junior!

TVXQ - Hug

Always awesome, TVXQ and the wonderful performance of Hug! I love their this outfit which they have been wearing for some time, it makes them look more handsome X2845!

Super Junior - U

HEHEH Some SuJu Hotness! :)

SNSD - Into the New World, Complete, Baby Babyy

Our lovely Seohyun is improving like crazy! She gets prettier and better with each performance! Taeyeon's vocals is once more making me go AWESOME! Yuri is dman pretty! WOoo go go go SNSD!

Well there are more awesome performances of SM Town Live in Bangkok! GO check them out on youtube! :) It looked damn super! If I could have gone, I think I would have died happy.

credits : mrnikungi, ichigoKJJ, woohooaey, demiyu3 @youtube


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Fun Super Junior Stuff!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poll 1:

Game 1: First Super Junior Member/Super Junior related thing that you think of when you see this word.

1: Socks
2: Husband
3: Boyfriend
4: Hair
5: Car
6: Song
7: Food
8: Telephone
9: Noisy
10: Handsome

Post this in your blog or leave a comment with the answers! :)

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Answers for Quiz 1 revealed!
Monday, February 23, 2009

So whose eyes are these...

Yes! most of you got it right!!

Its our cutest


Easy hurh...!


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More on TVXQ's 3rd Asia Tour!
Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Mirotic" Red Umbrella Yunho!

Omg cute or what! Now I think I need a red umbrella to complete my life! Who knew Yunho looks so cute flying with an umbrella!

"Mirotic" Broomstick Xiah!

Another cutie! Totally not witchy at all Xiah Junsu! Luckily anyone can find a broomstick in their house! :)


I so love this fan who took this video! Its so awesome leh! My most anticipated Tvxq song and she/he took a Changmin solo! So freaking hot is this Changmin guy! Baby I love you~~ He still made this heart sign! *melts and dies* He looks so happy singing this! Heehee! And this fan was so near the stage! I'm so envious! You can also hear the fans all going "Oppa! Oppa!" Think I will go deaf but be one of those screaming I love you Changmin! etc.


Credits : YunhoLoverXD , maxlover88 for the awesome fanvids!


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The 3rd Asia Tour Concert
Friday, February 20, 2009

It begins today at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium until the 22nd of February. And apparently Xiah Junsu will be performing a solo he composed himself called Xiahtic! Haha. Cute. And after Seoul they would be travelling to other countries China, Thailand and Taiwan. Malaysian Cassiopeias are however petitioning to have a 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Malaysia and I have already signed up for it! It seems that sponsors are interested to hold this concert too! Malaysia is the nearest I can get to holding a concert in Singapore. But probably, this hot Asia Tour of TVXQ, I have to miss. :(

You know, I really think that if they called it an Asia Tour they would be touring most countries in Asia. Like Super Show too! Singapore is in Asia too! And they have a gigantic fanbase here I swear! We just work discreetly and not buy CDs from HMV. Tsktsk. Sigh, Cant wait for the DVD to be out then! I wna watch them perfrom Crazy Love live! Its one of my favorites in Mirotic!

TVXQ sure works really hard! I mean they just did the 'T' tour last year in Japan. Bet this concert will be damn awesome too! I SO WNA GO!

credits: allkpop


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Seohyun & ju hyun mi's new trot single.
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seohyun (snsd) has released a new trot single "Jjalajjaja" together with trot singer JuHyunMi a few days ago, and the mv is officially out!
I totally have no idea why this whole trot thing is still surviving in korea, and the only trot song i listen to is super junior-T 's "Rokugo". Duh, wouldn't i be abnormal if i claim myself as a fan of trot music?
But seriously, i think seohyun's voice blends well with that song.

Another reason why you should watch the mv : Yuri is featured in this MV! She is so just pretty n all. And if im not wrong, Davichi is in the mv too.
But still, i fell asleep watching this.

Jjalajjaja -Seohyun(snsd) & JuHyunMi

Yoohooo!!!!! are you dozing off already???!

credits : jaeurazn1mv @ youtube


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Here's the full performance of the 'Come On Over' video that shuyan posted a few days back. Watch it if you haven't and witness the power of fanboys!!!
So a m a z i n g.

Seohyun's voice really surprises me quite abit. Didnt know she could sing this way! She definitely sounded more mature and professional! ( in the come on over part)

Once again, who says snsd cannot sing!!??!

SNSD - Gee, Come On Over, Kissing You @ Leehana's Pepeppermint 090214

Click on the "HQ" button on the bottom right for HQ version

Credits : Pocketfulofsmiless @ youtube


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Changmin! Stay happy and handsome forever! Keep making Cassiopeia smile with your adorable and funny replies and comments. And congrats on being recently crowned King of UFO replies! :)

Continue to make many adoring girls fall to your charms and eliminate all anti-fans of DBSK! Rock on Changmin with your lovely smile and amazing voice! Have a wonderful birthday! FIGHTING!

Happy birthday Lina! :)
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A couple of days ago DC showed me this really awesome video of SNSD singing Christina Aguilera's Come on over.

And I think they really rocked this performance! Its really really nice cause they all looked like they were having lots of fun! Who knew Seohyun had such an awesome voice? And Taeyeon really pawned that note with her awesome vocals! I really like Tiffany nails! Sooyoung is really nice to interact nicely with the fans during the performace posing for the cameras and everything. I dont think many people can pass off a Christina song decently but hey, SNSD did it! For that, I think I'm loving them more! :) Their english was also pretty decent!

I already repeated the video like 20948 times! Shall go watch it again!

credits: CodeAnalysis

And because its Changmin's birthday, lets watch a little DBSK silliness cause I miss them so like Super Junior! I await their 4th Jap album The Secret Code!

Hehehe Junsu is so cute! I lvoe all their random and funny comments!

credits: YunhoLoverXD


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BOF - Kim Hyun Joong FAINTS. NOT AGAIN! :(
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay firstly...If you are a Singaporean fan of Boys Over Flowers, heres the good news!

Boys Over Flowers is showing on Starhub Cable TV Channel 173 KBS WORLD , every mon & tues 9pm-10.10pm.

And if you haven't know, KBS WORLD is a free channel on cable tv.

Oh man, how can anyone miss that. I was terribly excited when i saw the guide yesterday. Its like a dream come true. Whats better than watching BOF on tv right! So, be sure to catch it!

So after watching the first episode, my comment is...
Seriously, eyecandies are vital for the success of a drama. AND WHATS MORE, THERES 2 IN THIS SHOW! So, we somehow can guess why this show is so popular n hot these days. However, i think the storyline is not bad too. Kind of funny...!

Okay, so heres the bad news ....
Its reported that Kim Hyun Joong ( playing Yoon Ji Ho) fainted on the set yesterday.

Yes again. :(
AND THEY FREAKINGLY " scheduled him for another commercial shoot" in the afternoon after visiting the hospital. WTH.

I know how you fans out there wanna kill his manager/burn down the company. I really really disapprove of how these companies overwork their artiste ever since hongki collapsed on new years eve. I know how difficult it is to maintain popularity and stuffs like that, but overworking them like that is not gonna work!! Its not going to be productive. Damn it.

credits: akp, RAiiNii3 @ soshified


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Another new girl group??!! What's wrong with the kpop scene for churning our numerous girlie groups?

Like SNSD, WonderGirls, Kara and After School ain't enough, here pops up Pink Heart, yet another girl group. I dont really hate pink but seriously, this cover makes me feel a little sick. Wayyyy to pink, like everything is pink. Light pink, dark pink, all shades of pink. Don't think I can bring myself to listen to them. Too pinky and bet their song is all bumblegummy and sticky.

Oooh, I saw this picture and couldn't resist commenting on it! The cover of Ft Island's new Mini Album Jump Up! Now selling!

I think right, jaejin's hair looks really unsuitable for him here. It makes him look really really not nice!

He looks better with his hair like thator like that.

Oh well, what's done is done, hair will grow back eventually. New guy looks good in this shot. It seems like nobody is missing wonbin anymore though.

credits : allkpop, yesasia


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello! We saw some really cool icons done by RAiiNii3 on Soshified and they were really awesome and pretty. RAiiNii3 has kindly allowed us to post these wonderful icons here on super-kpop! Thank you Mary! I do love Boys Over Flowers too but I have no time to keep up with the series. :)I feel happy just looking at these icons! So sweet!


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I miss seeing them so much! Super Junior and DBSK, SHINee and everyone in the whole SM family! Hehehe love the Changmin and Yesung and Eunhae moment! :) Sungmin has a pink PSP! And love his adorable expression when he realises the camera is on him! Donghae's hair rocks and you can see jaejoong working out back there and xiah lifting chairs! Aiyo, and ask Shindong faster change his hairstyle! Changmin is so handsome. I LOVE HIM! :) Wish I was in Bangkok too!

I miss SJ lots! I haven't been seeing videos or news of them in a long while. Faster come March when they release their new album! :) Cause I can't stop thinking about you~~

credits : AhMiG0



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After 'Pretty Girl', Kara is back with their new single 'Honey'.

But anyway, i like their dressing and all this time round. The dresses and heels makes them more demure and ladyish. And Honey is really a catch song.

SNSD might have some competition now! But for now, snsd is still safely sitting on the top, with their 5th consecutive win on MuBank. yay snsd!

Okay back to Kara..
So they did their second performance of Honey yesterday, and i thought that performance was really up to standard.

Kara -Honey Live Mucore 14.02.09

I love koo hara! she is so damn dolly n everything. i wonder why sm & jyp entertainment didnt want her. What a waste. She could have been a part of snsd or wg. and that would make the world a better place. tsk.

I like the idea of adding the rap part into this song, although i cannot really hear what nicole is rapping about.

Well, Honey Honey! Hope Kara would be as successful this time round!

credits : allkpop, pla4rang @ youtube


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I really don't know what to say...

but seriously,


Sohee, please don't ever do this again.

credits : allkpop

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Quiz : which super junior member's eyes are these!?
Saturday, February 14, 2009

While we patiently wait ( no seriously, we cannot wait! ) for super junior's comeback, (most probably in march ), we will be holding a series of quiz, polls and some other fun stuffs to recall all your love for suju!!!

So ELFs, what are u waiting for, come join in the fun!!


Quiz : which super junior member's eyes are these!?

Easy huh..we will reveal the ans next weekend!


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Super Junior

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