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Thursday, April 30, 2009


New Super Junior Subgroup. Super Junior TW??

I was like, OMG WTF?!?! Are they going to pause 13 activities and split into groups again. But then I read the article and was like whewwww.

Cause its actually the people 全民最大黨 acting Super Junior. I know I'm supposed to be offended but this clip is so damn funny! Nearly fell off my chair laughing!

Chen Han Dian(guy in the middle) is hilarious as Kyuhyun. And they ALL DONT LOOK LIKE SUPER JUNIOR AT ALL! I couldn't tell who was who until they introduced themselves. And they totally used Super Junior because some politician refused to apologise for her mistake and they are using Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" song to try to persuade her to apologise. Funny shit!

Well, this proves the point that TW pop is dying out and instead KPOP are riding the waves! In fact, the trend is proving strong in Singapore as more people are listening to Kpop and less to TWpop! Maybe finally Unusual Productions will catch up with everyone and finally bring in Super Junior, TVXQ, SNSD, Wonder Girls(again) SHINee, Ft Island and Big Bang to Singaporeeeee. :)

I know allkpop has this article but still, its too funny for me to resist blogging about it!

credits: allkpop,



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The message these days is save energy, save the world. I love the world and everything but what is really dying out fast is really We Got Married. I really love WGM! But it seems that the ratings are dropping like crazy and MBC has decided to change the whole concept of WGM taking off even my last favourite couple, Kangji! Sigh. Anyhow, I thought of ways to save WGM!

1) Attempt to bring back some of the original couples!

Like Crown J and Seo In Young, ultimate favourite Hyun Joong and Hwangbo, Andy and Solbi! Alex and Sinae are kinda out of the picture cause Sinae is getting married and everything Cause what made the whole show so lovable for us was the chemistry between the couples! All of them were so cute together than they hardly have any antis! I mean, there are probably thousands of girlfans out there who love Andy and Hyunjoong, but none of them are ably to anti Solbi or Hwangbo after watching a few episodes cause these couples are so cute together! The couples right now, I don't know, have little/ no chemistry/ odd it seems. I mean, the whole Hyungdon and Taeyeon pairing was like seriously wrong! I think some people might be bored with watching the current couples, but I do miss them like crazy! Even Son Dambi and Marco were lovable!

2) Try not to attempt the real marriage thing.

You know, MBC are trying out the real couple thing like what icepluscoffee said? I secretly think it will fail. I think people will be more interested in seeing how 2 strangers pretend to be in a marriage. The awrkardness, the getting to know each other, the initial sweetness are all we audience really care about. I mean all those korean drams that are so wildly popular are about falling in love, not staying in love. And if they really do breakup/quarrel on the show that would be so awkward! Do artistes really want to put their relationship in the limelight? If the show is scripted then it would also suck as well. :S

3) Pair up onscreen couples/fresher couples together.

If people love love love these couples in drama shows, people might actually want to watch them play a real couple on WGM. Eg, Koo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho, Song Seung Hun & Lee Yeon Hee, Gong Yoo and Yoo Eun Hye. And pairing up fresher couples like Jessica and G-dragon!?!? Haha I don't know about that but the rumours about SHINee JongHyun joining WGM is a little weird. He feels too young to play this getting married game. But I must admit pairing onscreen couples might have its setbacks, it might spoil the lovely illusion audiences have for the couple.

4) Create a whole new concept.

Invent new concepts instead of giving missions, create like difficulties for them to solve! Like give a couple a grown up kid like in To Be a Good Daddy. Have the kid create problems and see how these parents react! Or or have secret missions on various weeks like the "Kiss Marco by Midnight" for Son Dambi. :) And maybe come up with missions like "Cook a terrible tasting dinner and see how Hubby will react.", "Pretend to keep talking on a phone with a mysterious woman to see how Wife will react."

I dont want WGM to die cause I totally love the show! If you love WGM too check out our WGM icons set in the icons page! This entry is just a random discussion thing! :)



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Happy Birthday Younha!
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Younha! Continue to bring more cheer to people's lives. Keep writing more awesome songs and we love you! Younha is such a cutie!

And here, my first favourite Younha song from one of my favourite anime!

I love the 6th squad! :)

Rock on Younha!

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Open Concert Super Junior
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh this is lovely and so fabulous! Sorry Sorry is always good but Heal the World is awesome too! :) This is such a nice performance. Its mostly KRY + Sungmin and Donghae singing though. Who says SJ can't sing? I think they can do it really well! Does it not make you want to be a better person and care more about the people around you? Unfortunately our dearest Kibum is not there. How comehe has time to film LG's 'We Start Campaign" but not to join in Super Junior's regular activities. Its quite sad actually. See?

Super Junior is love and happiness! :)

Download Super Junior's Heal the world MP3 here!

And do check out the new SJ and Big Bang emoticons at the emoticons page and new wallpapers at the goodies page! :)

credits : icepluscoffee, SJ3jib@youtube


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Hello! This week im gna just share the songs that are constantly on repeat on my ipod!


Yearning of the Heart by A'st1
I know this song was in the BOF OST but this song is so addictive! And the best part of OSTs is that when you hear the music, you just think of the show and all the dreamy moments so you just wander back into the land of BOF! Surrounded by rich and handsome guys with big houses. These boys seem to be super young too! Just that they have a hard to pronounce band name! Sighl Love this song!

My Song and.. by Younha
This song is lovely too! In fact her whole album is nice and happy! So cheerful and younha! Its like, she is telling us, world peace, love everyone, share our icecream cause as everyone knows, ice cream makes everyone happy! Thats why everyone loves Ben and Jerry's Free Cone day! My favourite flavour is Chunky Monkey! What's yours? :) Her voice rocks! I think its quite distinct and has character even if its not like POWER like Taeyeon.

You Only Love by Tong Vfang Xien Qi
A song from their 3rd album 'O'. But at different phases you jsut get addicted to different songs and it just happens that now I'm addicted to You Only Love. And oh my gee gee gee gee, the song is lovely to the max! Their singing is so awesome, the harmony, everything is perfect. I just feel all melty inside when I listen to this! Their singing is number one I swear out of all the boybands cause all of them can actually sing and their acapella live is just... AWESOME.

You only love, my love

K SONGS MAKE ME HAPPY! If only the karaoke places here would carry more korean songs!


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The Jessica Jung Way Of Life : Part 3 - The Art Of Chopsticks
Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay firstly, yay! my personal photobucket account is up again! You can now go to the other sections and not see the freaking photobucket sign!

Secondly, sorry for being absent for almost the whole of last week! Gotta attend to important but useless stuffs like school. Its really retarded i swear. Thanks to shuyan for covering most of the stuffs! And i apologise for being so slow with this whole sica thing, but i guess i should be able to wrap up this whole thing by this weekend and move on to my next topic.

Okay so, I realised Jessica is a rather interesting person. She is so cold and icy that i think she has the power to reduce the current global temperature by three folds and save the dying mankind. She also has some weird habits that makes her different from the normal average girls.

For example exhibiting violent acts towards her fellow members and other people, even the sunbaenims...
With full force..!

We cannot blame her for this. Yul just won't sit still!

muahahaha. secretly waiting to attack him.

But out of all her weird habits, i pick the way she holds the chopsticks because its just too cute!

So weird right?! Who holds their chopsticks between the middle and fourth fingers?!
How is that even possible!

I tried, and it hurts man!

Maybe its because she was born in the states, thats why she probably didnt learn the correct way of holding the chopsticks, and didnt have much opportunity to practice holding them.

Arhh, its is just too unique!

And i think the skill of holding -chopsticks- the- sica- way is kinda hard to accquire. Its not easy to change the method we hold chopsticks overnight since chinese like us have been using chopsticks since forever. And and, seriously, holding them the sica way hurts!! You can try by writting with your pencil between your third n fourth finger! Painful aye!

But but but, you see, our aim here is to be like sica, and hook some hot guys!

This sica-way-of-holding-chopsticks might be crucial for you to take a step closer to your crush.

For example, if you and him are out eating together with a group of friends, you will stand out and gain more attention from him just by the way you hold your chopsticks.
He would first laugh at you, and then probably offer to teach you how to hold the chopsticks the correct way! And then you can pretend to not get the right way of holding them, and ask him if he can teach you some other days during lunch or something!

See, you get another date with him!

And you can point and laugh at other girls who don't get the chance!
Failure! muahahaha!

So we shouldnt be afraid of the pain and practice the sica way of holding chopsticks! FIGHTING!

oh gosh, how can we not love jessica! She is just a perfect role model for us to follow!!

Plus, i see jessica everyday on the file that Shuyan gave me for my birthday! Whenever i see her, i just more motivated! You should get your own customized file from super-kpop market section too! I strongly encourage you to put a picture of Jessica so that you would be reminded to be like jessica, icy and powerful, and hook hot guys!!! Totally will boost your confidence when you see hot guys.


credits : Gorjess thread @ soshified forums, soshistalker


The Jessica Jung Way of Life!

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Happy Birthday Daesung!
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Daesung! I love the fact that when you smile, we can't see your eyes!

Continue being cute and everything! :) Keep bringing us smiles and have fun on family outing! Try not to leave Big Bang okay? Cause G-D will be sad that way!

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TVXQ and the One Piece characters!
Friday, April 24, 2009

Ohhh TVXQ's new single Share the World is doing great in Japan right now. Its their 27th single in Japan and it shot to the top in the single daily table of Japan's Oricon Charts the day it was released. Wednesday if i'm not wrong! Congrats to them! It probably has to do with it being the theme song to the popular anime One Piece! Japanese animes totally ROCK! I love my japanese anime too but I was never a big fan of One Piece. I may start watching One Piece now that TVXQ are singing the theme song!

Still, I found this really cute news! Not sure if they actually watched the anime but I know they are fans of Bleach and Naruto(me too!).

A- Junsu likes Sanji.

Sanji is the cook of the team (ah Su always thinking about food) and his main weakness and also obsession are: Women!! Sanji nevers fights with his hands coz he wants to protect them (for cooking and touching women??). His left eye is always hidden behing his hair (i tought that jeajoong would choose him instead). Junsu said that he likes his name, but “sanji” in japanese means “3 hours” so i don’t know what that means to our little dolphin.

B- Jaejoong and Yunho think that Junsu is Usopp

Usopp is a member of the crew and also the sniper/gunner. His name means “liar”, that’s why he has a long nose, like Pinocchio. He always imagines huge fake stories coz he’s a coward. He’s such a liar that he became skyzophrenic and he evoluates (only in his mind) in a brave hero called Sogeking when it’s about fighting. I totally agree with their choice! Junsu become so serious when he goes on stage, but besides he’s such a dork!

C- Yoochun thinks that Jaejoong is Franky

Franky was a carpenter, now he’s a pirate who destroys everything on his way. He’s actually a cyborg, and has superhuman powers. All his body is done with guns and weapons. Yoochun chose him for Jae coz Frankie has huuuge arms (bigger than his head). Still, he has nothing to do with our pretty little Jae.

D- Changmin thinks that Yoochun is Tony Tony Chooper

Chooper is a tiny reindeer and can metamorphose into a huge monster. He’s the doctor of the crew. His best friend is Sanji and he believes all his lies. Changmin chose him coz Yoochun looks like a cute teddy bear, just like Chooper.

Ahhh where is Changmin's favourite characterrrr! Haha but the chopper character is really cute and really looks like micky in the picture! And Franky and Jaejoong totally have the same pose! So cute! I hope TVXQ keeps hitting the charts with this new single and their Japanese album The Secret Code!

credit: Kenoa@soompi
shared by: sharingyoochun + ✖JAEDETTE✖@CSSPF


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I know, there is like an overload of girlgroups and boybands around the kpop industry right now. So, I just feel like making a list of the best 3 group names.

In 3rd place, its SM entertainment's CSJH, THE GRACE.

And in chinese, that's 天上智喜. Totally nice name for a girl group. Its nice seeing girls be all graceful and everything once in a while. And the girls in The Grace certainly have the aura to hold up to that name! Even their individuals names are cool! Stephanie is 天舞 (Dance of Heaven), Lina is 上美(Beauty of Heaven), Sunday is 智聲(Voice of Heaven) and Dana is 喜悦(Happiness). And together they form 天上智喜 or Cheong Sang Ji Hee in Korean. I swear, their name is awesome for a girl band!

I know they aren't as popular as Wonder Girls or Kara or Girl's Generation in Korea, but I think they have the most beautiful band name!

In 2nd place, its also SM entertainment/Good Entertainment's SHINHWA.

They are like one of the longest running boybands in Korea and woo, they made it through 10 years! I used to love Shinhwa like crazy and watch repeat episodes of X-MAN with them in it! I didn't love Andy until I watched WGM. Before that I was into Donghwan! Still, Shinhwa rocks! And their band name is awesome. Shinhwa. LEGEND. I do think they achieved their band name, they are sort of like lengendary in the korean industries. Too bad most of them have to go serve their national service right now and go into army.

My favourite song of Shinhwa's is still Perfect Man, and they do even after 10 years, all 6 members still feel like perfect men.

And in 1st place, would be none other than SM Entertainment's Tong Vfang Xien Qi!

WHO CAN FIGHT WITH A NAME LIKE THAT Shinhwa was jjang! But TVXQ is omg, way way more awesome. I mean, it literally means
Rising Gods of the East. I swear, those boys from TVXQ, Changmin, Yunho, Jaejoong, Micky and Xiah are like Gods. Seriously hot gods.

Personally I think they have the most awesome band name ever! I mean compare it with other korean boybands like Big Bang, 2am, 2pm, FT Island? Or taiwanese boybands like Fahrenheit, Lollipop, F4? Or western boybands like Westlife, Jonas Brothers etc? 東方神起 totally pawns them! Even in korean or japanese translation they still mean the same thing!

Maybe their awesome name has much to contribute to their awesome success besides their good looks, hard work and splendid singing and dancing skills. :)

I hope those korean companies who are churning out many groups think out their group name carefully. Cause seriously, some group names really suck. I think out of all the companies, SM Entertainment dishes out the best names!


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We Got Married : New couple - G-Dragon & Jessica!??
Thursday, April 23, 2009


It hasnt been decided yet..but...if it really happens then...
All i can say is....

what an interesting couple!

Here is the piece of news..

Public celebrity couple SG Wannabe member Kim Yongjoon and group 'Sugar's
actress Hwang Jungeum is up for discussion as one of the new couples in 'We Got
Married.'The representatives of 'We Got Married' said that the four couples,
Jung Hyungdon-Taeyeon, Shin Sungrok-Kim Shinyoung, Junjin-Lee Siyoung, and
Kangin-Lee Yoonji will be leaving the show, and that new couples will be
discussed and finalized by next week.

Along with the two, Big Bang's G-Dragon (Kwon Jiyong) and
SNSD's Jessica are up for discussion as a new couple as well.

Can you even imagine it?? No, no, i can't!

I mean its so weird! The only time i see snsd interacting with Big-bang is when YoonA and SeungRi were in Manwon Happiness a long time ago..!

And cutey G-dragon meets the Ice Princess Jessica??!!


I really don't know what to say..!

But if this really happens, ratings would definetely shoot up!!

Kind of curious how it would turn out to be too!
At least its better than taeyeon and hyundon...like wth!

credits :Translations credits to daisy kim @Soshified


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Yes she is all by herself now!
Okay so here's Tiffany doing her first solo song "By Myself", live on SBS Inkigayo.

Yay yay yay yay, i love it when snsd members does solos. They all have rather good vocals and other talents and they should really have their own stage at different points of time. Like Yoona, Taeyeon...n now tiffany!

She is so pretty here! I love her hair! But that dress seriously sucks.

Oh well, anyway, i think Tiffany has done quite great job!
Though you can see that she was kinda nervous at first and at the end, haha how cute!

One of the best voice in SNSD, or so i think..hehe.

19.04.09 SBS Inkigayo : Tiffany(SNSD) - By Myself

What a sweet song!
I hope she does that duet with K.will soon!
Super worth anticipating for it!

Don't ya think so!?


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MIA boy: Kibum
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OMG ITS KIM KIBUM! His interview at "Insadong Scandal" VIP.Preview. Its been like a long long time since we saw the last of Kibummie. His hair sucks (hate it long) but wow! I think he slimmed down quite a bit! Its jaw is all sharp and pointy now. Cute!

BUTBUTBUT, he is alone, without his fellow 12 SJ members. :( He seems to be solo-ing often these days. Wish he would join in more Super Junior activites! Go sing on Musicbank or Music Core with them! Please Kibummie, dont only renuite with Super Junior in Thailand! Its sad for your korean ELFs!

Its still lovely to see Kibum again. Handsome boy! :)

credits: eternalove4suju@youtube, 7-eleven,icepluscoffee

Oh yeah, and check out the new superjunior and tvxq nintendo ds themes and ringtones uploaded at download section!


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Save the World
Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't you love your Kpop artistes? Like SHINee? SS01? etc? So lets do our part and listen to the message that our favourite Kpop stars say!

Super Junior

credits : SJ3jib@youtube
Click here to download Super Junior's Save energy Mp3! Or go to the download section and download it. :)

FT Island

credits : FTIprimadonna@youtube

Girl's Generation

credits : Music4U101@youtube

Big Bang

credits : sungminnie@youtube


credits : sungminnie@youtube


credits: yushi91@youtube

Wonder Girls

credits : falcior@youtube


credits : shineesubs02@youtuve

Yeah, so lets save the Earth by saving Energy! Use less plastic, don't waste water and electricity! Besides, if you save energy, you SAVE MONEY TOO! Go green! Its cool and hip! It helps that all these clips are just too cute for words! :)


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Radio FM 19042009
Sunday, April 19, 2009

I know, the depressing economy everywhere is making everyone feel sad and miserable. So in order not to allow the economy to collaspe, we should be spending money as good consumers do. So lets all go out and buy some randoms albums like BoA's or Younha's. :)

Anyway, here are a few songs that I listen to cheer me up whenever I feel unhappy. Hopefully, it will cheer you up in times of gloom and doom.


Way of Love by Super Junior

Its from their very first album Super Junior 05. I don't know why, but this is my favourite Super Junior song. It never never fails to cheer me up/motivate me along in life. Its so cheerful and bouncy and makes me so so happy. And when you see them sing it live at their Super Show Concert!

"Don't be weary, be strong. If you come a little closer you'll be able to feel me. Hold me with deep feelings. Please love with all of your heart. "

Oh my gee, happy to the max changmin!! Other happy songs from Super Junior include Haengbok, Miracle and all of SJ-H's songs. but my favourite is still Way of Love. :)

Sunset Glow by Big Bang

From their 2nd Album, Remember. This song makes me happy cause of its MV! GO WEST! The MV give me a peace&love sort of feeling. Yeah baby, Peace, Love & Icecream is the thing we should all be celebrating now!

"i love you, you are the only one in this world
i shout out loud but only that unanswerable sunset is burning bright"

Everyone in the MV is just so happy and united! Love everyone, love the world. PEACE!

Way to Go - Girl's Generation

This song feels to me like a 加油 song! (加油 means like go go go!, sigh, the English dicitonary needs a bit more words).

"But have strength, we've made it this far
This is really nothing at all
Let's change this world!
The one thing i know is that
the only reason this complicated world is exciting
Is because of one reason
Yes its you"

Ahhh, the mystical you. Can mean Donghae, Changmin,Ryeowook, Jessica, Taeyeon, Younha, Hyunbin, all in the same context. So, its actually anyone who makes you happy! Have strength have strength! Tell yourself I CAN DO THIS!

I love the melody, such a happy and bouncy melody too! So cheerful and their voices have so much energy! Awesome-ness. WAY TO GO!

And I'm going to cheat and share songs that are created to make you smile and go HAHAHA!

Yeah its DBSK's and SNSD's Hahaha campaign songs! Yeah, doesn't it make you wna go HaHaHa. So sweet of them to feature in day-brightening campaigns! Rain or shine, I still love my kpop artistes!

Here is a little present from Doreen! Its SNSD's Hahaha Campaign screensaver!

Click here to download the screensaver!

You can download the MP3 version of the Hahaha songs at the download section! :)

Cheers! Lead a happy life and enjoy the sunshine!


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Right. Our Ice Princess here din get this nickname for nothing. Appearance wise and character wise, Jessica is just so much cooler than any average living being. Sometimes, she is just too cool to even react to certain human activity that will amuse normal people. And she just doesn't smile as often as other snsd members.

And sometimes, i really think its her coolness that makes guys love her so much. You know about guys - adventurous and loves taking up challenges. Hence, they bring out all their courage to approach sica and try to melt this freezing ice berg. So, coolness might be the key factor to attract attention from boys, especially the hot ones like youngwoon jaejoong. hehehe.

Let me prove to you how cool Jessica is, and maybe u can pick up some pointers along the way.

Firstly, Jessica is so cool to the extent that games or jokes that is fun or hilarious to normal people may seem extremely boring and a waste of time to her.

Its not difficult to see Jessica spacing out into her own world while the the others are having fun.

On Star Golden Bell Challenge. This game show is really exciting and the MCs are really entertaining. It never fails to crack me up whenever i watch is. I would have just died laughing if im physically there. But look at sica, she is B-O-R-E-D~ ...
really bored.

We should also try to resist from laughing at jokes so as to be as cool as jessica.

Secondly, don't do the things that everyone else is doing.
Like when everyone is rushing to see something, don't join in the crowd. Just stand by the side and pretend u cant be bothered. Cause every other thing other than yourself is too uncool to be excited over.

Haha, this is cute.

Yuri and Seohyun are like busy clapping for either big bang or DBSK (not very sure!) when they are getting an award but jessica is just..BORED.

And this further proves that jessica is too cool to clap for any other human.

Also, don't exchange friendly eye-contact with people. When you look at some random people, give the hard, cold, don't-mess-with-me glare. yes..GLARE AT THEM!

Diao them for all you want!!
( i don't know to how explain diao in english. diao is a singapore slang...lemme go check it out! or tell me if you know!)

Yippee, I think im quite successful in this aspect! There was this once where this retarded girl in school complained to the world that she gets constant nightmares of me staring at her. Extreme nonsense. Seriously, who would even wanna look at a pig-human kind of thing?

Well anyway, envy me. Cause I'm born like Jessica with powerful glares!! yaynes! It can be trained to get hard, cold glances( i think ), so start now!!! And when u see hot guys, just give them a hard cold stare, stay calm and pretend to ignore their presence. then they will be wowed by ur coolness. n tadaa, u've successfully captured their attention!

And theres another interesting one,

a camera man totally blocked jessica and she totally just glared at him. LMAO.

Fierce aye?!

Okay now, save some pictures/gifs of jessica's cool and put it set it as your desktop and handphone wallpaper, print them out and paste it on your file or diary, and put them all over your homepage (and please for goodness's sake do no hotlink our pics here if you are doing it!) so that you can see it everyday.

Practice being cool everyday. Like how to show that you are bored, and stare at people. And tadaa, hot guys r now one step closer to your door! Remeber to put on your hairbands

Being cool certainly will draw you lots of attention, like jessica!! But one important note is that though jessica is icy and all on the outside, she is one really nice girl if you know her, as said by other members of snsd! She can be really lovely, girly, and stuffs like that if you see her on shows! And the thing is that she is not really bitchy or noisy.

I guess that too makes guys love her so much!!

Hold on..
Just one random fact about sica :

She hates cucumbers!

so you might wanna stay away from cucumbers too. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

credits : Gorjess forum @ soshified, snsdstalker

The Jessica Jung Way of Life!


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