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How to differentiate SNSD members
Friday, July 3, 2009

Okay so there is someone asking about who is taeyeon...and there are many others who still cannot recognise snsd members out there. VERY GOOD! this gives me a good excuse to extend my biasness here at super-kpop!

we love so nyuh shi dae! and so, the rest of you should!

i know how they look the same when you first see them. I think its normal to feel so for korean groups since most of them look alike, at first glance. Its like how i couldnt differentiate sunmi from yeeun, kyuhyun from hankyung, and yuri from seohyun at first!

Furthermore, there are 9 girls in this group! how the hell! I know most of the people here are suju's fans. So if you can tell 13 boys apart and remember all their names, theres nothing else in this world that you can't differentiate and memorise! ( i always tell myself this when im trying to memorise school stuffs...haha you can try it! it really helps! )

So here is a quick overview of the girls' names,
you will be seeing this pic everywhere so its really good to learn it from this photo!

Now, the indivual members!

Fany Fany Fany! Most people might know her...bcos...arh whatever. refuse to rake up the past.
anyway, tiffany is the only one with short hair when they first debut. This is a member that you shouldnt differentiate her by her hair because she is often spotted with different length of hair at differerent events! Like recently, she showed up in long hair for Etude performance, and then the next second, she appeared with short hair in Tell Me Your Wish performance!
But what is unique about her is her innocent smiling eyes! Whenever she smiles, her eyes will be like half closed, and its super mesmerizing!
Even taeyeon envy it so much that she tries it at home everyday infront of the mirror! haha!

Taeyeonie! Kid leader of the group. She is often mistaken as the youngest of the group, but in fact, she is oldest of the group! Her hair is often bright coloured and she is verrrrrrrrrrry short!
In recent performances for Tell Me your Wish, her fringe is always pin up, but on other occasions, she is always spotted with cute bangs! And check out her brilliant set of teeth! She got the most perfect smile in snsd, in my POV! She got the best voice in snsd too!

Yoona shii! She has really nice long hair in the past but recently, she hair was chopped off because of drama Cinderella Man. ( awwe, i miss her hair) But anyway, i guess yoona is easy to recognise cause of her acting. She is the one with the most popularity in the group i guess. She don't sing much during performances but is always standing right in the middle, the center of the group. Doe-eyed, she is nicknamed deeryoona cause she looks like a deer! how cute! lol!

Sooyoung! She recently had a haircut too...but had pretty long hair in the past. Whats unique about her is her height! She is the tallest in snsd, standing at arounf 170+ cm! Freaking nice legs and she is like the spokesperson for snsd! she is very outgoing and talks alot!

Aegyo queen! Cutie sunny! I personally love her bright smile...its like when she smiles, you totally cannot see her eyes and and her smile is so shiny and bright that it might actually hurt your eyes! this girl is always seen with bangs and is also short!

Maknae! Seohyun has recently dyed her hair brown for the first time in her life. She is also taller than most of her unnies. In the recent years, seohyun has transformed from a cute school girl to charming young lady and she is the most innocent in the group! She is becoming prettier and prettier as she matures. She is extremly quiet in the group though.

Hyoyeon the dancing queen! Her hair is now shoulder length for Genie promotions so she is easily recognise cause i think she is the only member with that length of hair now. You can spot her with her well deserved dance solo part in Tell Me Your Wish performance. She can look really sexy and captivating when she dance!

Firstly, note that yuri did not cut her hair...!
Probably the prettiest kpop star that i'll ever worship. She is the only one with black hair in recent Genie promotions. She is also called the blackpearl of the group due to her dark skin tone. You'll probably die of her hotness when she dance. You can spot her doing random goofy actions during interviews or in shows. I know this is weird but the size of her waist is like the size of my neck! Super good body! She is the one with the most charisma!

Ice princess sica! She is the coolest member of snsd! She seldom smile and look kind of hostile and lost in her own world most of the time! But she is really gorgeous and a warm person! Her voice is also really distinguishable cause its really sweet and cute. She once had nice long curled hair but cut it short during Gee promotions. Now, she is spotted with bright orange hair. She is really confident during performances and you can always see her holding hands with other snsd members offstage. Jessica is simply...GORJESS!

The power of 9! See, each of them have their individual uniqueness and its really not difficult to tell them apart! You just need to look at their photos more often! They are really lovable and admirable. They are the most hardworking and dedicated people i've ever seen (sj & dbsk too! ) .
After knowing them, its just too har to not love them!

Lastly, Support their Second Mini Album!
we are taking orders for their second mini album now!

*please take out the individual profile pictures with full credits if you are using them. thanks.



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