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K.Will and Girls' Generation meets love...
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

K.will is such a wise man! He is really sensible enough to collaborate with not only one, but two snsd members in his recent album titled "Tears Are Dropping". Other than that duet with Tiffany, Yuri was also featured as the main lead in his new mv. And due to these collaborations, his new album is really getting lots of attention. Smart dude!

Yuri is dead gorgeous in this mv!!! She has done a fairly well job expressing the emotions needed for this song, like tearing and throwing things around. haha. Well, our yuri is not only pretty and funny, she can act and dance well too! Talented! Hope she follows yoona's footsteps and go into acting too. Then i can see my yuri everywhere!

K.Will - My Tears are dropping ft. Kwon Yuri (SNSD)

Credits : soshisubs @ youtube

K.Will - A girl meets love ft Tiffany (SNSD)

credits : aichimin009 @ youtube

Yes, this much anticipated song is finally out. The song is pretty fine but i wished Tiffany could sing this song all by herself other than singing it with K.will. I mean, it sounds only good when TIffany is singing. K.Will's voice sounds rather mature and their voice just dont really match! I rather she do this duet with kyuhyun of super junior! I think it would lovelier! oh well..but however, she totally showed off her awesome vocals through this song!


After typing the whole chunk up there, i feel kind of sad for K.Will because everyone else is paying too much attention to SNSD instead of him when it should be the other way around. Well, we still wish K.Will all the best with his new album!


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Oh this is so going to break the hearts of many Kangin or Yunji fans. But Kangin and Yunji fans will rejoice like me! I lvoe this couple and Kangin is always so sweet to Yunji and Yunji is adorable as Kangin's wifey! Its Suju @ Kangji's house for the housewarming party!

OMG THIS IS HILARIOUS! When Kangin and YUnji starts the game all handphones arelike *PHEW* in recording mode! This is damn funny even without subs, I cant imagine it with subs. Will just die laughing! And its really like the whole Andy/Solbi/Shinhwa moment! Except, this time, Kangin willingly kissed Yunji! Not pushed by some group member!

AND AND HAHAHAH @ 5.49! What the hell was that! Love the SJ boys super stunned expression! Omg! Kangin is so sweet in the end! I love this couple! I hope they really do get married. I was so fupset to see news of Shin Ae marrying somebody other than Alex. :( There is always hope for Andy and Solbi or Hyun Joong and Hwangbo or Crown J and Seo In Young!

Oh their rolling about in the house reminds me of Super Adonis Camp! I miss their variety shows! Do more please Super Junior! :) And somebody please sub this too!

credits : CodeAnalysis@youtube


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2NE1 for anyone? + Seo In Young in SINGAPORE?
Monday, March 30, 2009

This is 2NE1. YG Entertainment new brainchild and also known as the female Big Bang. I mean, what the hell? They look like aliens from outerspace. The normal looking girl on the extreme right is sadly, not very pretty. And that girl with on the second from the right. BWAHAHAHAH at her hair! What were they thinking when they give her that hair. Maybe she was just channelling the teletubbies or something.Familiar or what! And their new song is just annoying to me. Lollipop? Its like a rip off Taiwanese boyband Lollipop. The whole hype about their name doesn't even makes sense to me. I mean, 2NE1 or 21? It doesnt make sense and it doesnt have any meaning. Hmmm, maybe the whole endorsement thing with Big Bang might just propell them to success. But who really cares, as longa s they dont overtake SNSD or WGs or Kara, there are enough girl groups for the time being out here thank you. I hope people dont waste anymore time speculating about their name or what so ever cause, right now, they just look too ridiculous for words!

But oh well, there were a good group to point and laugh at for Doreen and I last night.

And apparently according to sources,

"Seo In Young is ready for another whirlwind 2009, after recharging her batteries, with plans for a book and even a trip to Singapore for that."

Everyone else except DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD and Boa are coming to Singapore! Wondergirls has been to Singapore. Shinhwa has been to Singapore. Rain has been to Singapore. 2am/2pm either one has been to Singapore. But apparently, DBSK, Super Junior and SM artistes are too expensive to bring into Singapore! And if I'm not wrong, Shinhwa used to be under SM too! The world is so unfair. If Shinhwa has enough fans to hold a concert in Singapore, surely DBSK which holds the Guiness Book of Record for the biggest fan club ever can afford to hold a concert in Singapore.

Oh well, see you soon Seo In Young! I love you and your "children" shoes. Best still, I love your marriage with Crown J! Please do get married with him soon! And and, I think its more appropiate if she continued her Maybelline Mascara Ad cause Seo In Young's style is most prominent is her eyes!

credits : allkpop


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Heechul and his 9 younger brothers
Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the 9 brothers actually refers to the 9 girls of snsd.

hahaha...heechul is just being so heechul!

After super junior's win on musicbank, heechul posted an entry on his Cyworld Minihompy expressing his joy. I always liked his entries because they are usually short, sweet, funny and sometimes intriguing. hehe, i really adore his unique personality!!

In his entry he stated ,

"I'm most thankful towards Kibum who called immediately after the win as well as the fans. Without the fans, there will not be the Super Junior of today."

i really miss kibum in sj man. come backkkk pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

"Many thanks to 9 of my adorably cute younger brothers - SNSD. It's really a waste and regret that I was unable to dance 'Gee' during the program. I'm sorry that I've always treated you girls like guys but I'm still thankful for your unwavering support and encouragement."

HAHAA. He always treated them as guys?? LMAO! Like how??!!
really wanna know how super generation works!! like how they get together and what they usually say to each other! They seemed like a really close knitted family! Sad that they cant really show it on screen cause they might get killed by antis the next second.

A few of super junior members even thanked some snsd members in their Thank-you paragraphs in their recent sorry sorry album.

Like, from what i recalled,

heechul thanked yuri. yoona and sunny ..

sungmin thanked sunny and sooyoung...

and someone else thanked someone else..totally foget!

i will try to find it out and post it up!
( i tried to read it up from the album, but i can only recognise yoona's name. totally get dizzy seeing 42896204398590234 korean words! )

Anyway....i love super generation!!!

And i love heechullie and his new hair!

credits : Sherry@S♥ne4U and bubzooka @ soshified , newsen


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Sorry Sorry to Davichi as Super Junior tops MusicBank!
Friday, March 27, 2009

Yayyy! Super Junior topped the Music Bank chart! I like SNSD and everything but 10 weeks of topping the MuBank chart should be zzz for them already, Its time to let Super Junior rule the charts! And woah, luckily Davichi didn't win again. :)

Sorry Sorry everyone! The power of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry is hard to resist. Im totally addicted to the song now!

"Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Noonee booshuh booshuh booshuh

But but but, why is Kibum absent from the Music Bank performance!!!! It scares me to death that he is not appearing with them on all these shows. Its like, he is fading away from SJ and he thinks that his acting career is more important then Sorry Sorry promotional activities. Thank god for the scary ELFs who would totally protest and do some crazy stuff if anyone ever suggests that Kibum leaves SJ. I hope they dont just let Kibum leave silently like how the Primadonnas allowed Wonbin to leave too. SJ 13! 13 13 13 !

Super Junior FIGHTING! I pray that they continue this winning streak!

credits : demiyu3@youtube, eleven0411@tudou.com


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Sounds like some hardcore elfs would wanna do huh. Okay, im not going to kill them but, CAN THEY STOPPPPPPPPP ASKING DONGHAE ABOUT HIS FATHER!!!????!!!!!!

It totally sucks to see our sweet lil fishy crying everytime he speaks about his deceased father.

I saw on some forums that during the filming of some MBC variety show, donghae cried while talking about his father who passed away 3 years ago due to some sickness.

Leeteuk also mentioned , "This is a story that Donghae doesn't even know, but there was a time when we gathered all the Super Junior members and our parents. After the gathering was over, Donghae's father took me aside and requested that I take care of Donghae to the very end."

and donghae just couldn't hold back his tears after hearing this.


I don't know if its the mc or whatever that made him talk about his father yet, but, i really hope they can stop asking him questions like "Who is the person you admire the most? " , " Who are you most grateful to? " , or whatever cause the answer would be his father. Like duh, the whole world knows. And the world too knows that he is damn senstive when talking about his father, cause he really really made a great impact in donghae's life. So, no point to keep asking and asking and make him cry!

I know they need to do such things to boost viewership but, can they do it in a more correct way, and not hurting anyone? Its so damn evil to gain profits upon someone else's sorrow.

They can ask questions like "What colour hairband do you think suits Jessica the most? " or "Do you feel like chopping off jaejoong's finger which wears the same ring as jessica?" instead. It would totally garner the same number of viewership or even more, and I totally wouldnt mind if he admits that Jessica is the most beautiful girlfriend he ever had or whatever ( just that sica would get murdered the next second !). At least he is happy about it. Its better than seeing him cry!

And we all know that donghae is always a happy little fellow, who tries hard to bring smiles to people. It really saddens us whenever we see him cry.

our lovely donghae! How on earth do those people bear to hurt him like that! chickkkeeeeenn.


So please for goodness and donghae's dad's sake, STOP ALL PROBINGS ABOUT HIS FATHER FOR YOUR STUPID SELFISH REASONS !!!

or else, i will really strangle you when i see you!

credits : sjfullhouse forum



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Tiffany here, Tiffany there. Tiffany Tiffany everywhere!

Seems like she is doing alot of singing alone, without the rest of SNSD recently.

Okay yes, Tiffany was picked to sing a duet along with K.Will! So right after her full solo song "By Myself" was released yesterday, teasers of her new song with K.Will were released today.

The song, "A Girl Meets Love" will be officially released on 31st March and has been creating much anticipation.

K.will is really a good singer, but i totally feel irritated whenever i see him together with MC Mong on tv cause they appear too often and mc mong is irritating with his rap. I mean the song Love 119 is good by itself but the rap makes it really uncomfortable to listen. ( maybe its cause of mc mong's face or something, it might be a lil better if i see eunhyuk rapping instead )

Okay, so here is it..

A Girl Meets Love - K.will feat Tiffany (snsd)

A ballad worth looking forward to right??! It sounds great!

If Tiffany is not promoting By Myself, then they better let her do this!!

credits : jnd402 @ youtube , allkpop


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Tiffany's By Myself Full song is out now!
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weehee! The full song sounds good! Especially the chorus, its kind of catchy! Good job Tiffany! i really really really really hope, they'll allow her to promote this song. Like, tiffany on a solo stage...how wonderful! We'll just pray hard that her voice won't crack like how she always do!

what are your comments?

Click here to download "By Myself" MP3!

edited : Click here to download the HQ version of "By Myself" MP3 !

[sorry for not posting this up earlier :) ]

Anyway, i feel really sorry for sunny. She has got like 2 solos for 2 different drama soundtracks but NO ONE ON EARTH EVER TALKS ABOUT IT!

though i totally ignore sunny most of the time,


And the point is, she sings really well! Her talents are totally buried man.

Sunny -Finally Now (Story of Wine Ost)

And she can sing livee!!
( Im not sure about the back part cause i need to go watch tv now. )

and now, which idiot claims that snsd can't sing?


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A little more Super Junior Love!
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lookieeeeeee! Its a Eunhae cut from Kangin and Yunji's WGM!

Hehehe! I love how Kangin and Yunji are always calling random SJ members to ask them for stuff! And its Sungmin in the BICS2 Calender Background. Donghae is so adorable! "You have to prepare lots of delicious food." YAY TO EUNHAE! :)

The Making of Sorry Sorry MV on Korea's MTV!

WOOO! :) Too bad its not a clip of all 13 members. Ryeowook seems to have grown a bit more! He looks more mature now I think. And Donghae is still trying to steal the limelight as always. :) I love seeing the making of their MVs!

Super Junior's Marie Claire Photoshoot

THIS IS VERY FUNNY! What the hell! Hankyung's Korean is really really deproved now! And Donghae is so lvoely, I want him to be my bodyguard too and save me! And OMG, its a scene of SIWON CHANGING SHOES IN THE SAND! SO UNGLAMOROUS. Never imagined that I would see this super unglamorous side of SIWON before. Its hilarious! And yes yes, Siwon continues to be as flirt as ever. (See scene where he runs in a tunnel with some lady) Omg I miss seeing them on variety shows being funny and all! Sigh.



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Yay, this is such a good news!

Finally! After taeyeon, sunny, yuri and sooyoung, Tiffany does a solo.

I love Tiffany's voice! It really has this volume, and like sooyoung said, her voice is like peanut butter! To be honest, i think her vocals are really good, just a lil lack of control and technique. But, taeyeon is still the best!Like, duh...

So here's Tiffany's new song "By Myself", an OST of SBS TV Historical Drama, 'Ja Myung Go'. ( who really cares about the drama right...)

The full song have not been released yet but you can hear the preview of it!

I really really really really like this song the moment i listen to it!! I've repeated it for like at least 5 times... hehe.

And the lyrics of the song is really touching..'I speak of love by myself, send my love off by myself, looking back on our memories I cry hoping that you are happy wherever you might be..'

Anyway, I think this song is better than Taeyeon's "If", but nothing beats "Can you hear me". Like, duh...

Can't wait for the song to be released!!! Hopefully they will allow Tiffany to do promotions for the song, just like how Taeyeon did!!!

whoops,what is Yoon JiHoo doing here!!
Hello Jihu!

( this gif can be used as display picture for the new version of msn. )

*scoots off to listen to the preview of the song again*

credits : k_tyeon.x3 @ soshified, mushroomfany @ youtube


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We just can't get enough of Boys Over Flowers!
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yes yes! More of F3 F4 ( i've decided not to be evil to that random guy, kim joon. Seriously, i still don' really get his name in the drama till now..) please!!

They are so damn lovely especially Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong!!!
Here are some photos of Boys Over Flowers behind the scene!

Hey JunPyo, ur curls still irritates me like crazy...

Ahhhh, its Hyun Joong!!

This kid is really lovely...!

My favourites...

Hehe, they are just so adorable!

I'm sorry but im not really a great fan of Geum Jan di /Koo Hye sun,
but since im nice and everything, i shall post ONE cute photo of her!

her actions are like the same in and out of the drama..

well, had a good eye feast??

credits : seoulbeats


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TVXQ breaks yet another record, I can do this!
Monday, March 23, 2009

This is TVXQ. They have now broken then Guiness World Record for becoming the only artist with most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally. This is calculated from their debut till 19th March 2009 involving photoshoots for albums, CFs, magazines, singles, endorsements etc... Apparently they have 500 000 000 photos, including solo, group and shots with other artistes. 500 million pictures, if they complie it into a photobook SM will be rich!

Anyway, I think its right for them to get this world record cause they are so handsome they deserved to get photographed and share their handsome pictures with the rest of the world, bring joy and happiness to people who look at them!

P/s: This is added on to the record of the most number of fans in the whole world! How awesome can TVXQ get! I still think they are like the biggest boyband around. Move aside FRH and the Jonas Brothers. TVXQ rules!

credits : TVXQbaidu, crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot, dbsk_tsuki-chan41@CSSPF

Anyway, Unusual productions replied to my email about bringing Super Junior into Singapore. They say that unless these groups cut their costs, 3000-4000 fans would not be enough to move them. CHEAPO. Therefore, I shall change tactics and write to Warner Music instead. HAHAHA. And Hankyung was talking rubbish when he told the ppl at Sapphire that SJ-M is coming to Singapore. Liar liar pants on fire. Luckily he is so handsome and part of Super Junior, if not I will surely hate him to bits. Still, I shall not give up hope of seeing Super Junior or TVXQ live in action one day!


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SNSD are made up of sticks
Sunday, March 22, 2009

These girls are really getting thinner and thinner each day!

Here are recent photos of them taken when they were in Thailand tgt with SHINee just this week.

Check out sooyoung's legggggggs!!!

OMG, they are damnnn thin.

with her green skinnies, sooyoung's legs really resembles the stem of a plant!!

omg, its a matchstick generation.

Light a flame and they will all burn like crazy.

I know im damn random these days but i really need to share this gif,

Its so damn hilarious!!!
I love so nyeo shi dae and people with hell loads of extra time!!




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Ryeowook wants to write a song for Taeyeon
Saturday, March 21, 2009

I know i know, ryeowook is such a sweetie right?!

Ryeowook expressed in a recent interview,

"I learnt songwriting back in my school days and thus wrote many songs. Although I can't say that the quality of these songs are good enough to be recorded into albums, I had always hoped that I can dedicate my songs to Super Junior and SM Entertainment. Within the company, I would especially like to compose a song for SNSD's Taeyeon."

so cute!
And that statement totally led to an uproarious laughter from the rest of Super Junior.
Ahh, those funny/evil people!!!
He was already damn embarrassed! i can totally imagine that scene!!

Apart from his cute looks, i think ryeowook is really talented, humble, cool on the inside, and looks like sun xie zhi from 5566.

I really hope Super Junior or SNSD ( since other members claim that he is better in writing songs for females due to his admiration of his S.E.S sunbaes before his debut ) would sing songs written by Ryeowook soon . The thought of it just makes me excited! and you too i know!!

Work hard Ryeowookie!

credits : Daum News, 小传说@kimtaeyeon.cn , bubzooka @ soshified


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Apparently Jessica Jung of SNSD is in the spotlight again for being in a relationship with Hero JaeJoong of DBSK. They happened to have the same ring. On the same finger.

However, this is not the first time she is rumoured to be together with people from hot boybands. Doreen told me she saw some pictures of Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior and Jessica kissing. My heart totally broke when I heard that so I absolutely refused to see the pictures cause I love Donghae! But curiosity overwhelmed me so I saw the pictures this morning. Seriously, it feels like 2 people who look like Donghae and Jessica kissing. Maybe thats why Donghae was featured in SNSD's MV Kissing You!

Judging from other comments, it seems that she is also rumoured to be together with Kangin, Heechul, Eunhyuk and Shindong from Super Junior as well. BUT WHAT BREAKS MY HEART THE MOST IS THAT THERE'S A COMMENT THAT SAYS JESSICA DATED CHANGMIN TOO! Anyway, the Jessica and Donghae or Hero thing seems pretty plausible and then you see Eunhyuk and Shindong and ahhh, everything is probably bullshit thought up by some anti-fans.

But what these anti fans dont know is that, by conjuring these rumours of her has made her my No 1 role model! I mean, she is together with like almost half of Super Junior and DBSK if the rumours are true! There must be something really special about her right?

She's pretty, and she seems like those quiet and shy type and Doreen says she is really nice. So yeah, and she is damn skinny too and I quite like her voice. So AWESOME! :)

What is a nono however, is this horrible hair she has now. It just reminds me of Dora you know, the Explorer? So I'm starting to love Jessica now, in hope that I can be like her someday. Haha!

And, as much as I want these idols to get their happiness and everything, you can't stop this sinking heart feeling when you hear they are going out with whoever. At least if Donghae and Jessica did dated before predebut both Doreen and I agreed its quite okay. Since Jessica looks a whole lot more sweeter and lovelier and a lot more compatiable with Donghae predebut. :) Ad long as she is not with Changmin!

Predebut Jessica!

Let's all strive to be like Jessica in hope of one day snagging guys like Jaejoong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Heechul and Shindong!


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Super Junior Blinkies
Friday, March 20, 2009

Some simple Super Junior blinkies to share! Feel free to use them! :)

im gonna share my precious hyunjoong blinkie...

i don't know why but he is just so adorable!!
Heres a hyunjoong gif i cut out from an episode of wgm.

from now onwards..i think i will drop random hyunjoong stuffs here n there, muahaha. catch them if you can!! and if you got friends who love hyunjoong too, DON'T TELL THEM OK! Cos im a very selfish person!! ;)

By the way, new Boys Over Flowers Banners added! Click here to link to the banners entry.
They are also uploaded to our Goodies section!

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DBSK in Singapore?
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Okay, I wrote a letter to Unusual Productions appealing to them if they could please please please bring TVXQ to Singapore and hold a 3rd Asia Mirotic Concert in Singapore.

And this is what they replied,

Dear Shu Yan,

Thank you for your email.

We understand and see your point. You mentioned that the group has a growing fan base in Singapore. How many members would that be? And how many would actually buy tickets to catch them in concert?

Cos to be honest, the group is too expensive for us to bring in, and be commerically viable at the same time, especially with the current economy.

Thanks and regards,
Ms. Koh.

OMG THIS IS SO SAD! Apparently are are this really expensive group to bring in. I wish I thought of this before the Super Show concert tour ended. Then Ms. Koh said How many members would that be? And how many would actually buy tickets to catch them in concert?

So I just wna appeal to everyone in Singapore who loves TVXQ and have friends who loves TVXQ and are willingly to pay to see them in concert? If you do, please respond to us like comment, send us an email whatever and maybe we can try to form some online petition thingy to show Ms Koh that there really is A LOT of people in Singapore who loves them and are willing to pay to see them in concert! Thank you!

If you wna see the email I wrote to them you can email us or leave a comment. :)

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Theres this on-going Freshmusic Awards thingy.

I'm not v clear about what is it cause its all in mandarin and im really lazy to decipher what is it all about.
But one thing im sure is that if you vote for SJ-M, it will show that there are lots of SJ fans here and therefore, there might be a chance that they will bring them to Singapore!!!

So, what are you waiting for, GO VOTE FOR Super Junior M NOW!!!


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DBSK's Bolero Emoticons Set

SNSD's Way to Go Emoticons Set

Yay have fun on msn! DBSK and SNSD Fighting! :)

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