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Legend of Super Junior, Confused, Lets play the blame game.
Saturday, January 31, 2009

Legend of Super Junior

Since the release of Super Junior's 3rd album will be in March which is quite soon, let's take some time to remember the Legend of Super Junior!

090107 Legend of SJ part1

Heehee, it just reminds me how cute and adorable they used to be. I kind of miss seeing them all 13 together now! They seem to be all SJ-T and SJ-M and all separated over different countries! And Kangin and Heechul seem to be busy with their many respective shows, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk with Sukira. :( Any how, its going to be March and they will do promo activities together again!

credits : sok663


Is HeroJaejoong still a smoker?
In the recent edition of GQ magazine feat DBSK, Jj mention he loves smoking too much.

I'm not one of those mad fans that go crazy whenever their idols smoke, drink, gamble etc etc but I don't think he should smoke if he does this!

It's DBSK NONONO Smoking Campaign! So I'm confused! Can someone tell me if Hero still smokes or what? I won't hate him or anti him, Its jsut a bad for health thing, this smoking but its afterall a personal choice.

Oh and how many ex girlfriends does Changmin have? I wish he would jsut come clean in the first place on how many girlfriends he had. It would be less heart breaking/ disappointing to people like me who loves Shim Chang Min to bits!

credits : Tangera, singapore-tvxq

Let's play the blame game.

You see there has to be a reason why Kpop stars are not coming to Singapore. I blame the CD shops like HMV and Sembawang! It cant be that very little people in Sg love Kpop because in forums for SJ, DBSK, SNSD there are like 0924752045 singaporeans out there declaring their lvoe for Kpop. Not only that, many people around me, friends or family love kpop too! So those CD shops refuse to support out love for Kpop by importing VERY LITTLE COPIES or pricing them very EXPENSIVELY. Okay, to be fair, HMV imports lots of Mirotic and Boa and Rain albums, but they will get sold out on SJ albums and everything. And because there are so expensive, people turn to cheaper alternatives on the internet which can deliver to your house and give random free gifts! So due to the little copies and exorbitant prices, how to hit the No1 spot on the CD shop charts!!!! Sigh, and because they don't hit the top spots these koreana cts dont come to Singapore. Sigh X2. Now I feel like voting for SJ-M or Mirotic in those radio charts. Heehee! Everyone let's do the same! Any maybe should psycho aunties to love Kpop other than Rain. When those aunties were into Rain they actually brought Rain to Sg!


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Friday, January 30, 2009

After kena banned for almost two long weeks, SNSD finally performed on MusicBank!

And it was aired today in korea!

They sang Dear Mom, Him Nae ( Way to go ) , and Gee!

Here you go!!

(click 'HQ' on the bottom right for high quality.)

Omg omg omg, gee gee gee.
I love the Dear Mom part! Its an awesome song. they look gorgeous! seohyun is so damn damn pretty! Starting to love her too!

And of course, Gee was first on Mubank K-chart for the third consecutive week!

Lastly, bans are stupid.

Credits : harueKorea @ Youtube, Xeth@soshified


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Cute CF of BigBang for iStation! Daesung part is really cute. And Daesung is going trot too, like Super Junior T. I doubt he can be as cute or catchy as SJT cause the first release sure has not got me addicted yet. But try hard Daesung! :)

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Yay! SonDambi is back together with Marco to endorse Codes Combine. Don't they look cute together still! I totally love this couple in WGM! Especially at the end when Marco went to watch the sunrise with Dambi.

But they have been replaced!

Check out Taeyeon and Hyungdon on Ep 42 of WGM! I bet deep deep down right, Hyungdonw as just secretly praying for Yuri to be his wife. It doesnt seem like a wonderful start to this marriage judging from Hyungdon's reaction when he found out taeyeon was his wife. He put his head down on the table! What kinda reaction was that? Shouldn't he be jumping for joy? Taeyeon is just so pretty pretty and mature! Master of cutting fruits! Wahahaha!

Meanwhile, Kangin and Yunji are going strong!

They might be poor but they have LOVE! Kangin is just so sweet to Yunji. The last part is hilarious btw! Yunji's " I want to go out and play too!" totally shocked Kangin! I didnt realise she was such a scary but smart wifey!

I love WGM to bits! Woohoo!

credits : soshisubs2, ilovekidoya, popseoul



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Hi Song Seung Hyun. Now this is fast...
Thursday, January 29, 2009

Okay, im still very extremely puzzled over wonbin's departure from F.T island. And just today, there comes this friggin news that wonbin has been replaced by this guy called song seung hyun.


Feel sad for those Primadonnas out there. =(

If this happens to super junior, i can't really, and totally don't feel like imagining what the hiong ELFS will do.

Anw, the first thing i noticed about this new guy up there is his lips. i think he has arron yan ya lun's lips!

compare :

But yan ya lun's lips are definetely nicer. cos that new guy's lips are like, kindaf dry. The non-kissable kind, unlike ayyl's.

But that doesn't mean u can go n run up to ya lun and try to kiss him, cos he is reserved for our lovely shuyan here. =)

F.T island is coming up their new mini album around feb. We'll then see how "the new guy" fair!

Have a good day!



Okay, i finally have the time to do some research on the reason behind wonbin's decision to quit the band.

FT Island’s agency F&C Music revealed that Oh Wonbin is quitting the
band due to conflicting opinions. “Wonbin always had expressed different opinion
about music than other members. He made the decision to quit the band after long
deliberation with the agency.”F&C Music plans to recruit a new member and
include him in the mini album that will be released in mid February. Other
members said “We are sad and disappointed that Oh Wonbin quit. We will show
improved performance as much as we are going through a difficult time.”

-Daum News

Awwe, i know right...this is indeed a sad news for primadonnas out there. As i've read, some are extremely shattered and crying . But i guess most of them out there are kind of sensible, and very supportive of wonbin's decision and sending kind wishes to him. Well, to me, i think he is kind of brave. It takes lots of courage to leave all the love and success garnered, to pursue what he really wants. He definitely deserves alot of respect!all the best wonbin!

credits : 1takeKK @ LOVEFT-I


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Bye Wonbin. Now this sucks..
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've been waiting for this rumour to be confirm since last week or so..


Finally, it has been confirmed that F.T Island's wonbin will be leaving the band!

Like, WTF.

Okay, im WTF-ing for the wonbin's fans out there.

Seriously..i usually don't take much notice of him. But i remembered how i hurriedly went to search for his pic when i heard that theres this guy called Wonbin in FT island, just so because he has the exact name as the handsome actor Wonbin.

Then after i saw his picture, i went " Oh....kay ", and continued to glue myself to hongki.

Oh, well. It still sucks to see him leave though. I don't like this! and its kind of weird.

What will F.t island become without wonbin?!!!

Read that they will be replacing him with another guy. Sigh.

Bye Wonbin.



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Anti DBSK cafe closes down because...
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I thought this was very funny so I just had to share it! Its hilarious leh! Oh well, CHANGMIN is really too cute to resist! He is totally the guy I wna marry anyway. OMG, I can't believe it took the owner 3 albums to finally fall in love with Changmin! Its totally a Joy to the world moment! ROCK ON CHANGMIN, continue to make the whole world fall in lvoe with you too! Woohoo!

credits: as tagged+sic@soompi+sarangcsspf+cassiopeiafamily

Oh and on the topic of DBSK fans and etc,
DBSK is topping the fancharts again! Congrats! And SNSD is topping Wondergirls and KARA is left far far behind. I love The Grace! But they are way way behind those other girl groups. Come on Super Junior, I love you! But I think in March you guys are gna shoot up again! Yay 3rd album! I read somewhere though that if ELF and Cassiopeia teams up tgt, it would be like half the world's population! I love that statement like how ELF and Cassiopeia loves each other. Oh btw, this is only for Korean fans, International fans like us not included.

credits to: Baidu + xietinloveshero + sharingyoochun@wordpress +

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Happy Birthday Hero!
Monday, January 26, 2009

And A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone out there! :)

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We love heechul
Sunday, January 25, 2009

After watching this vid, i totally love heechul more!!!
he is just so freaking hilariousssss!!!!

Good Daddy Ep. 10 Cut ( Eng Subbed )
Guest : Yuri & tiffany from SNSD

Did they change their "daughter"!?
If its so, then good! i dont like their previous daughter.

And i love it when the girl, Yumi or something, cry when the teacher talk to her.

Btw, Tiff and yuri look damn pretty!!

But heechul is still the best!!

Honggi too! =)

Credits : soshisubs2


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a few weeks ago, shuyan and i came across this "lovely" SM town photo.
And as we slowly scrutinise every single person in this pic, we can't help but to point at them and laugh. We totally laughed at almost everyone for about half an hour!


we are not very sure if kangin is actually singing or taking the national pledge.

Doesn't he resemble a small lil boy who is so enthusiastic about taking the pledge that he recites it at the top of his voice every single morning?

And theres Hankyung behind, looking super bored, half asleep, and probably thinking about going back to china.

Our all time favourite leader, yunho...

Kena stroke?

Heres our beloved eunhyuk,

and because he has this hilarious face, he is just simply funny standing there. =)

See, our SM idols work so hard that they hardly get any sleep. So, they'll grab any opportunity that allows them to close their eyes and nap a lil.

Shindong is even secretly smiling. Yes shindongie! I know right, you are finally sleeping!! You did it!

btw, taesu looks good huh. hehe.

And there are some others putting their hearts and soul and hands into singing.

While others are so focused napping and singing,

we have our dear heechul, totally lost;

and our sooyoung, giggling over...nothing.

Seriously, if you know what on earth is she giggling about in the middle of filming, please please tell us. We really wanna know!

And lastly...



i din know he was sleeping so soundly...

you are the best. shh....



Hello! I love this post! Oh yeah, I wanted to add, you forgot this woman!

Her expression and body language is priceless! At least she wasn't sleeping like yesung but tis still damn funny.

Totally have no idea who ever thought to capture this picture! Its a super unglam picture of SM. At least BoA Looks pretty normal here! And it shows how many people are dazed, sian or sleepy during the shooting of MVs. OMG, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. I love SM but this is really too funny!



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Be a pretty girl, Eunhae, Bolero
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyone wants to be a pretty girl! :)

Hongki is so adorable when he nearly tripped! The kids totally have the "wth" face! I love this good daddy show to bits! Hongki is such a good daddy. My dad is great but I want hongki to be my dadddddy too. Can show him off to all my other jealous female classmates. And I would probably keep flunking my tests so I can bring Hongki for those "meet the parents sessions" in school! My teachers would probably pick on me everyday and request me to bring my daddy to school everyday! Good daddy = Lee Hong Ki! :)

Its the in thing now for guys to be pretty girls! But seriously man, heechul is a very very very excellent pretty girl! He totally knocks down all those ft island pretty boys. I dont love love kara but you gotta admit this song is damn catchy!

THSK's Bolero

I'm not addicted to this song, not yet anyway, I just wanted to gush about how handsome they are. I can't stand it! Totally perfect boyband. I just have to look at their video/ hear their songs and go " I wna marry changmin!". I can't help it, its like, a reflex action. My brain loves them too. I like yunho's hair here. I think its nice. And their clothes are nice, love the all black ensemble. Heehee :)

Eunhae Moment

Oh look! Its a eunhae indirect kiss at Nanjing Super show. Donghae is so adorable. Life is so unfair. Nanjing has a Super Show, but Singapore does not. I'm so upset! I wish so badly that they would have a super show here in Singapore! Must go buy more SJ cds from HMV!

People should really give Taeyeon a break! I mean, she has to act as Hyungdon's pretend wife on WGM! That really sucks cause yknow, Hyungdon is not exactly the most perfect of husbands. So what if she hates that hospital? She went to one with bad service and values lunch more than the wellbeing of a patient. That's not wrong. Oh, I really love We Got Married! It's such a fantastic show. It's sad that the original couples are not there anymore especially Solbi and Andy! Maybe Hyungdon will be a better husband to Taeyeon than he was to Saori! :) Cause he can't resist Taeyeons cuteness!

credits xsilh0uette, allkpop

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Boys Over Heechul
Monday, January 19, 2009

Our lovely heechul is kissing someone again!
This time, its our dear sungminie.

Awwe, so sweet.
It makes me feel like kissing sungmin too! So adorable!

arnd 2:25, you can see heechul chionging back to kiss sungminie.

Well, Heechul should seriously consider kissing Hankyung the next time instead. We are more supportive of Hanchul! =)


Recently the korean drama Boys Over Flowers (han yori dango) has created much spazz online. Its like the whole world is watching it.
Its probably because they have this SS501 guy , Kim Hyun Joong starring in it

But well, indeed, he is the most good looking one among the other actors.

anyway..Whatsup with this guy's hair?

Lee Min-ho

Doesn't it reminds you of phua chu kang and his famous Q mo?

Well, it does for me.

And i heard that the leading female actress koo hye sun isnt as lovable in the show.

Its like, yes duh!

According to some interviews i read, Yoona was suppose to take up that role instead. But due to the release of SNSD's new mini album, it was impossible for her to prepare for the album and act at the same time. We seriously won't want her to be absent all the time, like how she totally disappeared from SNSD when filming KBS drama You Are My Destiny. But seriously, i think yoona would have done a better job! She acted fairly well in YMAD , and even won Best new actress award and popularity award base on that drama. And, Yoona is so much prettier!

Furthermore, she has long black hair, which is more similar to shan cai ( Da S) in the taiwan version!!

Geez, so pretty right.

Oh well oh well, MAYBE i might still find some time to watch this drama. Tell me if its good ok!!

see ya!

BOF pic credits : allkpop


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Awwe, poor Taeyeon
Sunday, January 18, 2009

It was reported awhile ago that some of SNSD's members were sick recently, namely taeyeon, sunny and yuri if im not wrong. SNSD had an mag interview recently but Taeyeon was absent because she was down with a big bad cold. Super shitty, how can those flu virus even attack our cute leader here?

Oh well, its no use scolding the virus, so anyway, i read this article about ty's account in the hospital. She gave this account on ChinChin radio that she is hosting together with Kangin.

"I went to the hospital to receive a shot because I was very ill with the flu.
But when I arrived, the nurse told me to just lie down and wait, because it was
lunch time.
But she was a nurse, instead of telling me to wait, couldn't she
have just given me a shot?
I almost caused a scene, but I simply stated,
'How could you be like that,' and left. Is it a patients duty to be sick on

Damn shitty shitty. I guess everyone knows how it feels when u are seriously illed. And its like you've dragged your whole heavy body to the hospital, hoping to seek treatment fast, but in the end, lunch is more important than their patient's well-being.

Kangin was so cute though :

"Tell me which hospital it was. It looks like that nurse has lost her mind.
She should just eat lunch forever."

He can get senseless sometimes but he is just so super funny! haha!

ANW, so because of her words ( and kangin's) , they became targets for some netizens. They say it was inappropriate to say such stuffs on national radio and demand their company for an apology.

Anti Fans at work again.

They were just obviously picking on taeyeonie cannnnn!!! If i were taeyeon, i most probably will point middle finger at the nurse and jab her instead.

Y on earth is it inappropriate? if the government or which ever people in charge heard that , they can make improvements on the services in the hospital! See, taeyeon din do anything wrong, its the right thing to voice out your displease to such services, so others wont get the same treatment once improvements have been made.

And, imagine if its their own idol, so sickly and gna die, and docs are still happily eating lunch. The idol might just die lying on the bed while waiting for the doctor to stroll back to their consultation room after their stupid lunch.

Especially taeyeon, HOW CAN WE LOSE HER.
She is such a great entertainer, and she is so frigging adorable.

Whats more, she is such a wonderful/powerful singer! That is the main reason why i love her so so much!

See, she even have this super lovely puppy,

And the thing is , she gets to stand beside eunhyuk too!

And i swear she has the cutest bangs on earth..

She is also a great leader of SNSD. She not only leads the group to great achievements, she herself too did SNSD proud by getting some Popularity award for her solo song " Can you hear me" in last year's Golden Disk Award! its such a prestigious award and she got it!

She is always so full of energy even if she is so tired and sick, and cheers her members up when they are down!

Oh man, how can people even anti her.

She is just so frigging lovable.

So i hope those stupid netizens who stupidly think they are so mature and knows exactly what to say on national radio and what not to to stop making some weird comments. They should better spend their time to find doctors to repair their freaking screwed brains. And if they are like SOOO DAMN SMART like how they like to they are, they should then find their doctors at the hosptital canteen instead of going straight into the consultation room.

Lastly, dont mess with taeyeonie!!!!

source : allkpop,soshified


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Happy Birthday Kangin!
Saturday, January 17, 2009

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The Gee Generation
Thursday, January 15, 2009


Gee, are you ready?

Right. SNSD's comeback is rocking the whole scene now. They've topped so many online and offline charts since the release of their First Mini Album "GEE"! yay! Feel so proud of them.
I was in much anticipation before their comeback.

I log on to soshified every day to check, and cannot even sleep in ease on the day before their mv was released! I slept at around 4am that day, and woke up at around 10am. Then i sprinted from my bed to the computer, and waited for about an hour for the the vid to be posted on youtube. Next, "gee" was my only vocab for the rest of the day. I seriously thought i was crazy ( and now, you'll probably think im crazy too).

But well, everything was worth it!

I love the MV, everyone looke pretty! especially yoona, yuri and seohyun. I dunno why, but sunny looked very much prettier than before now. was wondering if she slimmed down, or is it her hair, or...you know. Hmm...

Well, heres the MV.

Gee -Girls' Generation ( SNSD)
ft. Minho (SHINee)

After a long search, i found an online blog selling their album for just $18! Including poster and everything. Cos I'm a very selfish person, i will not post the link to the blog here. If you are interested, leave a comment and your email at the comment page, i will secretly mail the link to you ok!!!

Can't wait to get my hands on their album!

Listened to their songs online,and it was totally awesome. Not just pretty faces,they absolutely can sing and dance. Talented!

So, please do support them!
dc :)

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The new Hahaha version of the song! I think their singing is so lovely! Unlike certain boybands they really can sing! :) They all look so handsome in the white suits. I think I quite like this side of them, the cute, adorable, funny side. :) I'm rewatching the video again. OMG, Changmin is so handsome!! I totally love this new hair of his. Hehe, Yunho is being adorable! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE THEM/ WNA MARRY THEM? This song cheers people up to the max! Hahaha everyone!

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Dear Super Junior
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello! I'm here to write a letter to Super Junior! Its a long and random letter.

Dear Super Junior,
I hope your 3rd album gets released in March without any delays! Then I can chiong and buy your album! (like how I used to chiong for frh) But I bet sg is so lousy and everything I probably will be able to buy your new album in about 3 months time from hmw. :(

Please come to singapore soon! I hope hankyung was not trying to make singaporeans happy or lying to us when he said he would be coming to singapore soon. I promise I will go to whereever u guys are gna be signing autographs and I wont mind standing under the hot sun for (max)2? 3? hours just to shake your hands! I feel like smiling at the thought of seeing sj live!

I learnt loads from your variety shows btw. Like EHB and UO. Everytime Im fupset or anything, I just yt a bit of SJ and I feel happier instantly! You are my sunshine~ my only sunshine~ :)

I'm trying really hard to find a job now so I can afford to buy more sj goodies(eg, boys in city season 2), tvxq ones(eg, mirotic) too and learn korean! I badly want to go to Super Show m'sia but I dont think I can save up enough for that in time.

Oh, and yknow how everyone is geting agitated over the news of jaejoong being all close to his fellow costars? I think its okay if you guys or changmin date provided the girl is not of shitty quality(eg fugly, pretentious, mean etc..). I mean, those that loves JDL(like jaejoong) to bits can try Hebe! U know, of SHE? She's like damn pretty and cool! Or selina or ella? Korean girls like Dambi or seohyun or sunmi or seung yeon would be yay!

I totally love kangin in WGM! He is so sweeeeeeet to yunji! Actually, I think they make quite a lovely couple! THanks to kangji, I am now very addicted to WGM! Its so lovey dovey.

Stay happy and healthy SJ! I hope you guys continue to love each other. Eunhyuk, please get closer to hankyung! learn more chinese like siwon! Hehe, maybe cause you are releasing smelly smells thats why hankyung pretends to speak gibberish to you! Sungmin, love Kangin more okay, he has a wifey already! Then maybe he will start to order his wifey ard instead of you! Teukie, I wish you would be nicer to animals. If a doggie is sick dont on the aircon! :(

Yay! I love you guys! :)

Shu Yan

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