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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We are very sad to report that actor and singer Park Yong Ha has died at the age
of 33. His body was discovered at 5:30 AM in his home in the Non Hyun Dong
district of Seoul.

Park Yong Ha was a very talented actor who costarred
in the famous "Winter Sonata" drama with Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo, which
cemented his success in Japan and Korea. As a singer, he also released several
successful albums in both countries.

More details will follow. Our
condolences go to his family, friends, and many fans around the world.

Source: Soompi Naver

-The evening prior to his death
(29th), Park missed a meeting with drama producers for his upcoming project Love
Song. His manager couldn’t get in contact with him.
-One producer said that
they had seen Park occasionally in a down mood, but attributed it to news of
Park’s father suffering from cancer.
-Park reportedly died from hanging. He
was found by his mother in his room with a cell phone cord around his neck.
-Around 12:40 am, he was with his father, who is suffering late-stage
stomach cancer, massaging his father’s legs. Park told him “I’m sorry” over and
over. He then went into his room, where he was found in the morning.
last phone call (or one of his last) was reportedly with DBSK’s Hero Jaejoong,
with whom he’d grown closer as he gave the latter advice about pursuing singer
activities in Japan. Jaejoong is currently recording in the U.S. and said, “I
spoke with him on the phone yesterday, and his voice sounded so bright. I didn’t
feel he was at all different from his normal self. We agreed to have a drink
together when I got back to Korea. I’m in such shock.”



I think Park Yong Ha was my very first kpop crush. I remembered when i was about 11 or 12, his drama "Loving You" was showing on our local tv. I loved that show soooo very much and that male lead was so super cute! i was quite into him for awhile, went around cutting out his pictures from magazines and downloading his songs. I think it was him that made me loved guys with single eyelids till now .I was kindof a young teen at that time so he was like the first "type" of guy that i really adored, and it really had a lasting effect ( i went on to adore people like Rain, Eunhyuk..etc, single eyelid!).

He was really one good actor that makes you fall in love with whatever role he was taking up in a particular drama. I was still looking forward to his new drama Love Song with Yoon eunhye, but it seems...............


Park Yong Ha, Rest In Peace. At least we know he is at a place without any more pain.
I will always remember you.



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Dearest Kangin,

Its been a long time since we last heard of you so I was overjoyed to read about the recent news in which you are going to participate in Super Junior's Ver C of Bonamana. :)

I really missed you you know. Your loud laughter, the way you pat your belly when you laugh. Your evil remarks and the way you share your member's secrets. The way you threaten your members and your inredible strength. :) Along with Leeteuk, you seem to be the life of Super Junior, who takes a leading role for the members. You made things a little brighter being you.

I don't know why, I dont miss Kibum and even Hankyung the way I miss you being in Super Junior. You brough up the atmosphere with your jokes and your comments. :)

Sigh, I really don't care what mistakes you have done, to me that's not a big deal at all. I love you Kangin, I want you back together with them ASAP, in Super Junior. Like you cant live without Super Junior, I will never think of a Super Junior without you.

Right now when ever I listen to past clips, I hear your voice and I will think, OH KANGIN, wish you were there. :(

Kangin Fighting! Do your best to protect your nation in the next 2 years or so. We will wait for you. :)


The adorable bully.

Evil Kangin Laughter


Dear Hangeng,

Dont you miss them? Miss your ex-members? Miss being a part of Super Junior? I know you want to rest more and have your own life but, when i read news of you having your own concert dorming alliances with Show, Jay and other cpop artistes and producers, I can't help feeling fupset. :(

How appropiate right. Your solo during SS2 seemed to be for your members, for ELFs.

You said in your interview that you were still in contact with the rest of them, but is that so? You just left so suddenly, so abrupt. And you flew off. I mean, you became popular and awesome and widely liked because of Super Junior. You trained with them for 98525 years together, sweat together, went through tough times together. And you left them just like that. I guess its partially my fault for failing to notice the growing resentment in you and it has led to disappointment like that. But is Hanchul not real?

I still like you Hangeng, I want you to be happy, but I dont want your absence to cause much fupsetness, and your actions just made me feel a little disappointed. The way you are so ready to fly when your contract is not even settled and stuff like that. Who is managing you seriously?

Still, you will always be a part of Super Junior. Super Junior will always be 13 in my heart. Leeteuk, Heechul, Hanyung, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Sungmin, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Ryeowook and Yesung.


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Super Junior Icons: Twitter edition
Monday, June 28, 2010

Part 1 was uploaded a while ago, and here are more icons to add to the collection!

If you wna use them, please do credit!


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Brand New Love
Saturday, June 26, 2010

New set of F(X) and Wonder Girls Icons!

Save away! Do credit! :D

sulli bias ;) whata gorgeous young lady..! hehe XD



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