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The Jessica Jung Way Of Life : Part 2 - Stay Cool!
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Right. Our Ice Princess here din get this nickname for nothing. Appearance wise and character wise, Jessica is just so much cooler than any average living being. Sometimes, she is just too cool to even react to certain human activity that will amuse normal people. And she just doesn't smile as often as other snsd members.

And sometimes, i really think its her coolness that makes guys love her so much. You know about guys - adventurous and loves taking up challenges. Hence, they bring out all their courage to approach sica and try to melt this freezing ice berg. So, coolness might be the key factor to attract attention from boys, especially the hot ones like youngwoon jaejoong. hehehe.

Let me prove to you how cool Jessica is, and maybe u can pick up some pointers along the way.

Firstly, Jessica is so cool to the extent that games or jokes that is fun or hilarious to normal people may seem extremely boring and a waste of time to her.

Its not difficult to see Jessica spacing out into her own world while the the others are having fun.

On Star Golden Bell Challenge. This game show is really exciting and the MCs are really entertaining. It never fails to crack me up whenever i watch is. I would have just died laughing if im physically there. But look at sica, she is B-O-R-E-D~ ...
really bored.

We should also try to resist from laughing at jokes so as to be as cool as jessica.

Secondly, don't do the things that everyone else is doing.
Like when everyone is rushing to see something, don't join in the crowd. Just stand by the side and pretend u cant be bothered. Cause every other thing other than yourself is too uncool to be excited over.

Haha, this is cute.

Yuri and Seohyun are like busy clapping for either big bang or DBSK (not very sure!) when they are getting an award but jessica is just..BORED.

And this further proves that jessica is too cool to clap for any other human.

Also, don't exchange friendly eye-contact with people. When you look at some random people, give the hard, cold, don't-mess-with-me glare. yes..GLARE AT THEM!

Diao them for all you want!!
( i don't know to how explain diao in english. diao is a singapore slang...lemme go check it out! or tell me if you know!)

Yippee, I think im quite successful in this aspect! There was this once where this retarded girl in school complained to the world that she gets constant nightmares of me staring at her. Extreme nonsense. Seriously, who would even wanna look at a pig-human kind of thing?

Well anyway, envy me. Cause I'm born like Jessica with powerful glares!! yaynes! It can be trained to get hard, cold glances( i think ), so start now!!! And when u see hot guys, just give them a hard cold stare, stay calm and pretend to ignore their presence. then they will be wowed by ur coolness. n tadaa, u've successfully captured their attention!

And theres another interesting one,

a camera man totally blocked jessica and she totally just glared at him. LMAO.

Fierce aye?!

Okay now, save some pictures/gifs of jessica's cool and put it set it as your desktop and handphone wallpaper, print them out and paste it on your file or diary, and put them all over your homepage (and please for goodness's sake do no hotlink our pics here if you are doing it!) so that you can see it everyday.

Practice being cool everyday. Like how to show that you are bored, and stare at people. And tadaa, hot guys r now one step closer to your door! Remeber to put on your hairbands

Being cool certainly will draw you lots of attention, like jessica!! But one important note is that though jessica is icy and all on the outside, she is one really nice girl if you know her, as said by other members of snsd! She can be really lovely, girly, and stuffs like that if you see her on shows! And the thing is that she is not really bitchy or noisy.

I guess that too makes guys love her so much!!

Hold on..
Just one random fact about sica :

She hates cucumbers!

so you might wanna stay away from cucumbers too. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

credits : Gorjess forum @ soshified, snsdstalker

The Jessica Jung Way of Life!


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