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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I know, the depressing economy everywhere is making everyone feel sad and miserable. So in order not to allow the economy to collaspe, we should be spending money as good consumers do. So lets all go out and buy some randoms albums like BoA's or Younha's. :)

Anyway, here are a few songs that I listen to cheer me up whenever I feel unhappy. Hopefully, it will cheer you up in times of gloom and doom.


Way of Love by Super Junior

Its from their very first album Super Junior 05. I don't know why, but this is my favourite Super Junior song. It never never fails to cheer me up/motivate me along in life. Its so cheerful and bouncy and makes me so so happy. And when you see them sing it live at their Super Show Concert!

"Don't be weary, be strong. If you come a little closer you'll be able to feel me. Hold me with deep feelings. Please love with all of your heart. "

Oh my gee, happy to the max changmin!! Other happy songs from Super Junior include Haengbok, Miracle and all of SJ-H's songs. but my favourite is still Way of Love. :)

Sunset Glow by Big Bang

From their 2nd Album, Remember. This song makes me happy cause of its MV! GO WEST! The MV give me a peace&love sort of feeling. Yeah baby, Peace, Love & Icecream is the thing we should all be celebrating now!

"i love you, you are the only one in this world
i shout out loud but only that unanswerable sunset is burning bright"

Everyone in the MV is just so happy and united! Love everyone, love the world. PEACE!

Way to Go - Girl's Generation

This song feels to me like a 加油 song! (加油 means like go go go!, sigh, the English dicitonary needs a bit more words).

"But have strength, we've made it this far
This is really nothing at all
Let's change this world!
The one thing i know is that
the only reason this complicated world is exciting
Is because of one reason
Yes its you"

Ahhh, the mystical you. Can mean Donghae, Changmin,Ryeowook, Jessica, Taeyeon, Younha, Hyunbin, all in the same context. So, its actually anyone who makes you happy! Have strength have strength! Tell yourself I CAN DO THIS!

I love the melody, such a happy and bouncy melody too! So cheerful and their voices have so much energy! Awesome-ness. WAY TO GO!

And I'm going to cheat and share songs that are created to make you smile and go HAHAHA!

Yeah its DBSK's and SNSD's Hahaha campaign songs! Yeah, doesn't it make you wna go HaHaHa. So sweet of them to feature in day-brightening campaigns! Rain or shine, I still love my kpop artistes!

Here is a little present from Doreen! Its SNSD's Hahaha Campaign screensaver!

Click here to download the screensaver!

You can download the MP3 version of the Hahaha songs at the download section! :)

Cheers! Lead a happy life and enjoy the sunshine!


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