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The Jessica Way Of Life : Part 4 - Wear Abercrombie & Fitch!
Friday, May 1, 2009

Before i start i gotta show this to the world!

This is an introductory video released by S.M Entertainment at the point of SNSD's debut.

Omg, just look at jessica! She is so so so hot!! And she totally can dance!!! woohoo!

Some people commented that she looks like slut in this video. But i seriously don't think so.

Girls who have prettier face, hotter body, sexier legs and better dance moves than those pathetic losers out there are often considered as sluts. Like wth. I wished those pathetic girls would get a life and start to emulate sica cause jealousy wont bring them far. (Antis are stupid...)

Anw, this is one of the longest introductory video as compared to the other girls! I mean, even leader taeyeon only gets a 20sec vid. And our dear sica gets an approx 80 secs video, thats like 4 times more!!
This tells us that theres really something special about jessica...!

Like how she can be the choosen one to perform with super junior recently...friggin amazing.

Okay let's start!

Today we shall discuss about jessica's favourite brand/style to help you better achieve the jessica-look!

Apparently, those superb fans out there noticed that sica wears Abercrombie and Fitch to almost everywhere, be it onscreen of offscreen.

In Factory Girl..

Its seems like she has lots of A&F pullover!!

During a rehersal...

She looks pretty good in them! Simple and sweet!

A&F polos! She really likes casual style i guess..!

A random fan took this pic of her when she was in a bookstore!
So we can see that she really dresses really offscreen!

A A&F polo tee and a skirt! Nice, nice! :)

(Anw she was actually giving autograph to a little young fan in the bookstore, thats very kind of her aye?! ^.^ )

She really likes A&F alot!

A Hollister bag!

And even in her predebut days, she is wearing A&F stuffs!

So pretty!


You need not be wearing damn trendy clothing to attract attention!
What is more important is to have your own Jessica's style!

Simple = Sweet = LOVE!

So quick ! go get your A&F apparels to get the sica-look now!! Oh yah, don't forget the hairbands to get a more complete sica-look! ^.^

credits : jessica jung forum @ soshified forums

The Jessica Jung Way of Life!


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