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The Jessica Jung Way Of Life : Part 3 - The Art Of Chopsticks
Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay firstly, yay! my personal photobucket account is up again! You can now go to the other sections and not see the freaking photobucket sign!

Secondly, sorry for being absent for almost the whole of last week! Gotta attend to important but useless stuffs like school. Its really retarded i swear. Thanks to shuyan for covering most of the stuffs! And i apologise for being so slow with this whole sica thing, but i guess i should be able to wrap up this whole thing by this weekend and move on to my next topic.

Okay so, I realised Jessica is a rather interesting person. She is so cold and icy that i think she has the power to reduce the current global temperature by three folds and save the dying mankind. She also has some weird habits that makes her different from the normal average girls.

For example exhibiting violent acts towards her fellow members and other people, even the sunbaenims...
With full force..!

We cannot blame her for this. Yul just won't sit still!

muahahaha. secretly waiting to attack him.

But out of all her weird habits, i pick the way she holds the chopsticks because its just too cute!

So weird right?! Who holds their chopsticks between the middle and fourth fingers?!
How is that even possible!

I tried, and it hurts man!

Maybe its because she was born in the states, thats why she probably didnt learn the correct way of holding the chopsticks, and didnt have much opportunity to practice holding them.

Arhh, its is just too unique!

And i think the skill of holding -chopsticks- the- sica- way is kinda hard to accquire. Its not easy to change the method we hold chopsticks overnight since chinese like us have been using chopsticks since forever. And and, seriously, holding them the sica way hurts!! You can try by writting with your pencil between your third n fourth finger! Painful aye!

But but but, you see, our aim here is to be like sica, and hook some hot guys!

This sica-way-of-holding-chopsticks might be crucial for you to take a step closer to your crush.

For example, if you and him are out eating together with a group of friends, you will stand out and gain more attention from him just by the way you hold your chopsticks.
He would first laugh at you, and then probably offer to teach you how to hold the chopsticks the correct way! And then you can pretend to not get the right way of holding them, and ask him if he can teach you some other days during lunch or something!

See, you get another date with him!

And you can point and laugh at other girls who don't get the chance!
Failure! muahahaha!

So we shouldnt be afraid of the pain and practice the sica way of holding chopsticks! FIGHTING!

oh gosh, how can we not love jessica! She is just a perfect role model for us to follow!!

Plus, i see jessica everyday on the file that Shuyan gave me for my birthday! Whenever i see her, i just more motivated! You should get your own customized file from super-kpop market section too! I strongly encourage you to put a picture of Jessica so that you would be reminded to be like jessica, icy and powerful, and hook hot guys!!! Totally will boost your confidence when you see hot guys.


credits : Gorjess thread @ soshified forums, soshistalker


The Jessica Jung Way of Life!

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