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The Jessica Jung Way Of Life : Part 5 - Ring Ring Ring!
Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome again to The Jessica Way Of Life tutorial!
I guess till now, you have almost 60% Jessica in you already!
Keep it up!

And now, lets get started!!

One of sica's most important and sacred possession is her mobile phone! Its true you know, she is holding on to her phone 24/7, except when she is onstage.

In this era where technoloy serves as an inportant tool for communications, its really inevitable for young people like us to carry our handphones around cause it play such an important part in our lives that we will die without it.

But jessica is raelly really totally totally obsessed with her phone!! Basically, her mobile phone acts like a pet to her. Whenever she goes, her pet-phone must be in her hands, or somewhere near her that she can see it. Not in her bag or pocket, or anywhere else off her sight.

Like even taking pictures for sponsored clothing or other stuffs, her phone has to be in the picture too.

Its kind of easy to understand why jessica needs her phone around her that often.
The most obvious reason is that she can text or call her family members or friends back in california anytime. Its the best way to stay in contact yeah!

And i think the most important part of having her hp near her all the time is that she can sms or call her oppas when she is bored, or instantly reply to those hot oppas that she'd just hooked! omg, so smart. Never let go of any opportunities!!

And and, she really need her phone to store all the numbers of the hot guys she know. There are just too many to even remember them all!

She can also take picture of herself and send to these hot oppas so that they will not miss her so much!

Look, even when taking picture with guys, her hp must be in the photo,

even when hugging yuri...!

watching baseball....

sunny's hair is so lovely here! hehe..

behind the scenes...

before performance..

caught ya!

bahh..its just everywhere!!

THe cool thing about jessica is that even without her phone, she would also pretend that its present!!
haha, how cute!

I think her best and favourite part of being a celebrity is to be able to endorse for mobilephones like samsung..

She gets to play with the phones and even hold changmin's hand in the haptic cf!! *gets slap by shuyan*

So, like how sica has demonstrated, its important to keep your phones near you all the time incase when your crush text you or something, u can reply immediately to show ur interest. how cool is that!

i gotta make this a habit quickly cause i tend to hide my handphone under my pillow to avoid calls and smses from irritating and retarded people who misuses the function of their handphones. Those people should use their phones to communictae with their crush or boyfriends instead and not use it as a tool to irritate other people!

So everyone, quick hold on to your phones noww!!

wooh, so pretty!

credits : gorjess thread @ soshified, soshistalker


The Jessica Jung Way of Life!

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