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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a few weeks ago, shuyan and i came across this "lovely" SM town photo.
And as we slowly scrutinise every single person in this pic, we can't help but to point at them and laugh. We totally laughed at almost everyone for about half an hour!


we are not very sure if kangin is actually singing or taking the national pledge.

Doesn't he resemble a small lil boy who is so enthusiastic about taking the pledge that he recites it at the top of his voice every single morning?

And theres Hankyung behind, looking super bored, half asleep, and probably thinking about going back to china.

Our all time favourite leader, yunho...

Kena stroke?

Heres our beloved eunhyuk,

and because he has this hilarious face, he is just simply funny standing there. =)

See, our SM idols work so hard that they hardly get any sleep. So, they'll grab any opportunity that allows them to close their eyes and nap a lil.

Shindong is even secretly smiling. Yes shindongie! I know right, you are finally sleeping!! You did it!

btw, taesu looks good huh. hehe.

And there are some others putting their hearts and soul and hands into singing.

While others are so focused napping and singing,

we have our dear heechul, totally lost;

and our sooyoung, giggling over...nothing.

Seriously, if you know what on earth is she giggling about in the middle of filming, please please tell us. We really wanna know!

And lastly...



i din know he was sleeping so soundly...

you are the best. shh....



Hello! I love this post! Oh yeah, I wanted to add, you forgot this woman!

Her expression and body language is priceless! At least she wasn't sleeping like yesung but tis still damn funny.

Totally have no idea who ever thought to capture this picture! Its a super unglam picture of SM. At least BoA Looks pretty normal here! And it shows how many people are dazed, sian or sleepy during the shooting of MVs. OMG, I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. I love SM but this is really too funny!



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