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The WonSoKa Line
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heard of it?!

Fans of Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) , and Kara has recently established this "WonSoKa Line" to celebrate the friendship between these three toplisted girl groups.

Wonder Girls

Its damn rare good to see fans of different groups coming together to do such decent thing other than bashing up each other ( which is really retarded. )

Anyway, im not so sure about the Kara part, but of my knowledge, i know the relationship between Wonder Girls and SNSD is rather positive and real.

So Nyeo Shi Dae a.k.a SNSD

There seems rivalry between these two top girl groups ever since their debut. But seriously, i think all these enimity are caused by some stupid anti fans!

Like please, if you don't like the other group, just leave them alone!!! No point critising them! They should better use their time to love their favourite group more, think of ways survive this bloody global recession, or hold campaigns on global warming rather than rioting against other groups. Its like, so what if the other groups really crack and disband? The economy will still continue to slump and the Earth would still melt eventually. You are gonna die too. So why not do something more useful??

ANTIS ARE STUPID!! so i dont really know if they will understand what is the point im trying to make.


Evidence of Wonder Girls and SNSD's friendship is everywhere! Especially between SNSD's taeyeon and WG's Sunye & yoobin!

For example,

Yoobin was a DJ for tentenclub.
Then Taeyeon sent a text message to Yoobin,
“I’m listening to your radio right now…Don’t be nervous..hwaiting!!”.
response, Yoobin said,“I”ll treat Taeyeon to dinner or something…”
-credits : sosiz/cathode , wonder generation @ wordpress

Also at Golden Disk Awards last year, taeyeon was caught chatting happily with Wonder Girls!

Check out the fancam!!

Right, its captured. No doubts!!

And also, if you are a great taeyeonie or wg fan, u will know how many freaky times taeyeon performed with sunye or Wonder Girls as a group!

Like this one, during christmas last year, they had this very cute performance with taeyeon standing in the middle of WG!

And I'm also sure many of you have watched the awesome" Stand Up For Love" performance by Taeyeon, Sunye & Davichi! If you havent, for god's sake, PLEASE WATCH IT!!
Also, the sexy Buttons performance by Taeyeon, Sunye and some-other-people-i-don't-know that can cannot be missed!

So many many never ending collaborations! Together, Taeyeon and Sunye ROCKS!

And furthermore, if you are a Sunmi fan, you will definetely know that Taeyeon is Sunmi's number one idol!

Here u can see how Sunmi was happily clapping her hands, all excited, and paying full attention when taeyeon was receiving her award and giving her thank you speech!

Credits: xxreverie @ youtube

In addition, Sunye and Sooyoung went to the same high school, and furthermore, Sunye and Yoona will be starting their college life together in the same school! And of course, this would totally further improve the Wonder Generation relationship!!

It is also known that SNSD's maknae Seohyun is quite close to maknae of WG, Sohee. How cute!!
But i think i would still prefer the leader-leader thing between taeyeon and sunye! yay!

Okay, now the doubtful Kara part.

According to what I've observed so far, Kara's Nicole Jung seems to be nicer and more friendly as compared to other members! And its kind of true that she seems to have more relationship with the other groups, especially SNSD. Like for example, Nicole Jung and Tiffany have established a rather good "unnie-dongsaeng" (sisters) relationship since both of them grew up in the land of freedom, America before getting imported to Korea as singers. Also, it has been reported that Nicole has also been close friends with SNSD's Hyoyeon even before their debut.

And also just a few weeks back, there have been photos of Nicole Jung hugging Jessica and Seohyun on MusicBank after SNSD was awarded thewinner of the week.

How so lovely?!

Other than Nicole, Kara's Park Gyuri were friends Wonder Girls Yoobin knew since their high school days, and Seung Yeon of Kara, and Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun are fellow schoolmates at Kyung Hee Univeresity. How cool is that?

Kara on ChinChin recently , a radio programme hosted by Taeyeon and Kangin of Super Junior.

But I'm not so sure how genuine is this snsd/wg relationship with Kara after Kara's jaws totally reached the floor when they witnessed SNSD's 'miraculous' win at musicbank though they were absent.

Is this SO DAMN SHOCKING??! Whatsup with that reaction!!

Credits: popbuggy @ youtube

Oh well, anyway, im kind of positive towards this WonSoKa Line. I mean, who wouldn't want peace?! And I'm really glad that these fans are finally maturing. Comparisons of groups, especially Wonder Girls and SNSD still exist (which are really pointless, stupid & irritating, like how mojojojo exist) , but its significantly getting lesser and lesser! I seriously hope everyone would love each other, and if you really can't then just leave the others alone!
Come on, make the already deteoriating and overheated world a better place!

Let me make a last random note, blogger sucks!!!

Credits : soshified, wonder generation @ wordpress, Youtube


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