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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sounds like some hardcore elfs would wanna do huh. Okay, im not going to kill them but, CAN THEY STOPPPPPPPPP ASKING DONGHAE ABOUT HIS FATHER!!!????!!!!!!

It totally sucks to see our sweet lil fishy crying everytime he speaks about his deceased father.

I saw on some forums that during the filming of some MBC variety show, donghae cried while talking about his father who passed away 3 years ago due to some sickness.

Leeteuk also mentioned , "This is a story that Donghae doesn't even know, but there was a time when we gathered all the Super Junior members and our parents. After the gathering was over, Donghae's father took me aside and requested that I take care of Donghae to the very end."

and donghae just couldn't hold back his tears after hearing this.


I don't know if its the mc or whatever that made him talk about his father yet, but, i really hope they can stop asking him questions like "Who is the person you admire the most? " , " Who are you most grateful to? " , or whatever cause the answer would be his father. Like duh, the whole world knows. And the world too knows that he is damn senstive when talking about his father, cause he really really made a great impact in donghae's life. So, no point to keep asking and asking and make him cry!

I know they need to do such things to boost viewership but, can they do it in a more correct way, and not hurting anyone? Its so damn evil to gain profits upon someone else's sorrow.

They can ask questions like "What colour hairband do you think suits Jessica the most? " or "Do you feel like chopping off jaejoong's finger which wears the same ring as jessica?" instead. It would totally garner the same number of viewership or even more, and I totally wouldnt mind if he admits that Jessica is the most beautiful girlfriend he ever had or whatever ( just that sica would get murdered the next second !). At least he is happy about it. Its better than seeing him cry!

And we all know that donghae is always a happy little fellow, who tries hard to bring smiles to people. It really saddens us whenever we see him cry.

our lovely donghae! How on earth do those people bear to hurt him like that! chickkkeeeeenn.


So please for goodness and donghae's dad's sake, STOP ALL PROBINGS ABOUT HIS FATHER FOR YOUR STUPID SELFISH REASONS !!!

or else, i will really strangle you when i see you!

credits : sjfullhouse forum



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