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Best 3 group names.
Friday, April 24, 2009

I know, there is like an overload of girlgroups and boybands around the kpop industry right now. So, I just feel like making a list of the best 3 group names.

In 3rd place, its SM entertainment's CSJH, THE GRACE.

And in chinese, that's 天上智喜. Totally nice name for a girl group. Its nice seeing girls be all graceful and everything once in a while. And the girls in The Grace certainly have the aura to hold up to that name! Even their individuals names are cool! Stephanie is 天舞 (Dance of Heaven), Lina is 上美(Beauty of Heaven), Sunday is 智聲(Voice of Heaven) and Dana is 喜悦(Happiness). And together they form 天上智喜 or Cheong Sang Ji Hee in Korean. I swear, their name is awesome for a girl band!

I know they aren't as popular as Wonder Girls or Kara or Girl's Generation in Korea, but I think they have the most beautiful band name!

In 2nd place, its also SM entertainment/Good Entertainment's SHINHWA.

They are like one of the longest running boybands in Korea and woo, they made it through 10 years! I used to love Shinhwa like crazy and watch repeat episodes of X-MAN with them in it! I didn't love Andy until I watched WGM. Before that I was into Donghwan! Still, Shinhwa rocks! And their band name is awesome. Shinhwa. LEGEND. I do think they achieved their band name, they are sort of like lengendary in the korean industries. Too bad most of them have to go serve their national service right now and go into army.

My favourite song of Shinhwa's is still Perfect Man, and they do even after 10 years, all 6 members still feel like perfect men.

And in 1st place, would be none other than SM Entertainment's Tong Vfang Xien Qi!

WHO CAN FIGHT WITH A NAME LIKE THAT Shinhwa was jjang! But TVXQ is omg, way way more awesome. I mean, it literally means
Rising Gods of the East. I swear, those boys from TVXQ, Changmin, Yunho, Jaejoong, Micky and Xiah are like Gods. Seriously hot gods.

Personally I think they have the most awesome band name ever! I mean compare it with other korean boybands like Big Bang, 2am, 2pm, FT Island? Or taiwanese boybands like Fahrenheit, Lollipop, F4? Or western boybands like Westlife, Jonas Brothers etc? 東方神起 totally pawns them! Even in korean or japanese translation they still mean the same thing!

Maybe their awesome name has much to contribute to their awesome success besides their good looks, hard work and splendid singing and dancing skills. :)

I hope those korean companies who are churning out many groups think out their group name carefully. Cause seriously, some group names really suck. I think out of all the companies, SM Entertainment dishes out the best names!


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