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Why I Like You : Kangin
Friday, December 4, 2009

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Thanks to contributions by Hazu! :)

1.He always looks cheerful. even when hes in the act of violence or being insulted he always has that unsure laugh or cheesy grin, and then usually assults the person. Ive never seen him look upset apart from a few times he cried.

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Adds/ Even when he is a flower, being farted on by his fellow Unbelievable Outing members! He is still smiling like s sunflower! And I lvoe it when he assualts people and yknow threatens them. But not so much in light of his recent assault case.

2. The cute way he jokes about his weight. if people ask about his popularity, he will always say. "i used to be very popular. i got fat". He finds it okay for others too joke about it too, although, heechul once stated that kang-in wanted to take shindong's image, kangin was not best pleased ;D

3.His smile is halfway between Tiffany and sunny. when he smiles his eyes smile too, but never really disappears, its the cutest thing ever.

Kangin Smile Pictures, Images and Photos

adds/ except his is way way way cuter than tiffany's or sunny's! Love chubby cheeks and half moon eyes!

4.His way of threatening people. even thought he still looks cheerful, he always threatens people, his smile will disappear for like 5 seconds and hell say something witty, then smile again, usually with his fist raised or whilst charging towards someone.

adds/ seriously, this is my (shuyan) favourite kangin face!

5.His manliness. there are alot of things that give good examples of this, but i think the best was in we got married when he wore that deep V-Neck shirt in the depths of winter :') and insisted he wasnt cold even though his chest was turning bright red. he even gave his scarf to his 'wife' yoonji.
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6.He has the most adorable way of making people laugh, i dont even know if he realises it.
theres no way of explaining this, you have to watch him to get me.

okay, although this is more heechul, but its such a cute gif!

7.The way he thinks hes so popular. On we got married he exaggerated his popularity so much to yoonji and it always hit him right in the face.

adds/ YEAH all that hallyu star and everything. but he is so adorable you cant help loving him even when you know he is bullshitting!

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Happy Kangin!

8.His laugh. obviously it is nothing compared to teuki's. but it never fails to crack me up.

9.He's so mean to the other members but he never apologizes, and hes mean to them in such an amusing way.

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10. He's a complete dork. 'nuff said.
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11. hes so manly and handsome...but he has the cutest baby face ive ever seen.

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adds/i love his chubby cheeks, and yes, althoought fat, BUT SO DAMN HANDSOME!

12. the obvious one. KangTeuk ♥♥♥♥♥

Although they lost to EUNHAE, still, go watch the Super Junior Mini Drama Series! Got lotsa Kangteuk!

One super adorable gif to end the post!

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And and, Kangin loves everyone too!

-with love from us at superkpop!

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