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Dear Kibum,
Friday, May 8, 2009

I have this strong urge to write a letter to our dearest Kim Kibum from Super Junior.

Dear Kibum,

I feel so sad that you have not been participating in Super Junior's activities much. In fact, the only even I've seen you appear was for some CF even in Thailand! What happened to all the stay 13 thing? Not once have you appeared in a Sorry Sorry dance stage. Up till now, I have no idea which part of the dance you are involved where you are supposed to stand etc. Yet you have time to appear in LG's new commercial. No thanks to you appearing in a LG ad, Super Junior will never be part of the HaHaHa campaign. :( (Not sure whose decision was it, probably SM's but still, bad choice, just stick to Samsung SM)

I'm not sure what is happening in your life right now but it seems pretty screwed to not do promotional activities together with your group. And its really quite unfair to your Korea fans if you guys appear as 13 only in Thailand. Is your life really so so so busy that you cant even take time to do activities once in a while? Even Yoona of SNSD does promotional activites for Gee and she appears in YAMD!

I just feel quite disappointed because ELFs love you very very much, yet you would rather be known as Kim Kibum the actor than Kim Kibum, a Super Junior member. You could be known as the Super Junior with the best acting skills! That would be cool wouldn't it? And you could appear on more SJ variety shows, we love you there too!

Please come back to Super Junior soon! Hopefully you will appear in more Super Junior activities. If you ever leave SuJu or SM allows it, maybe lots of ELFs will just do some drastic measures. We wont let you leave like how Wonbin leave F.T. Island! And please never leave SuJu. SuJu will forever by 13 members!

We miss you! ( and still love you!)

Love, Shuyan

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