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Cheer Up Leeteuk!
Friday, June 12, 2009

Lately, our beloved Angel Teukie has been worrying us with his cyworld entries with stuff like these.

No longer know what hobbies are..No longer know what rest is..Where are all my friends?
..How you are supposed to play....(My) family members are probably living well, right?
..At some point, losing something while gaining another has become increasingly natural..
..But because I received these other things..the things I'll have to throw away from now on will increase..
..On rainy days like these..I have more thoughts..

..I am Leeteuk, an angel who lost his wings..
..I am Teukie Teukie Leeteuk, an angel who lost his wings with amnesia..
..On the day I was born, July 1st, rain fell..
..One angel was sent down to Earth..
..The greetings that I never failed to say..
..Just like how I unknowingly encircled myself in ourselves.. *
..But I would rather just remain confined..
..Because now, it's scary for me to go out..

Kyah..just had some alcohol..two glasses..ㅋㅋㅋ

Still have to go to work..still have to do work..need to sleep...so tired...

If I have a day off, (I) would have drank more..

I just started going to church again..

Forget about God..let's go to a church where you can drink.

The first 2 were written on the 10.06 and the second one 11.06.

So this post is dedicated to you Leeteuk Oppa! For you, to cheer you up!

Dear Leeteuk,

Are you very very stressed up now? It feels like you are damn sian about work. But I mean, its part of the job and you trained so hard to get this far. And now Sorry Sorry is such a success and everyone is going about how awesome Super Junior is, you can't give up! Your 12 little babies need you to take care of them!

Don't keep thinking you will be losing stuff, in the end you will be gaining much cause this is your dream right? To achieve success as an artiste and with 12 other members of Super Junior! I'm pretty sure things will get better soon. :)

Please don't drink too much, take care of your health~
Don't keep things to yourself~
Sleep and eat well~

E.L.F will always love you and be here for you! We want to see you smile again~ Like this!

Leeteuk, our angel with no wings, Fighting~! You can do this~!

Sarang Hae!


credits: Allyssa, yurim_sj♥ & Tea, vanilla.teaa, onlysj13 + yumetheny@suju-pbm, fuchsiathegreat@lj


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