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Onew Fainted, Hospitalised
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Awwe...the Onew condition.

It really an unfortunate day at KBS music bank last night.

Firstly, Sungmin tripped and fell during rehersals, and had to be sent to the hospital for stiches. Ouch. But that boy insisted to go back to perform with the others. how professional. you can see him standing at the corner (like how tiffany did when she twisted her ankle during gee period) , and while he was performing Gee with the other Boys Generation (sj, 2pm,2am, shinee) members, he was like totally couldnt bend his leg properly. poor sungmini, i hope he is fine now.

Next is our very own shinee leader Onew.

Onew is really famous for being clumsy and falling here and ther almost every other day - the onew sangtae. He even fell down the stairs, hurting his tooth just days before their comeback if you remember.

Firstly, during shinee's performance of juliette, he slipped and fall. netizens were suggesting that it is because of the 'rain' during 2NE1's Umbrella performance that wasnt properly wiped off. idk.

It happened at around 0:28.

credits : CodeMonmonseason2

I think he was already injured , but he still carried on with the dance! its like how his sungmin sunbae insist on performing despite his injury. SM breeds amazing people.

Next, the whole light-fixtures falling incident.
It was said the the whole big structure got loose or something, and the lightings just came falling off, and one of it came directly down towards Onew. But luckily siwon and kyuhyun were able to get hold of it before it fell on Onew. There are other sayings that the whole structure actually was about to collapse on him but siwon and kyuhyun actually grab hold of it before it came falling down. But this seems about doubtful cause i dont see Onew that near to the big structure? not sure..
But what is true is that,
Onew totally got a shock and fainted. You can see him leaning on his manager motionlessly and after that it was the image of his manager carrying him ,with other shinee memebers + LeeTeuk following behind.

the whole incident

credits : pherenal

Bahh, its so super scary! I mean look ,

Imagine if the whole super junior, SHINee, and SNSD were below there. The whole SM population would just be wiped out!

Look how terrified SNSD was! Jessica was almost crying!

Its just super dangerous. I hope MusicBank would seriously look into this matter and be extremely careful in the future!

Meanwhile, Onew was discharged and was set to perform on music core today. (WTH)
Well, hope he is really fine, both mentaly and phyiscally.
Smile onew smile!


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