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super-kpop loves you! - Hello!
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello lovely super-kpop readers!

You must be wondering what are we up to this time! haha!
Okay firstly, we've decided to create this section to make things less boring around here.
In this "Super-kpop loves you" section, we will fill you in with random k-pop videos, gifs, pictures, stupid trends around, rants, random gifts we make, updates on super-kpop, replying to requests, shout outs to people, etc....! In short, you'll just be reading all the nonsense we have! But i promise that these nonsense will keep u really entertained, and you'll get to know the mods (shuyan and doreen) better! :)

Its the june holidays now! or what u call mid-term break, summer break or whatever. Holidays means liberation! okay not really, semi-liberation, cos i still gotta study for mid-year exams, which will take place right after school reopens. sucky. Oh well.

Anyway, holidays means i've got plenty of time ! and i'll be dedicating most of my free time to skp, and thus i've decided to do this "Doreen's holiday diary thing " as a subtheme of "Super-kpop loves you"! i promise i will try my very best to update this place consistantly during this period, and fill u all with more goodies!

Here we go..
Firstly, i would like to give you guys an update on our plans for super-kpop in the near future.
We see that our "Why i like you" section is pretty well loved by all of you. We really appreciate your support! But lately, we were thinking that there is a limit to the number of people we both like, so the celebs that we will be featuring on "why i like you" will also be limited. ( Like how siwon and eunhyuk already take up 3/4 of the space in my heart..hehe.)

So we've decided to open up this section for our readers to contribute! Im sure you want the others to know about the greatness of your idols! We will be putting up the details and criteria on a separate post!

Also, we are planning to have a super-kchart where you can nominate and vote for your favourite songs here! How exciting is that! But we are still in the process of checking the feasibilty of this super-kchart thing, and we certainly hope everyone would participate actively if everything turns out well! Something to look forward to. :)


Anyway, for singaporean who havent seen Wondergirls' nobody parody by Mr Brown, here it is :

credits : axis1019

My sis told me that she fell asleep and couldnt be bothered when her teacher shown them this. Like seriously, i think she the number of times she heard Nobody is about three times the age of her teacher. The lyrics may be funny, entertaining and it somehow educates people on the whole h1n1 prevention thing, but to us, it just reflects how lag singapore is with regards to k-pop!

I was just discussing with shuyan yesterday on how we should react when people get all excited over the whole Nobody thing. I mean, on one hand, we are glad that they are finally influenced by the greatness of k-pop, but on the other hand, we will be like "oh come on give me a break, Nobody is so 2008!". Ah, i hate mixed feelings. i know i can't blame them for not knowing Nobody earlier, but...you know, it just gets really old and tired to discuss a subject that you've talk about for almost 6 months previously. Maybe i should pretend to not know what is Nobody and see what hilarious things they have to say. Evil plot..muahahaha. I bet if i take a picture of snsd and tell them they are the people who did Nobody, they will go "Oh yah! its them!they are so pretty! Are they called the wonder woman or something??! " -.-


I (almost) died yesterday.

Firstly, kyuhyun killed me with this :

Music Assembly KyuHyun sings '不让我的眼泪陪我过夜'

And then i saw siwon doing this. It ran me over like a big yellow school bus.

Music Assembly Siwon sings 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian'

video credits : symbelmyns

Probably the sj-m promotion period. SIWON!!!so super handsomeee and its so amazing to hear them sing so accurately and lovely in mandarin. It just show that hankyung have been tutoring the korean members well! ^^
At least i understand what are they singing about and can totally feelllllll da love! fangirl moment. hehe! Siwonnie! i love you!!


By the way, i was going around collecting gifs yesterday, and found these!
Shinee lovers, getting bored waiting for shinee's comeback stage?
Here is something to entertain you for awhile!

Our shinee boys are so sporty!

Hungry? Juliette, some food for you..

gif credits to who ever who did this! i totally dunno who are you but, thank you so much! I became a happier person after looking at these! hahahahahah!!!



I've been working hard for the past few days to create these gif quotes by super junior! I really love the stuffs that they say! Its really interesting to read their interviews, somehow you'll get to know them more. Like how donghae gives super cutesy answers, and how leeteuk is very sensible and all...

love em all!

I'm sorry that i din make quotes of other members! You know, some quiet members especially the magnaes ryeowook, kibum and kyuhyun, seldom talk!

Please please tell me any quotes u know of these other members!!!
And do feel free to request any special quotes u want of any k-pop stars!

You may use them on forums etc, but please please please upload them to your own server!! Thanks!

Okay, i shall end it here! do check back!!

Super-kpop loves you! :)


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