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Saturday, July 18, 2009


On this day, SNSD members chose 'SHINee' as the boy idol group they like the most. Recently, Jessica who made a hit with Park Myungsoo as 'Myungca Drive' through the song, 'Neungmyun' revealed, "SHINee tends to stand out more since the members are so young." On the other hand, other members also commented by saying, "They can sing and dance well, so that's why we like SHINee."

Tiffany continued saying "I set my cell phone alarm as SHINee's song, 'Noona You're So Pretty'. Whenever I hear this song in the morning, it automatically makes me want to say "Yes~ Good morning~" and helps me to start a refreshing morning" and attracted people’s attention.

SOO CUTEEE! I refuse to put SHINee's song, Noona You're So Pretty for my ringtone. IM NOT NOONA! Haha at least to my favourite I'm not noona! :D BUt the concept is so cuteeee! Its better than snsd loving dbsk! HAHA! :D So I'm happy!

credits: blingbling9@ssf


Gong Min Ji Not continuing Education.

Mitzy says "After graduating from middle school, I will not continue with high school. I will do my singer promotions and prepare for my qualification examinations".

Well, I dont care is now a very apt song! She doesn't care about studying anymore! THen she better get famous. You know admist all hthese YG vs SM battle, it seems that at least SM has its artistes go to school like Yoona and everything and at least complete high school. Much better examples than MinJi quitting after middle school. Though I secretly admire her life, but at 14, its too young to stop studying for me.

credits: sookyeong


FTI's new Album pictures!

Personally it doesn't wow me. As in, tis not very fresh, just new clothes new hair, no new concept feel. And Hongki hair cannot make it. Whyyyyy is it Hongki who has :( hair for albums covers. Like Jump Up also Hongki has :( hair. Oh well, Jaejin has an unflattering new haircut now. Hahah!

But new guy Seunghyun is growing on me. I always get done in by the smile! When he smiles it melts me heart. I MUST BE LOYAL!

THis new image just fits in with their Rock Prince style. Hohummm.

credits: fnmusic2



EXCITED TO THE MAX CHANGMIN! :D I love the friendship between DBSK and SUJU! Like how they trained tgt and everything!

According to the papers, Super Junior will be starring in a movie, and the plot revolves around life in the city. The 13 members will be able to fully present their acting skills, so appearing in this movie is a big opportunity for Super Junior. Although TVXQ is said to be guest-starring in the movie out of friendship, their parts in it are not small either.

Question: So who exactly will be starring in this movie?
Answer: It’s confidential

TVXQ and Super Junior’s popularity today, has far exceed that of when they first debuted, and this movie might raise the status of their groups to be even higher.

Currently, everyone is highly anticipating this movie in which Super Junior and 2 members of TVXQ will participate in.

No more olden day drama? Who cares! As long as SuJu acts in a movie I WILL watch. Add on DBSK and its a perfect forumla for success! HEE HEE HEE!

credits: kimchilicious


RAIN is coming back with ASIA TOUR!

Called an impressive "LEGEND OF RAIN" Rain promises to tour Japan, China and Southeast Asia. I think he may come to Singapore, but I dont care eh eh eh, I dont care. Cause sorry, not my favourite. But our dearest Doreen may go? :D

But I see this line! Organizers added that a Seoul concert will take time to confirm. HUH! Rain, a korean mage super star doesn't even have a confirmed concert in his own country! It's times like that where being a korean fan sucks!

I would rather Rain spend more time promoting his Asia tour than promoting his Hollywood movie "Ninja Assassin". :)

credits: koreatimes


F.T Island saves pride of male singers!

FT Island saved the pride of male singers.

Finally its not some 2NE1 or Girls' Generation. Though we should be supporting the girl power, but we cant deny that we love the boys so much!

FT Island ranked the top positions on M.net chart on the day of release of their 3rd album. They also overtook the positions of other female bands like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls and many others in Cyworld and other online music charts, saving the pride of male singers.

GomTV received quite a number of downloads for their music video that was released yesterday and it went up to 2nd position in download hits ranking within the shortest period of time. In addition to this, M.net also received an amazing figure of over 400,000 clicks on F.T Island.

FT Island’s management company expressed that, “Other than the teaser that was revealed earlier, we didn’t have much publicity this time. We’re really surprised by the good response.” FT Island also said that, “Showing a better side of us is what we can do now. We will do our very best.”

Well done FTI! They will be having their official comeback on SBS Inkigayo this sunday, 19th July.

source : ying1005 @ primanoona


World Asia 30 Hottest Artists 2009 [Channel [V] Thailand]

1. TVXQ (more than 50 million votes)
2. Super Junior (more than 25 million votes)
3. Rain (more than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
5. Big Bang (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
6. SS501
7. F.T Island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10. SHINee

12. BoA
13. Epik High

14. NewS
15. Lollipop
16. Fahrenheit
17. Se7en
18. Girls' Generation

19. Arashi
20. U-Kiss
21. Zhang Liyin
22. Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23. 2PM

24. Teppei
25. Hey! Say! JUMP
26. Battle
27. Paran
28. Kara

29. Ya-Ya-yah!
30. Jay Chou, X-JAPAN

Wooh, its like more than half are koreans...bias? love it.

credits : minsarang

Super Show II!!

Highlights include: Ryeowook dancing sexily with a girl, Siwon singing about his love for God, Hankyung's Don't Don hair making a comeback, Heesica making a comeback, Kyuhyun's Puff The Magic Dragon, and general Super Junior madness!

I really wanna go!!

Anw,here is the line up for the whole concert,

1 A man in love
2 U
3 It's you
4 She wants it
5 Angela
6 Miracle (Rock ver.)
7 Disco Drive
8 Dancing Out
9 Sungmin Solo - Baby Baby
10 Yesung Solo - Chenyum체념 (Resignation)
11 Heechul Solo - ? (featuring Jungmo)
12 Donghae Solo - ? (Hyukjae dance)
13 Kyuhyun Solo - 7 Years of Love
14 Ryeowook Solo - Insomnia (Craig David English Version)
15 What if
16 이별… 넌 쉽니 (Heartquake) Rap by Hyukjae
17 Leeteuk Solo - Honey
18 Run to you
19 Don't don
20 Twins
21 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
22 ME (Korean version) - Super Junior M
23 At Least I Still Have You (Korean version) - Super Junior M
24 Shining Star
25 Rokkukuh
26 Carnival
27 Gee
28 Sorry Sorry (Remix)
29 Marry U

There are lots of fan accounts out there, but i've choosen this because..it sounds fun! bah, i really wish i was there...

Here is the fan account from laydeebutterfly @ soompi:

OMG super show is pure awesomenessssss...i love hankyungs white hair ZOMG so smexy... this i remembered coz i am still in lala land and i dont have any fancams since the staff like stand directly infront of me.. T__T

- leader cried at the song that they dedicated to elf..i think kangin cried too..

- shiwon cried at the very END of the concert when they were thanking fans and ppl who did come and the guys teased him,and he ran from them..haha.. so cute

- eunhyuk rapped for ibyeol..nuhn shiwmni(heartquake) in a smexy white suit with fedora..

- hangeng's costume for the carnival is a black dragon and it seems to heavy for him so he fell and made some one carry him for him and stuff..lol.. that was funny

-there was a footage of eunhyuk,shindong and hangeng fighting/dancing with farts and some other smelly things. LOL and then they got a special stage together the three of them..

-sungmin's solo was baby2 from 4men..it is one of my favs song..although he did crack a little wee bit in the middle,he was GOOOD..he started with a piano.

- leeteuk solo was honey(from JYP not kara)...he ended with some a kiss pose with the dancing girls.. T___T all the fangirls including me almost wnet crazy

- ryeowook's solo was insomnia..and he had a sexy dancer and danced intimately with the girl..seriously,they meant to kill us all...

- they made a Gee video..first snsd was on it..the title was the SECRET behind sica or something like that..it started with a footage of snsd practicing gee and i think all the girls think some of them looked suspicios...and soehyun saw sica pee-ing while standing..lol,the girls were surprised and sica revealed himself as HEENIM..ahaha..and the rest of the guys came after that and they sang gee...

- they did SNSD's genie's choreography A LOTTTTTTTT...

- leeteuk said something about only the 12 of them were there..and heenim did an impersonation of kibum..i was too high to remember what he said..

- it ended with marry u..the member climbed up to the second floor(?) six of them maybe..

- for gee,the mangnae line wore long hair wig..hyukjae wore a pink ribbon..leader wore a big loop earrings,with a cap..heenim had a wig too i think to look just like sica..trust me all of them are prettyyyyyyyyyyyy..

- i do not know the name of the song that kangin sang as his solo..but sungmin and eunhyuk sang it on kbs song challenge when they were on together i think

- and then it lead to DJ Doc's bounce with me..(after kangin's solo i mean)

- suju T sang superman and rokkuko..

- they remixed sorry sorry..it was jazzy sort of r&b-ish for the video..and then they remixed it to perform..

- carnival is so freaking awesomeeeeeeeeee~~

- both kyuhyun and yesung sang their solo songs..

- shiwon sang an english song which i do not know the title of.. they were literally EVERYWHERE..i had a hard time to focus..ahahaha...all in all,it was a GREAT very satisfying performance owh shiwon's parents were there...and i think the boys did kowtow them(well they did kowtow to someone, i saw geng with his dragon headgear kowtow-ing, but i dunno if its for shiwon parents or someone else) ..and shinee came as well..and nassun if i heard right.. at the last song leader himself went and bowed to the audience..then when the officially saying goodbye,like ss1,all of them go the every corner they can and bowed to the fans..i wish the concert could last FOREVER.. T___T

and it did rained the WHOLE freaking day..even after the show..it poured down..it was a catastrophy..but ELF made it..the pearl sapphire blue wave was awesome..seeing it with my own eyes just makes it more awesome..

Here is another fan account by momotachi @ livejournal , i copied only her personal highlight parts because she seems to some interaction with the boys! Arh, lucky girl!!!

Personal highlights for me included:

(We were second row left side 10 foot from the raised platform so we were very, very noticable - especially because I was a sodden white girl waving an equally sodden glowstick.)

~ Co-ordinating ceremonies with the lovely Korean/Canadian girl next to me which resulted in Kyuhyun doing heart hands back at us and Yehsung giving a little wave.

~ Seeing SHINee in the audience and laughing at Jonghyun spazzing out with his Super Junior flags.

~ High-fiving Kangin as he came up the walkway right next to our seats. (He's got really warm hands lol.)

~ Watching Kyuhyun slap Heechul's ass and earn himself a patented Chul-glare.



firefly boys, if you know what i mean

super show without teukie's tears = othing

Hankyung,donghae, eunhyuk taking off their pants on stage.
these boys....lol!

credits: hankimvn.net, prolepetical @ lj



I know I know, we devote too much time to Super Junior and DBSK but... Now we spazz about other cute boyyys!

CHUNGLIM, our favourite rookie on Star Golden Bell!

GOT CHARISMA! And its always nice to watch the MCs making Chunglim speak weird stuff to the girls. Sexy voice shit!


Yes its you Jonghyun, Neo ra go! No need to be so surprised.

Im glad that Jonghyun is happy we are spazzing over him!

I used to like this song, but now because Jonghyun sang it, it sounds 208758205 times better!




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