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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello people! Its 'super-kpop loves you' once again after so long!
and shindong is all excited about it, are you!?

I've been rather inactive here for almost 2 weeks due to frigging exams and its gonna be worse when school starts functioning on the normal timetable. Sigh..but anyway, i really thank shuyan so much for working doubly hard to keep things moving in here! Here is one changmin kiss for you...

Lemme firstly pay some respect to our lovely goddess Yuri who is watching over super-kpop all these times...

omgggg....what a flawless beauty. Comments that disagrees are not allowed. ;)

We are really glad that the number of visitors are increasing and seeing new people on the tagboard each day just makes us feel that all our efforts are worth while! Thank you and continue to spread the kpop love to everyone through our blog!

Also the number of requests for goodies, songs, etc have increased and we are trying our very best to fulfil every single request. Its very disturbing whenever our efforts are not appreciated. Its really rude to request for something and you don't show appreciation at all after it has been done. I mean we are not machines here helping you to make wallpapers, icons or blinkies or whatever else. We are real humans and it takes up a part of our time to do you a favour. Now we are not expecting you to send us cards and flowers but a word of thanks would really be nice and fulfiling to us.

And, PSP & NDS themes...we have already quite a wide range of themes for you to choose from. There are already some of sj, snsd, shinee, wg, and others all free for your use. Shuyan and i personally have a nds and psp respectively and we don't see how some people can change their themes so frequently and keep requesting for more! The only person who does themes here is shuyan...not both of us! So its rather taxing for her! Like what i've said, we are only humans..not machines or genies! Please be contented with whatever themes we offer and only request if the themes of a certain kpop group or singer is not available, or if there is this super duper hip and cool picture of your favourite star that u really really want it to appear on your game consoles ( can consider ).

For the rest who have been nice and good, keep your request coming in! We are really glad to help bring da kpop love into your life!

Good news for those who have been searching high and low for kpop albums (especially in singapore, you gotta wait for months for them to reach singapore. even the posters disintegrates while it gets shipped to hmv. either that, you get the taiwan version with chinese characters printed all over it! yikes! we want real korean words!) ! We have found an awesome supplier who can supply us with kpop albums fast and at an amazing price! Aint it awesome! We will also be including new goods if everything turns out well! So do watch out for the space at our "market" place next month!

Now let's check out what our previous WHY-I-LIKE-YOU star super junior's Kyuhyun is up to these days...


" No, no! i read too! "

oh okay...i'll try to believe you.

Why i like you , why i like you, why you guys just wont wanna tell us why you like your favourite idols? We (and the rest of the world) would really really wanna know why you like them. Especially other awesome groups like SS501 , 2PM, F.T Island which we are really curious about but totally have no time to know them better!(13 boys and 9 girls are really abit too much for us to handle...lol! )

Why are they so adorable? Tell us!

What was your favourite moments of 2PM that made you fall so deeply in love with them? Tell us!

Why is SS501 so cheeky and hilarious all the time? Tell us!

Why are they such darlings to you? Tell us!

I secretly think all kpop groups are extremely cute and hilarious their own way...just that many of us dont know.So we need you to tell us! Don't worry if you don't have enough pictures or gifs...we can always find more for you ( i own a gif bank and can loan gifs to you anytime...haha! ).Just feed us with reasons and videos as evidence! In the meantime, we are working on a large scale why i like you post...the idol(s) that would be featured this time is suuuuuuuu...haha, obvious enough. Please do check back everyday, you can't effort to miss that!

Talking about 2PM, i have this interesting finding of Jaebom recently...
Guess who is his favourite SHINee member?

LOL!!! Leader loves leader!

And i don't get F.T Island's main vocalist's expression in his recent photos!

Hongki baby, why are u eating biscuits this way!??


Hongki definetely needs some better photos to do his pretty face some justice, and also a non-micky-lookalike hairstyle soon. Anyway, F.T Island's new album is coming out real soon! Do support these young talents! they are full of potential!

I came across this rather amusing photo of another leader with some funniest expression on earth. Its none other than our almighty DBSK's leader yunho!

okay the others look funny as well. LMAO!!!

I din wanna embarrass yunho like that but i can't help it since he did such a thing like this :

So cassies, please dont scold me...
and please don't murder that girl, like seriously!

Talking about facial expressions, i've always thought siwon was the one with the funniest expressions in suju all along...

but this thought ended when i saw hankyung doing this,

BAHAHAHA! Hankyung does have the potential to be a gagman! Hey hannie,dont just stay so still and quiet all the time! Its time to unleash all your potentials and show the world the china power! bahahaha..suju never fail to make me laugh...

No one beats jo-kwon with his sluttish expression though...

winner. This will never get old.

Time to play hide and seek!

Find a suju member in this photo!

no prize though. hahaha, i just don't get him most of the time.

oh oh oh, super-kpop wants to wish wonder girls all the best with their USA debut!
Everyone, please love them and continue to sing Nobody like nobody's business!

They played Nobody during an interval in the Asian Youth Games swimming finals held in Singapore, i was shocked to death when the whole stadium totally sang the chorus together when it was played. WTH. I cant wait for the Nobody craze to cease here in singapore...

In the meantime, the wonder girls are becoming prettier and receving lots of love at the other side of the globe!
Look what Sohee has received as a gift!

A big cardboard face of herself! how awesome!

Video time!

Okay, i really really really need to recommend this song from SNSD's 2nd mini album.

One Year by Jessica and Onew!

I was extremely excited when i heard that Onew will be participating in this album!! i mean, omg its Onew! Anyway, frankly speaking, i thought was only okay initially...not really catchy and nothing really special. But because of Onew, i listened to it many times and the song started to grow on me, and its really sweet. I've grown to like Sica's voice more in this mini album cause i think she has improved quite abit! She can sing! Furthermore, Onew's voice is just so gentle and ..*melts* .
And the whole song just becomes more meaningful and lovely when i saw the lyrics! Its about a couple meeting one year after their breakup...you know the kind of feeling! AWWE. love it!

credits : shineeholic @ yt

And the most ridiculous video i've seen this week..

Onew gets rubbed on ice!

credits : shineee16 @ yt

omg, he has a hard life aye? oh well, he seems to be having fun!

I just hope things are getting better for SHINee! Like, no more people throwing erasers at taemin, no more onew falling down and fainting,...and let minho go to school in peace please! He even need to run into his school everyday!

okay, its getting late and ryeowook is sleepy, so am i!
*yawns as wide as ryeowook*

Before i go, i have one super junior hp wallie to share!
I know its really retarded but...haha...its makes you happy?

Its gif so some hp might not be able to support it. But you can use it else where too, like in your blog or whatever. But if you are doing so, PLEASE DO CREDIT OR WE'LL HUNT YOU DOWN! I've been going around forums to warn people about crediting our stuffs recently..dont let me catch you!

Lastly...leeteuk got something to say!

have fun!



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