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Theories for MIA Kibum.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You see, I need answers to fill the burning question in my mind.


I think Kb heard me and here are some theories I formulated on why Kb is missing from all Suju activities.

1) Kibum offended Lee Soo Man or something and this is why SM is not letting Kibum participate in all Super Junior activities and attempt to hide this fact by pushing him to do the LG ad. I mean all the SM's biggest star is endorsing Samsung, so why Kibum is so special to endose LG? And he doesn't participate in any SJ Sorry Sorry promotions, doesnt travel to Taiwan for the GMA and doesnt sell chicken with the other 12 members because of acting classes/ filming? Sounds highly suspicious to me. And the break leg reason could be to further prevent KB from participating in SJ activities. Even Sungmin, Xiah etc could perform on stage despite being injured. What is there to prevent Kibum? Oh right, Kibum has no singing line in Sorry Sorry. And seeing how SM sets such strict rules for their artistes I dont think it is possible for Kibum to concentrate on acting even if he wanted to.

2) There can be only so many fat members in the group. Cause now Kangin has ballooned and over shadowed Shindong, there makes 2 "fat" people in the group. Taking a look at how Kibum has turned out,

See, so 3 would be too many and SJ is best seena s an IDOL group, so sorry Kibum! Shindong can dance and Kangin commands a strong pressence with his funny statements etc. So..

3) Kibum really just prefers acting over dancing. In the begining right, SJ was just meant to be a rotating group, so maybe Kibum just thought that "Oh okay, I'll be in this group and try singing and dancing for a while, then I can go back to acting since I will be taken out a few months later." In the end SM abandoned the rotating group thing and SJ became permanent. So maybe Kibum was really upset cause all he wanted to do was acting?

4) SM is just waiting for Kibum to fade out to replace him with Henry. Cause at least Henry can play the violin. Very nicely.

Hmm... I don't know, after being upset that Kibum wasn't going to be joining in SJ numerous activities, it sorts of numb me now. Like oh, if Kibum was not going to join them in other activities, I won't be very surprised. Cause we are slowly getting used to the idea of 12. But seeing all 13 of them would be lovelier. Super Junior will always = 13!

Its gne be Super Show soon! Im pretty excited and hope it will be an awesome success for them! A Why I Like You : Super Junior will be up soon!

Super Junior Fighting!~



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