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Why I like You : Choi Min Hwan
Sunday, July 19, 2009

Its time for another Why I Like You post! And this time, its on the F.T. Island's beloved Magnae! We seem to be featuring a lot of Magnaes here like Kyuhyun, Changmin and now MinHwannnnn!

A Big Thank You to Jiaqi for her contributions!

A minhwan kiss for you!

Reason 1: He is the most adorable magnae of the group!

He is co cute and sweet and I bet you would have this strong urge to protect him, like his hyungs!

Reason 2: Talented and fierce on the drums!

The drummer of FT Island is full of charisma and power when drumming away!

Let's take a look at him in action!

Don't you love it when guys concentrate??? Heehee! Irresistable!

And because he is such an awesome drummer and using such force to drum, its no wonder he has this super musclesss!

I really can't tell he has such biggg muscles from his cute face and small size you know!

Reason 3: Cute boy with lots and lots of aegyo!

HAHA But everytime its time for some Minhwan aegyo, his hyungs just WHACK HIM!


VERY CUTE LEHHH! I will have this strong urge to pinch his cheeeeks/ hug him!

Reason 4: He loves chicken!

I swear, koreans really love love love their chicken! Actually I dont think I can live without chicken as well!

Right now we are in Daejeon.
Because there's an event in Daejeon yesterday and today
we slept here for a day.
Last night I ate chicken. kukuku
Then... this morning, my face was swallon..?
I'm looking forward to more events!
Gotta go~~

0906006 minhwan blog update

But the question is, how come after eating chicken, Minhwan's face gets swollen! :( And, how come no chicken company comes knocking on FTI's door! So Minhwan cant eat all the free chicken he wants! :(

I think if he doesnt eat chicken he gets like this!

Reason 5: Killer smile + single eyelids.

Not many people can get away looking handsome and cute with single eyelids but Minhwan does it!!!!

and minhwan, why are u so pretty as a girl too!!??

cutey girl!

Doreen adds :

I totally love to see him on KBS family drama The Road Home! I watch the drama every evening and my favourite parts are the those with minhwan's appearance!

But i'm not too happy with his lover in the show though, which is also his half-cousin and..blah..its super complicated. But he is such a darling in the drama! in the 103th episode aired on friday , he even sang Gee to comfort her! SO ADORABLE! I'm so glad that i actually found the clip!

(There is this part when he said "hyung, morning!" , awwe, it so cuteee too!)

credits : hwannielove

He was quite nervous and stiff at the start of this drama but he became really comfortable after awhile! i really love it when he chides his sumi noona. LOL. Really have this potential to become an awesome actor!

For those who don't know, you can actually watch The Road Home on cable tv chnl 173 (KBS WORLD) on weekdays, 7:20PM to 8:00PM. Its a free channel. :)

Sighh, what is there not to love about this adorable boy? This is why we like you Minhwan!


ft-islandsg.co.nr, shivaFTIsland, krillia, poppy, punni3, bluejaymiesky, ss501islove @youtube
min-dragon@photobucket , LOVEFT-I forums

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