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SUPER-KPOP LOVES YOU! - we are on the same boat baby
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello super-kpoppers!
Omg, i havent been doing this for such a long time.

We really apologise for the lack of posts these few weeks ( and probably many more in the future), but we promise to squeeze out every lil bit of time to update this place as frequently as we can! In the meantime, so you should really join us on saturday spazz nights so that we can spazz together! its really great to interact with other kpop lovers, especially those who share the same fandom as you. woohoo~

And oh! We've officially established our very own SUPER-MARKET! Its a place where you can get all your kpop goods at the very best price! We offer not only albums, but also clothings that kpop stars wear and other merchandise. How cool is that! We really wish to help spread the kpop love here and you shuold too! So place your orders now and tell you friends about super-market! Orders for August ends on 22/08/09 so you still have time to place your orders! But do be quick! Some of our stocks are real limited!

Another thing, we realised that many are still asking us how to view the icons/ goodies despite the fact that we have already put up this big "PLEASE READ" message banner at the top of each section. Idk if the banner is too small or siwon is just simply so unattractive that no one wanna care about it, which is totally unlikey to happen. But really, PLEASE READ. whatever, i've created this tutorial and placed at the top of icon / goodies section. The words are really big that you can even see it without wearing you glasses. There are even screenshots to help you.

I know its a lil inconvenient to arrange the icons / goodies in such a manner but its the only way to prevent jamming of the site.

Oh well, lets talk about life. School is seriously driving me cazy. I get like 5 hours of sleep a day? And the whole dbsk thing just worries people more. ( me n my classmates was totally O.O when we spent the whole econs lecture calculating the amount each of them earn a year. Like seriously.. . okay digress.)

But since i believe in KPOPism, i turned and looked at snsd's performances and tadaah~ i've got energy again! Its like, they have even lesser sleep than me (idk if they ever sleep) and the thing they do are more physical like dancing. and i saw tiffany leaving a message on soshified saying that she just finished practice and it was like 12+ am in the morning already! The thing is, she still logged onto ssf and left a motivational quote from the bible to give her fans strength! i think they are just superhumans! I wonder where they get their strength from, but i certainly get my strength from them!

But still, as exams draw near, i do get so fucked up by school and never ending homework.

I guess you feel the same too. The year is reaching an end and so prelims and other major exams comes along too. I've been thinking how the heck i should motivate myself and readers to study hard. So here is it!

"YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING" HP wallpapers with your favourite K-stars!
You can stop using the plain old black version of this!

I randomly pick pictures from my files so some pics are really random...like weird but whatever. Choose you favourite one and upload it to your phone. This way, you can see your favourite idols everyday and it'll motivate you to study at the same time!

Remember, kpop gives you strength!

Omg, the radio is playing Genie now!

Have a great weekend!



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