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Why I Like You - HanKyung
Sunday, August 16, 2009

Long awaited Why I Like You post!
So on this episode, we will be featuring HanKyung from the almighty Super Junior!

And we really wanna thank Eekie for her contributions!
She has like one of the longest list of reasons why she like hankyung! We can really tell that Eekie loves every bit of hankyung and she is really awesome to share the love from hankyung with all of us!

Say hello to Baby Hankyung first! CUTE BABYYYY!

So lets get started!

Reason 1 : The 1.3 billion miracle

Seriously, what is the chance of getting selected to be a group in a foreign country?
Afterall, Hannie is the first ever foreigner to ever debut in Korea and he is the only Chinese member in SJ not forgetting that he is the leader for SJ-M.

It's a really big thing, and he had to go through so much. VISA problems, not able to appear on certain channels or perform, wearing a mask for 3 months (I wanna cry whenever I think of this) and communication problems. We're so proud of him.

Because he's the 1.3 billion miracle, like what leeteuk said ^^ The title of Chinese F4 is not good enough for him XD SO AWESOME. While many koreans are trying hard to break into the Chinese market, here comes a Chinese man who made the first leap into the Korean market.

Reason 2 : He can dance, dance, dance!

Okay this is amazing.

Everyone knows that HanKyung is one of the main dancer in SJ, and he is a Ballerina who has graduated from a dance university.

Cute Chinese dance~

yes, thats the spirit boy.

Who the heck dances ballet and does pelvic thrusts? Him!


He knows how to dance the dances of all 55 ethnic groups in China.
OMG. [ I (doreen) did chinese dance when i was younger and i think i can only do like 5 out of the 55 that he can! how is that possibleee!!! ]

Furthermore, HanKyung's moves are forever original. It's soft, smooth and strong at the same time. If you watch Super Show's dance battle (I'm sure you did xD), his moves are nowhere near Hiphop, but it's still upbeat and and sexy and hot and, ARGH. and the way he moves his arms~ sighhhhh.

And he is undeniably the king of hip thrusts. Everyone thinks so! He thrusts thrice faster than the other members in Don't Don...


Reason 3 : The proportion of his body is amazing

For those who don't know, his legs are 13cm longer than his body, (OH GOD!) Normally, people who are considered that have long legs, their legs are only 9 to 10cm longer than their body. 13cm is sick -_- This is also why he got accepted into the dance university!

Long legs hidden under those trackpants!

Reason 4 : He's the only China man who can pull off being a blonde.
( i personally agree to this 100%)

LIKE, A BLONDE CHINA MAN! And he looks hot hot hot with blonde hair! It's amazing. I can't even imagine any Singaporean that can look this hot with blonde hair!

LOOKS DAMN HOT BLONDE. Personally I(shuyan) thinks that this is the best hair that he had all his Suju career. LOVE THE DontDon blonde hair. Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, but Hankyung bought BLONDE back! Like happy cause for Super Show 2 Hankyung went all BLONDE again! ^^

OMG THIS MV IS MY FAV SUJU MV! I put it in my ipod and rewatch it everywere i go. Hankyung is blonde here and his dancing is spectacular here!

Reason 5 : Because he's Mr Beijing Fried Rice!

We all know how much Super Junior LOVES his beijing fried rice! It's only egg fried rice, but who cares. XD and the cutest thing is that he himself is the one who mispronounced egg fried rice as beijing fried rice, LOL.

Hopefully he would give us a recipie on a step by step account on ho to achieve his Beijing fried rice.

Otherwise if anyone is interested, here is a link to cook Egg Fried Rice. Click here to see how to cook Egg Fried Rice.

Reaon 6 : He can't speak Korean properly even after 6 years, how cute!


LOL. His broken Korean has this cute accent with weird pronounciation, intonations and sentence structure xD Only Heechul understands 'Hankyungnese' Awwwe...hanchul~~sweet.

He often acts blur and pretend he doesn't understand Korean whenever he's at an disadvantage. "I am a chinese!"

Full House ep 7 XD It's only at times like this when he's a foreigner, rofl.

Yet yet yet he speaks damn fluently when it comes to scolding people!

LOL! Cause he learnt everything bad from Heechullie!

Reason 7 : Because he's filial.

He told his mom whatever he's doing now, it's all for her. Not to forget the dumpling shop he opened for her. Two shops to be exact, and it's gonna be 3 soon! :D

How can you not fall in love with such a guy that is so filial to his parents?

Reason 8 : Because he's the OLYMPIC TORCH BEARER!

and the first ever guy from a boyband to carry the torch in history. I feel really proud of him when I see him in Beijing Welcomes You MV! He spreads the SJ love to China and gained tons of fans for SJ~

doreen adds : omg, this is so relevant to shuyan and me. You know, both of us watched this BeiJing welcomes you mv together for like more than a million times and we actually din notice hankyung was in there till sometime later. So BLUR right! And we are really really proud of him too!

shuyan adds : At least we managed to identify this cute guy even if we found out he was hankyung much much later! HAHA. And it rocks to sing this song in KTV!

Reason 9: He can SPEAK CHINESE!

Why this is a mega reason? Because we can speak Chinese. So officially we can only communicate best with Hankyung, since Kibum is MIA and his english is only so so.


Lets see him on some CHINESE TV!

Though secretly I feel rah whenever they go to places in China where they show ulu shows. Come to other Chinese speaing part of the world too besides China and Hongkong and Taiwan. Singapore speaks Chinese too! We even have a Hao Yu Hao campaign! All hail Super Junior M!

Oh oh and because of his Chinese nationality and his ability to speak Chinese, I really think a big reason why Super Junior could break into the Chinese market was thanks to Hankyung. So he really plays a big part. I mean, even in stores here in Singapore I see posters, books and magazines dedicated to HANKYUNG only.


Im sorry, I (shuyan) couldn't resit adding this reason cause

a) can spam hankyung pictures.
b) One of the reasons why I like him cause he really is very handsome.
c) He really very charming! He has that charisma that makes girls fall head over heels for him!

Lastly, lets take a look at some adorable Hankyung GIFs!

YAY favourite hankyung couple ever is HANCHUL!

and Heechul stands up for Hankyung

Heechul cyworld update dedicated to who ese? Hankyung!

Title: Hee vs. Geng

Beijing Fried Rice expert – Geng

3 minutes cooking expert – Hee


The expert who will put lots of chili slices on top of the ramyun to make it spicy – Geng

The one who calls for Hankyung when there’s no rice at home, asking him to create something from nothing – Hee


The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese dances - Geng

The expert who knows to dance more than 10 Korean female singers’ dances – Hee


When asked to sing, he’s just like a shy bride, singing softly, Warm Boy - Small Voice Geng

Even if people stopped him, he’d start to dance Tell Me, Warm Boy- Wonderful Hee


Faster than anyone else, and different from others, the one who imitates my expressions – Geng

In the past 3 years, the one who only imitates Geng - Hee (Others : Yang Ban Kim/ Noble Kim, Horse)


The one who calls from China and says he misses me, but ends up quarrelling (with me) in the end – Geng

The one who happily picks up the phone in Korea but only knows how to scold people – Hee


The one among the other 12 who is able to straightly see my youthful body – Geng

The one among the other 12 who is able to give Hankyung a revolving flying kick - Hee

PLus they drink Soji together since they used to share the same room!

though I think Hankyung wil stray away form Heechul during SJM times and oes off to woo~


YAYY so many many reasons to love hankyung? What are you doing! Faster go spread the lvoe to everyone else!


To see more on why we love our KPOP stars,

credits: ilovejr@superduperlove.wordpress.com

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