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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Spazz Night~~~ will never be the same again!

Alright peeeepole, we've decided change the format of Saturday Spazz Night!

We've inculded a twitter box on the side bar if you havent notice, and will be updating quick bites of kpop news (selectively) there almost daily. So, do follow us if you have a twitter account, if not, go create one! Or u can simply come here to chew on the kpop news. : )
So we don't see a need to put up news on a weekly basis on ssn anymore!
so we will transforming ssn to a night with more fun and interesting spazzing instead of mere commenting on news, and we really look forward to your participation!

cbox is always there for you to shoutout your thoughts n opinions, and also make new friends who share the same fandom as u! Or you can simply email us if you dont want the whole wide world to know what u are thinking but u just need to tell someone who understands. Suggestions are welcomed too. Of course, nothing offensive please, but superkpoppers have been relatively nice people so far!

The thing that will not change is that doreen and shuyan will both be online from 11 to 1am on saturdays to reply to your tags instantly! So, come on come on come on baby~lachatata, time to spazz!



Ring Ding Dong~!
Thank you holy goddess Yuri, my youtube finally worked and i can finally watch this MV!


If you think that the title of the song is too stupid for an intelligent individual like yourself and u refuse to watch it, then im tellin you now that you are the stupid one! who cares what ring ding dong means, u can sit under a churchbell & hear it go ding dong ding dong, and get enlightened later.

Seriously, the boys are so hot hot! OMG. The first time i understand why minho is called charming.

Fill in the blanks.

I ______________ this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting ___________. __________ was the second hottest.I wish ___________ can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like ____________ Onew's eyebrows. Overall,_______________________.


I need to turn on the aircon after watching this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting jonghyun's lips (sorry sy). Key was the second hottest. I wish Onew can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like pasting scotchtape on Onew's eyebrows.
Overall, this is win!


I love this mv. After watching it, i feel like biting off doreen's head cause I see the above. Onew with the good hair parts in the mv was the second hottest.I wish Minho and Key can get a better haircut the next time. I feel like laughing at Onew's eyebrows. Overall, its fantastic~, jonghyun's blonde hair is damn hot and im getting seduced by Minho.

You can fill in the blanks too!


Super Junior once again prove that they are of high entertainment value,
yes its you KyuHyun!

SJ just does ridiculous random stuffs that makes us laugh real hard and love them more! Why are so lovable?!

SJ-M was at Changsha doing their SuperGirl promotions and while singing, zhoumi's voice cracked and it totally cracks Kyuhyun up that he couldnt even sing his line! signalled ryeowook to sing his part for him. This is damn hilarious! He even squat down to laugh in the end!!

This is even cuter. HanKyung slips and fall while dancing super girl!
Okay, im on the high now. BAHAHAHHA!

Vote Vote Vote!

Bonus : SJ-M interview.

What is Henry n kyuhyun doing at the back! Kyuhyun looks really cheeky, up to no good! and donghae trying to eat the mic. So super love~

Super Junior - M!


The BOOMZ photo of the week.
(non-singaporean may not know what boomz means. Google Ris Low!)

Im sure you will know who is this. Take your time.

Lesson learnt : Eyeliners works wonders.
( Go get your wonderline eyeliner at super-market now!)

Here is a damn funny macro to end the new and improved SSN!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyway, if you aren't mermerized by Minho at the end of Ring Ding Dong MV, TAKE THIS!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How can you resist THE MINHO?
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