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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have no idea why but there have been unexplainable an influx of new idol groups debuting this month and we're seriously overwhelmed. As usual, all the girl groups look alike while boy bands tends to stand out more as they have the right flavours that meets the expectation of hungry fangirls like you out there.
So today in Saturday Spazz Night, we will bring to you some of the hottest debuts this season and some that you can totally ignore.

Here we go!

Child Of Empire

They are probably the largest group to debut this year. With 9 members, they automatically reminded me of the male snsd/new generation of Super Junior. Judging from the member intro video, i feel that their looks are kind of passable and it feels like they have been in this business for a very long time.

The members of the group had trained for 4 years together with Jewelry members Ha JooYeon and Kim Eun Jung. And for these guys, they have already garnered great interests and popularity through their appearance on Mnet ‘Empire’s Children’.

Member introduction

1. Moon Joon Young – Micky YooChun’s lookalike
2. Kim Dong Joon – Youngest
3. Park Hyung Sik
4. Ha Min Woo
5. Jung Hee Chul – Good in acting and musicals
6. Kevin Kim – Good in English
7. Hwang Kang Hee – Good in expression mimick, next JoKwon
8. Tae Hoon
9. Shi Wan – The fashionista

Why the hell Jung Hee Chul look so much liek Ryeowook!? Maknae is cute. hehe.

One of their pre-debut performance.

okay, its so off expectation. I expected better vocals, or rather, better coordination when they sing? Like suju, not all of them sing at one time, cause it can be really messy and hard to listen when all 9 people start singing. Its not like they are a choir or something. They need some better outfits too. Oh, i forgot that their company had this major crisis. Okay, i shall close on eye on their outfits for now.

Overall, with a much better packaging and more stage experience, i think this group won't be doing too badly! Looking forward to their debut stage.

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5stars



Firstly, if you are wodnering what their group name means, well the J is the letter that is in all four girls' names, the Q and T stand for QUALITY and QUARTET. x_x
3 of them are from 13-member girl group i-13 which totally failed.

I fell for you

After listening to their their debut single, "I Fell For You", i totally didnt fall
for them. The song sounds like some music that will be playing on some arcade machine.

Their not exactly pretty and their song and stlye are very cliched and nothing really attractive.

Sorry JQT, but no.

superkpop rates : ***** 1/5 stars



I Want You Back full mv

One of my favourite amongst the many many new groups out there.
Their song and style might seem familiar - outfits & MV very 2NE1ish and song 4minute-ish & 2ne1ish, but what sets them apart from other groups is their pretty face!!! Yes!

With their lovely looks, decent vocals and a rather okayish debut song, this is a win for Secret! Hope to see more of them in the future.

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5 stars

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Let's learn more about the members!

1. AJ
2. Yoon Doo Joon
3. Poppin Dragon ( first debuted with XING + weird name?)
4. So-1
5. Yang Yo Seob (AJ's highschool classmate)
6. Son Dong Woon (cute boy who looks like NICHKKHUN)

Okay, im giving this 4 stars caused I used to lvoe AJ and his "Dancing shoes" and XING with "My Girl". Plus, Nickhun lookalike SDW is cute! After watching the MV it reminds me very much of 2PM, not surprising since they are JYP afterall. But song is quite addictive. I see potential in them with all the buzz they are creating right now.

superkpop rates : ***** 4/5 stars

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This is the 5 member group produced by RAIN. Well, they do seem to be little Rain clones but I quite like their style! Its nice. Unfortunately, song OH YEAH is not wow yeah. its just so so.


1. Lee Joon
2. Yang Seung Ho
3. Jung Byung Hee
4. Bang Cheol Yong ( Go Eun Ah's brother a.k.a. HONGKI's Lookalike)
5. Park Sang Hyun (Dara;s little Bro a.k.a. THUNDER)

superkpop rates : ***** 3/5 stars

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