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Happy 4th Anniversary Super Junior!
Friday, November 6, 2009

My confession :)

Wow, can't believe that its their 4th anniversary already!
4 years, plus countless years of training for their debut, super junior has really come a long way.

I remembered our (sy & my) fandom for super junior only started last year or so, but we know that it aint too late as super junior still have a long long way to go and to continue to inspire and accompany us for as long as it can be.

Well okay truthfully, we are still abit regretful that we have discovered their goodness too late. LOL. But the thing is, ELFs made us learnt that we aren't too late and will never be, so long as we believe in sj wholeheartedly. The many suju fans out there were largely helpful and friendly to one another regardless of your nationality or whatever. They were nice and willing to embrace new fans out there. I've never knew that we could make new friends this way. Its so amazing, yah?

Let me give you an example, i have this cousin who is also a fellow suju lover (thanks to me~ muahaha), she made friends with this total stranger on the road. How? Just because that girl was wearing this suju tee, and my cousin, being a super friendly person, went up to say hi to her, and they became good friends till today (i think so, deb pls correct me if im wrong)! Its so amazing right!

See, if everyone on earth becomes an ELF, then world peace wouldnt an unrealistic goal. Everyone would love each other and buildings would not be hit by planes.

2009 is a year filled with ups and downs for super junior and elfs.

Firstly, was their successful comeback with their hit album Sorry, Sorry. I was so excited that they were having their comeback because i can finally see them performing on television! Woohoo, its a total different thing from watching them through youtube. And then Sorry sorry came out and it was nothing but a mega success! Proud, proud proud. Its really touching seeing all their hardwork being paid off and finally gaining the recognition that they totally deserve in the kpop scene. Not only in Korea, Sorry sorry became a mega hit in Asia and they became one of the pretty much sought after idol groups all around Asia.

I'll tell you how ridiculously popular they were. For example, my dad made my mom waited for quite some time and when my mom called him, he went "sorry sorry sorry sorry...!" LOL. i din know my dad knew this song that well! and in school, i hear people blasting Sorry sorry from their phones ( and its really irritating and retarded to blast song from your phones in school, its only ok if its sj or snsd song. ^^) , and guys doing the sorry sorry moves out of nowhere. bahaha. It maybe common on elsewhere but its really amazing to see such stuffs happening in schools in Singapore as kpop wasnt a really big thing then. ( But now it is...this weird craze is sometimes annoying but sometimes worth celebrating. :/)

So much tears of joy were shed by the members as they proved critisms that a group of 13 members would not be successful and will fade away fast to be wrong.

And then recently, the Kangin's case has brought about some dissappointed. But hey, aint it touching to see so many fans out there trying to protect the group as well as kangin himself? Its this charm that sj has that made so many people believe in them and wish to protect them at all cost. Undeniably, they are one of the best groups around in Asia.

Lastly, wishing super junior all the best and stay in good health at all times!
Leetuek, eunhyuk, siwon, donghae, hankyung, ryeowook, shindong, kibum, kangin, heechul ,sungmin, yesung, kyuhyun + ELFS...13 +1 miracles forever!

Hello, i havent been contributing alot due to frigging exams. omg im so freaked out i tell you. Anyways...promise to give you readers moar moar moar after my exams are over and will deligently fulfil request and also kick all the copycats and misusers to the left to the left, everything you copied from our blog, to the left! so make sure you do proper credits or get hanged. and fuck you all hotlinkers.

-doreen xoxo

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