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The saga continues...
Monday, November 2, 2009

First TVXQ arent allowed to continue their activities.

Lawyers of SM Entertainment said:
"The court's ruling for TVXQ is not fair. They didn't consider the main reasons of the case. Their long contract is so that we can let them grow and have a long term deal with them. We want to look at their career in the long run and the court's decision is not letting us do that. This is going to affect TVXQ's international promotions. It'll also create confusion for stars that want to have long term contracts and move on to bigger things later in their careers and for the companies that want to nurture talented people for a longer time. Not only that, it'll have some unwanted consequences on exports of Korean music as well as other issues."

They continued to say:
"Each year, we adjusted the contracts in favor of the members. Before this problem, the three members never complained about anything. Now that they have succeeded this much, they are complaining. They have just started to reach the top and now want to separate. Before a final decision is made, the three can do their personal and individual work. However, this does not grant the three members any rights as part of TVXQ."

Then Yunho and Changmin speaks out in support of SM (I have no idea why, maybe a sense of loyalty? But I feel that they should be earning more money though. )

We five members of DBSK signed the same contract with the same clauses for the past five years, and have worked together under same conditions with utmost trust in the company, each other and our dreams. We intend to share our dream and future with the company and keep the promises we made in the contract. DBSK was made by SME and we intend to work as DBSK with SME.

No other company can create DBSK, as only SME can provide the best production and management team available. The three members should know better than anyone else that SME is the one who knows DBSK the best and made us the best. We intend to keep trust and promise and thus intend to stay. DBSK's grand future will be with SME.

We believe that our Korean promotion, planned for next spring, should be prepared at least 6 months in advance before our future as one becomes unclear. If the other three members truly want to stay as one DBSK, they must make a decision before it's too late.

The beauty product business changed everything. We are not familiar with the matters but we believe that a legitimate company that seeks to do business with DBSK must consult with SME first. It is common sense. We did not get involved because being such a relationship without SME would have meant that trouble was ahead.

We did not want the reputation and pride of DBSK, earned by our hard work, to be ruined by a company that did not work in a legally respectable manner. We are not aware of the contract between that company and the three members, nor do we know what those members were told or how much they have earned through their deal. What we do know is that the fact that DBSK, forged together for five years by all of our dreams, has fallen into its current state because of an unethical company that is simply unacceptable.

With DBSK crumbling away like this, the current situation is unbelievable. It is sad to see that this was all caused by some beauty product company, and we hope that the three members would come back to the days when we were all working hard for our dreams.

NOW, Yunho's and Changmin's DAD have even decided to speak out.

I refuse to quote all that bullshit cause its basically slamming the other 3 members and supporting SM's unreasonable clauses.


Life sucks leh. Why must CM and YH dad make such *&%*# statements.

I think I would feel better if it was all 5 of them against SME. Now what? Are they gna spilt up? T.T NOoooooo. :(

I BLAME SHITTY COSMETIC COMPANY TOO. CANT THEY SIGN ON ALL 5 MEMBERS INSTEAD OF 3. I bet shitty cosmetic company or SCC was employed by rival music company to break up tvxq from within or what is known in Chinese as 挑拨离间.

This is what Cassiopeia feels about the whole thing.

So sweet right~ I hope TVXQ feels the love from cassiopeia and please please please dont break up.

Keep the faith X928359235813.

credits: akp, yt


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