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Holy Moly Suju cyworld entries~
Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello hello. I know i promised some sj news the other day, but it totally didnt appear! Its a long long story but whatever, i guess you've heard the new sexay version of Sorry sorry and Its You remix. Plus some Super Show 2 interviews in jap.

Anw Anw, back to the topic~

Siwon's Fancafe, 091203

it's all thanks to everyone's prayers and support the Bangkok concert ended
successfully and I returned safely ^-^
thank you, thank you , xiexie, khob
khun krab, arigato gozaimasu etcetc :)
anyhow i'm really thankful to
everyone ^0^

and this week i'll be going to Taiwan for Super Junior M's
hope it will end successfully like in Thailand
please pray that there will be happy moments together with the fans in taiwan
i read the replies to my message last week and it's really good
i'm really thankful for all the prayers for my team and I. .. :)
it's a pity if (the fans') real names were provided i can pray and give more
details (to God)
it'll be better if you write your real name :)
(yereuldeulreo daye heesun jueon suyeon mihwa mira nari dajung yoonji yoonhye
yerim yueun etc ,
especially! yoonji-yang maternal-uncle you'll get well
soon no worries!, sumin-yang's grandfather you'll get well soon too! and
read this and smile for 5 seconds ^0^!! )
please pray
to God Father please pray for hyukjaeeuijebalkyun-nim.. for keunom-nim.. please
pray for daeseneunsibsamida-nim
at this rate (typing) can be abit ... of a
problem so maybe i request that you write your real names ^0^
i really read
all the replies carefully so those with problems let's share them :)
don't know how much strength can be given just by praying for each other ^0^

anyway! please do not catch a cold and continue to pray :) !!

love u n miss you all !

To explain Siwon's message, he posted earlier in his fancafe requesting fans who needed/wanted him to pray for them or for others to post their names and messages, regardless of what language. He'd pray for every one of them, he said! And so he really did. OH SO LOVELY. HALLELUJAH baby.

Donghae's Cyworld Photo Entry, 091207

ㅋㅋㅋ...Don't make me so timid~~ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

We're all good~!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

These are all wonderful memories!!

(Our) adorable blue angels gave us this love where can the memories be bad!!^^

The gifts for me the members will play with it like this but it's all the same!!ㅋㅋㅋ

Don't be timid!!Being like that I will cry!!~~ㅋㅋㅋ

From-Thai Super show 2

Don't make me so timid...Don't make me so timid?
Oh boy, so dorky as ever. Loves~

Eunhyuk's Cyworld Entry

Who is it…
The person who took my anchovy…
My reputation (is now a) fly…
Indeed (I’m going) to receive my costume(.) The person who took my anchovy…
If you didn’t boil (it) with soy-bean paste stew it must be good…

Until they make/manufacture another anchovy(,)*되잖아…..ㅜㅜ

Note: Quick explanation: the boys wore animal character hats during one of their encore songs, 'Carnival'. Hyuk had an Anchovy hat, but he lost it in the crowd during the first night of the Bangkok SS2 and it apparently was never returned. So on the second night (and most likely Super Shows to follow unless he finds a replacement) he's stuck with a fly that that they used for the Puff The Magic Dragon performance.


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Sources: Siwon message translated by Carolyn@SJ-World.net, Donghae entry translated by viragis@SJ-World, Eunhyuk entry translated by julzzzz@SJ-World


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