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Saturday Spazz Night
Saturday, December 12, 2009


Popularity Ranking of the Kpop Idols according to the number of members in their Daum and Naver Fancafes

The top 10:
1.Xiah Junsu
2.Micky Yoochun
3.Hero Jaejoong
4.U-Know Yunho
5.Max Changmin

Oh my. DBSK is really...godly. Even after all that lawsuit shit, they are still at the top 5 in korea!
Hmm...i wonder if they will be worshipped in a temple or something 1000 years later, like how we are still praying to Kongzi and everything.

And oh, a Wonder Girl will always be a wonder girl. How amazing sohee can be in the top 10 even being almost inactive in korea for the whole of this year! Do support them!

Yays, im just glad that snsd n sj each have at least one member in the top 10! SM love!

Here are the rest of the rankings!

Spazz Spazz~

wow, i see eunhyuk and donghae doing very well on the charts too! eunhyuk 11th and donghae 12th. Kind of unexpeceted but, yay! Eunhae forever!
Well, i see snsd is doing pretty well too. But people should show more love to hyoyeon!
And didnt expect to see CSJH on the rankings! Dana is still doing kind of well on the charts! Fighting! Comeback pleaseeeee.

Kind of shock that UEE's ranking is not the highest amongst After School members. Thought she was one of the top searches on google!?

And bahh, why is taeyang so low and korea show should our diva Key some MOAR LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.LOVE!

Credits : soompi, xshinebrighterx @ lj


Super Junior : Sorry Sorry - Answer

Yay, im still so exicted about this! I know i've posted this yesterday, but this video comes with SUBS! I don't really care if only the 3 KRY members are singing (kind of used to it) or how kangin only appears at the end, or how u think the mv is cheesy. I love it!

And oh, aint eunhyuk n donghae so sexay when they rap! woohoo~


Hmm, to be honest, i dont really like the song cause it really makes me dizzy n all.
But then again (and again) i really love this mv!

Some people commented on how suju is becoming more and more attractive with each member they lose, and how yesung vaguely looks like aladdin cause he is the only one without a suit (but only a vest instead).

While some others demand an explaination for wth is Arts and Scince....

....and why would anyone need so many copies of the same book.

Sharpy eyes.

Oh well...i cannot stop thinking how much hankyung looks like SaU in Iris.

What do you think!?


Brown Eyed Girls ’saucy’ hip dance voted the best dance trend of 2009

Brown Eyed Girls ’saucy’ hip dance for hit song ‘Abracadabra’ has been chosen as the ‘dance of the year’ by netizens.

Movie specialty magazine ‘Cine21′ conducted an online poll from 1st through 10th December and 57.5% of the netizens who voted chosen the saucy hip dance as the best dance trend of 2009.

Not only was the dance followed by many fans, many celebrities were also seen doing the dance parodies on shows like UEE, Lee Hyori, Im YeJin, Choi MyungGil, Kim JungEun, and also male stars like 2AM members, Infinite Challenge members like JunJin, Jung JoonHa and even Jang Hyuk.

The song was also voted as the best House and Electronic song for 2009 MAMA on 21st November.

KARA’s butt dance was voted at #2 with 28% of the votes. The song was for the group’s 2nd album hit song ‘Mister’.

Other dance voted high on the poll are So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ dance, Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance and 2NE1 finger dance for ‘I don’t Care’.
creidts : kbites

I'm snsd bias, but i totally agree that the hip dance is really made to win.

i cant help but to post this~


Well....i think 2pm's again again should be in. And 2NE1 finger dance for ‘I don’t Care’--> is this even a dance? My primary school teacher use to do that when we ask for permission to go to the toilet.



Every performance is complete with someone's pants...ripped!

Hello AJ!

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