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Perfect Men found in the KPOP world
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perfect Men found in the KPOP world (Part 2)

Definition of Perfect Men : Makes you want to marry them and be the father of your future children.

Candidate No 2: Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi, the actor, singer and variety show guests that seems to pull in ratings no matter where he goes. This is also known as THE LEE SEUNG GI EFFECT.


The Lee Seung Gi effect is firmly in place, claims the Korean media, after his variety show 1N2D and weekend drama Shining Inheritance (leading role) both went over the 40% mark, easily topping the weekend ratings chart .

According to TNS Media Korea, KBS2TV 1N2D achieved a peak rating of 43.3% on the 28th while SBS Shining Inheritance’s peak rating was 40.6% on the same day. The average rating of 1N2D was 33.9% while Shining Inheritance got a 39.9% average, meaning that nearly 1/2 of Korea’s population were tuned in to watching Lee Seung Gi’s shows on their television sets.

Of course, we can’t directly imply that Lee Seung Gi should be the only one credited with the high ratings, since it’s a team effort, but it’s also not wrong to say that Lee Seung Gi has had an impact in one way or another. Seung Gi’s the only 1 involved in both 1N2D and Shining Inheritance, and his wholesome image has most likely endeared him to fans of all ages, from young children to high school students and the ahjummas in Korea. I mean more than 40% of the entire Korean population have seen Lee Seung Gi on tv over the weekend, surely his stock has risen even further after this.

credits: coolsmurf@akp

Not only does he endear to everyone on the population, he has this effect of making women wanting to marry him. Thus producing this lovely song, Will you marry me?

His voice is so smooth, so melodic, even my mum sings praises for this man and his voice. Plus, he is always smiling and projecting this nice guy image.

Alas, is this image real?

The people who have been closely by his side for a long time indicate that it is true. In particular, the many students that got to see Lee Seung Gi at DongGuk University also nod their heads in agreement.

As if to confirm this, there was tremendous online buzz when photos of Lee Seung Gi who had temporarily returned for classes were uploaded online and titled “Ordinary student at Dongguk University Graduate School.”

In May, photos of Lee Seung Gi in class listening to a lecture along with comments from fellow students in the class were uploaded to an online community portal site. The photos revealed Lee Seung Gi doing a presentation and another one talking with the professor. His manner of sitting quietly and listening to the lecture was not different from any of the other students.

According to one fan who had been in the same class: “Lee Seung Gi rarely missed class and also listened carefully during the lectures. His grades were mostly As and A+. He didn’t come off like a celebrity and his trustworthiness and model student feel was really great to see.”

Another fan added: “During college, I had been in the same English class with Lee Seung Gi, and he was never absent and also never late. And when presenting a report and other things, he always did it sincerely. Of course this is the way any student should approach their classes but in comparison to other celebrities, I really thought he was very sincere.”

Lee Seung Gi also garnered a lot of attention for graduating from Dongguk University in February of last year with a degree in international trade and commerce, and doing so without taking any leave time from school. According to a person from his management company, “Even though he had a very busy schedule during that time, he never missed any exams, reports, or assignments. And his grades were mostly As and Bs.”

credits: DongA Ilbo, LSGfan.wordpress.com, fiey@soompi

Not only is he a dilligent, studious and sincere person, he is also CLEVER! Getting all that As and Bs. It would be totally good to marry this guy because not only does he get good grades, he gets it while juggling hosting and acting jobs as well. Surely he can bring money to the table as well as fufil his duties as a good father. :)

He wins in post, and is so cute and humorous! :)

I really like watching Seung Gi especially on 2D1N where he is adorable there. He is one of the first to wake up during the morning breakfast challenges and you can see he really puts his best in everything he does.

P/s: The world is forever not fair. Jessica already has Donghae, Changmin, Jaejoong, Heechul, Jonghyun and whoever in her long and endless list of scandals, rumours, close relationships, she manages to snag a scarf kiss with perfect man Seung Gi as well. :(

Oh well you can always learn form her by refering to our The Jessica Jung way of life.

Ok, so do remember to support perfect man Lee Seung Gi by catching his latest drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (Gumiho), as well as his variety shows Strong Heart and 2D1N. :) 2D1N is on every Friday, 11.20pm on Starhub Ch115 KBS WORLD.

How can you not want to marry such a wonderful man like him? Even mothers choose him as the No 1 son-in-law they wish to have. :)


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