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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

Doreen: I Don't Care by 2NE1. I remember listening to this song every morning on the way to school during jc days to prepare for the fucking day ahead. I mean i was surrounded by disgusting people, teachers, and school work, and i came to realise that fighting them was pointless, so the best attitude was I DONT CARE.
"I don’t care, just do what you want
You know that I’m the girl for you but you pushed me away, so there
What else can you do? You should know that, I really don’t give a damn
Cause I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh
I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh
Cause I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh
I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh
Boy I don’t care"
teacher : "why your skirt so short?"
me : "I dont care eh eh eh eh eh. "
teacher : "...."


Love oh baby my girl
You are my all
So beautifully radiant, my bride
A gift from God
Are you happy
Tears fall from your dark eyes
Until your dark hair turns white
My love, my girl
I’ll swear my love
Saying I love you
I want to do it every day for a lifetime
Would you marry me
Loving and cherishing you
I want to live this way
Every time you fall asleep
I want it to be in my arms
Would you marry me
Would you consent to this heart of mine
For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do
Loving you, I do
Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do
I’ll protect you, My love
Her wearing a white dress
Me wearing a tuxedo
We walk, matching our pace
On the moon and star, I swear
I don’t like lies, I don’t like doubt
My loving princess
Stay with me
Even as we age
I want to go about it smiling
Would you marry me
Would you spend my days with me
Through hardships and difficulties, I do
I’ll always be there, I do
Through our many days together, I do
I’ll be thankful every day, My love
Accept this shining ring in my hand
That I’ve prepared from awhile back
With the same feelings today
I’ll remember the promise made right now
Would you marry me
For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do
Loving you, I do
Cherishing you through the snow and rain, I do
I’ll protect you, My love
I have nothing else to give you but love
That’s all, hardly valuable
Though I’m clumsy and am lacking
My love, my girl
I’ll protect you
Will you promise me just one thing
That no matter what happens
We will love each other
That’s it
Will you marry me, I do

I demand this to be sung to me before anyone proposes. So touching this lyrics.


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