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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Okay, this is fucking awesssssssommmmme! what a great way to end the yearrr!

So i've been yt-ing alot these days ( should create a youtube series thing, maybe like SUPER VIDEOS! or something. LOLS), and i actually found this a couple of days ago and its freaking awesome. So, masamixes its a freaking talented fanremixer(apparently this is what his "job" title ixis), and he does many mashups/remix of kpop songs!

I really love the 2010 mashup!

SO here's Part 1, featuring 30songs ( this is a midyear special, so features songs from first half of 2010)

Wonder Girls (원더걸스) - 2 Different Tears
2NE1 - 날따라해봐요 (Try To Follow Me)
Big Bang (빅뱅) - Lollipop part. 2
ss501 - Love Ya
F.Cuz - No One
2AM - 잘못했어 (I Did Wrong)
U-KISS (유키스) - 빙글 빙글 (Round and Round)
f(x) - NU ABO
KARA (카라) - 루팡- (Lupin)
Girls' Generation (소녀시대) - Oh!
4minute - HuH
C.N. Blue - 외톨이야 (I'm A Loner)
After School - Bang!
2PM - Without You
Girls' Generation (소녀시대) - Run Devil Run
KARA (카라) - We're With You
Seo In Gook (서인국) - Love U
BEAST - Shock
Lee Jung Hyun (이정현) - 수상한 남자 (Suspicious Man)
Gummy (거미) - 사랑은 없다 (There Is No Love)
Davichi (다비치) - 시간아 멈춰라 (Time Please Stop)
T-ara - 내가 너무 아파 (I'm Really Hurt)
Lee Hyori (이효리) - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Super Junior - 미인아 (BONAMANA)
ZE:A - 하루종일 (All Day Long)
Secret - Magic
Rain - Hip Song
CN Blue (비) - Love

Here's Part II, omg i really love this. SIXTY SONGSSS!!!

Year end special!

2AM - Like Crazy
2PM - I'll Be Back
2NE1 - Clap Your Hands
2NE1 - Can't Nobody
4minute - I My Me Mine
After School - Love Love Love
BEAST - Beautiful
BEAST - Soom
BoA - Hurricane Venus
Brave Brothers - I Want To Cry
Co-Ed - Bbiribom Bberibom
Co-Ed - Too Late
Dalmatian - Round 1
DJ DOC - I'm A Guy Like This
E.via - Pick Up Chu~
Fcuz - Midnight Sun
FT Island - Love Love Love
G.na - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better
Ga-In - Irreversible
Girls' Day - Nothing Lasts Forever
Girls' Generation - Hoot
GP Basic - GAME
Infinite - Come Back To Me
IU - Good Day
Jay Park - Nothin' On You
JYJ - Ayyy Girl
Kara - Jumping
Miss A - Breathe
Miss A - Good Girl, Bad Girl
Narsha - BBI-RI-BOP-A
Nine Muses - No Playboy
NS Yoonji - Just Dance
Orange Caramel - Aing~
PSY - Right Now
Rainbow - A
San E - Delicious San
Se7en - Better Together
Se7en - Digital Bounce
Secret - Madonna
Seo In Young - Into The Rhythm
SHINee - Hello
SHINee - Lucifer
SISTAR - How Dare You
Son Dambi - db Rider
Son Dambi - Queen
Super Junior - No Other
Supernova - On Days That I Miss You
Supreme Team - Then Then Then
Taeyang - I Need A Girl
Taeyang - I'll Be There
T-ara - YaYaYa
Teen Top - Clap
Touch - Me
U-KISS - Shut Up!!
Untouchable - Make A Fuss
VNT - Sound (YeYeYe)
Wheesung - I've Thought Of Marriage
Won Bin - I Love You, I Love You
ZE:A - Level Up

THIS IS IT OMG! aint it awesome!?
You can download it at his website, http://www.masamixes.com!


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