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SUPER BOOBIES 7?! Seriously?
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yesterday, I read this:

Super 7 said, "There are a few SNSD members that can sing and dance well, but the rest of the members have no special appeals. The SNSD girls have all undergone plastic surgery, but we are natural beauties and their bodies can’t even compare to ours.”

They then quickly changed their attitude by saying, “We’re not saying that we will ever be able to be better than SNSD, but we will view them as our role models.”

The concept behind Super 7 is that their average age is only 22, and that they all have ‘C’ cup chest sizes.

My Reaction:

Seriously, that kind of nerves they have!

Firstly, snsd is not all plastic, secondly, super7 might be natural but definitely no beauties. LOOK, JUST LOOK,

They look just like domestic helpers. COMPARE.
(credits: bestmaids.com.sg)

To me, theres no difference. Or maybe there is, some maids there look so much prettier.

And the "bodies can't be compared to us" part, WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOUR C-CUP NEHNEHPOK? See, the thing why most chinese girls group don't make it big is because they always focus on the wrong wrong things. Take for example the female F4 that debuted quite some time ago, their focus was on ther F-cup breast. Those dirty thangs. Hey, STAY CLASSY YOU KNOW CLASS?


You don't sell your cleavage in the mainstream market okay.
But then again, maybe thats why they say such brainless stuffs because you know in chinese, they are "xiong da wu nao", which translates to big boobs without brains. So words probably go through their boobs instead of their brains before coming out of their mouth.

By the way, heres their mv if you havent seen it yet. Throw your hates everyone. They "borrowed" snsd's Hoot outfits because SNSD are their ROLE MODELS. *PUI*

Their title song mai luo so, which translates to Don't Nag or whatever. Its in Hokkien, or rather TaiYu, a chinese dialect, not exactly a chinese song.

Go on and click, dont be afraid that you will contribute to the increase in views, just dislike it at the end of the video (if you ever reach the end of it), because it has already reached a million viewers and this is the first time i see a popular video having more hates than likes (except for rebecca black of course)....

I dont even know how they have the face to call themselves the Taiwanese version of SNSD, no face, no talent, nothin; the only winning part is the boobs and the bravery they have to insult asia's biggest girl band without thinking about consequences. They should be called like 大奶时代 (big boobs generation) instead if they SOOOO wanna be like snsd.


Wait, is there 10 people i see on their album cover? Super 7 or Super 10?

So i know their intention was to probably gain (negative) media attention, and i probably shouldn't be blogging about this thing. And i guess, the "attention" they intended has already surpassed what they have expect. Oh wait, or maybe not YET :

credits:pterloves-snshidae @tumblr

But seriously, they are soooooo overboard okay.

You can sit down and reason with a terrorist, but when you see an offended SONE (or ELF),throw in the white flag and run!!!

You know, we people here at super-kpop are not c-pop haters, in fact, we love mandarin songs, we grew up with it and have so maaany feelings for it. But i just wished they had better things to contribute than all these low-standard craps they are giving nowadays because kpop has drawn away most of the support they use to have. Prove it with your real abilities, please?


/shuyan would like to add,

I saw this group, Super 7 on television this morning on some taiwanese talk show. And they REALLY ARE NOT BEAUTIES. They can't really go on about being natural beauties when 1) they are not even remotely pretty and 2) look at the amount of artificial enhances they wear. Thick FAKE eyelashes, Iris enlarging cosmetic lenses and the list goes on.

It is also kinda shocking how they were all like we are more natural than SNSD when in the first place they used SNSD as a stepping stone as a climb to fame by shamelessly using their songs, chereography and even outfits.

We do not unreasonably bash people here on SKP but if you dare to make such statements, you are just asking for a slap across the face. I totaly see them not lasting long in this industry.

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