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Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is a Lizzy Park Soo Young post!

Well, I love this girl because she is so bubbly and cheerful and brings joy into everyone around her. What is best is after watching her on Running Man, was that her straight forwardness and innocence is something that is admirable. So,

First up, a little biography would be nice.

So where has she been?

Her after school work,

Unfortunately, she gets a little overshadowed by her other flawless unnies.

Here, she fits the concept more and stands out! As part of Orange Caramel!

Lizzy is just adorable on so many levels! Even dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies!

Time for MOAR Lizzy's Aegyo spam!



She does it so well. I have no urge to slap her or roll my eyeballs when i watch her do it.

You just can't help liking her as a cheerful girl! She works really hard you can tell, to be on shows and getting noticed. Until she got so tired.


She was awesome and really noisy on her first appearance on running man but she was quiet towards the end, probably because she was like the maknae and couldnt really express herself too much! Let's recap some of Lizzy's times on running man with the hats she wears!

Not a hat, but still, cute!

While she is fabulous and pretty, let's take a moment to laugh at Lizzy's elementary photos.

I love her and all, but come on, it's hilarious, look at her eyebrows!!! This proves one thing, it IS possible to become pretty. Be it makeup, or plastic surgery (I mean who cares about plastic surgery, if it can boost your self esteem and make you a more confident happier person, with increased chances of finding a better looking mate why not? See here for justification) you can become as gorgeous as her!

Im gna make up that fugly sad photo with more perfect photos of her, so dont come at me haters.


Still have haters?

To the left you go!

Bitch is fabulous. And glowing with awesome.

Saying Goodbye as a little Pumpkin.

She would make a good slutty pumpkin no?

Girl is so underrated. :( But go Lizzy! Fighting!

credits: varioususers@youtube, mangopude@isubs-squad forum, akp


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