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We are BACK!
Friday, August 17, 2012

While we were on hiatus, a lot has happened in the world of Kpop. Our favourite oppas here at Super-Kpop, Super Junior, has released a brand new album. Sexy, Free & Single which has been repackaged into SPY. We loved Sexy, Free & Single. While we already know they were Sexy, knowing that they were also Single just gave fangirls out there exploding ovaries. Come, let's all appreciate some good Super Junior together.
  I know its old, but I dont care because they produce timeless stuff. While we were religiously listening to Super Junior's new album on repeat, Some members have decided to reward our dedication with magazine shoots!

Meanwhile, Psy has gone viral with Gangnam Style.

Even appearing on ABC news,
That song is an earworm! I cant get it out of my head for quite some period of time afte I heard it.

And a most exciting news event, Hwayoung getting kicked out of T-ara, rumoured bullying news. Not going to elaborate here because it is a really really long story with lots of juicy bits here, there, everywhere!

2 Singaporean girls have also debuted in the world of Kpop under the group name Skarf with Alpha Ent.
Here is their MV.

I have to say, it is pretty forgettable, run of the mill stuff. Admittedly, Tasha is quite pretty. I don't know, I can't see them being as popular as 2NE1 who has a very strong style, or SNSD which are really to pretty to be compared with. Plus, not being very good at korean is quite disadvantageous.

Other news worthy stuff include, CN releases new material!
Some boy band is taking care of babies!
Haha is getting married!
Kim Jong Kook fails again to destroy the giraffe!

And that rounds up a mini session of Kpop updates here!

See you all soon!


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