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6 thoughts on kpop
Wednesday, September 12, 2012


(only using an old banner because I have no time to make a new one, and i like this banner too)

On the outside fangirls might seem crazy for going all out for their idols, but kpop has made life a lot easier to handle for a lot of people. And that sometimes, is the reason why we dive ourselves in to the world of Kpop.

1. Kpop taught me it was okay to be awkward.

I love my awkward idols. Sohee was so awkward in Wonder Bakery, Yesung was just an awkward turtle in general, all their phails on variety show thought me it was okay to make a fool of myself once in a while. Nobody would look on me any less and still love me for the fail whale that I am. They aren't perfect robots but embarrassed human beings like us too.

2. I can become pretty too.

This is 2NE1.

This is how 2NE1 used to look.

I love this picture. It s a very good picture to illustrate my point on how dressing up and putting makeup can improve one's appearance.

Not to the point of this

but significantly enough.

3. Collecting cars is a perfectly reasonable hobby.

Eunhyuk, in Full House, said his hobby was collecting cars. I love Kpop because it makes me laugh. It makes me happy when I have had a bad day.

Their variety shows don't take themselves too seriously. Most of their idols don't carry that idol baggage around a.k.a Fahrenheit (a mando popband)

Running man is totally the best show to watch after a shitty day at work. It never fails to put a smile on my face or make me clap in delight.

4. The Fandoms.

I am an ELF. I have participated in plenty of Super Junior activities. What is awesome about Kpop fandoms is that they usually have an official colour. Going to an SJ concert and looking at the sapphire blue ocean makes me proud to be in the fandom, supporting my idol.

People in the fandom support each other, are willing to get to know each other and make friends just based on the pretext we like the same group.

It lets me know, I am not alone. Kpop brings people together. I have made a lot of new friends that way.

I'm pretty sure the other VIPs, SONEs, Cassiopeia, Shawols etc will feel the same way.

5. I will have false hopes.

That is unfortunately the ultimate downside to Kpop. I now live with the knowledge that guys like NichKhun, Lee Seung Gi and Jung Yun Ho exist. I now also live with the expectation that I would meet a guy like these perfect men and be able to marry them.

What's worse is that Korean Dramas perpetuate that notion by even suggesting that any protaganist (rich or ugly or has some extremely sad life) will and can end up with a happily ever ending. Life has also gotten X81371384 more difficult for the kpop fan girl.

6. People rarely feel bored.

Things are constantly changing in the world of kpop. They happen fast and furious and oh so exciting (Think T-ara). Anyway, besides it being such a dynamic environment there are plenty of thigns to do. Watch Korean Drams, Variety Shows, read up on your idols in forums, go make friends in forums, do artwork etc. The list never ends. There is never a dull moment in the world of Kpop which means that you will not be wasting your time doing drugs or out doing illegal things.

If I get any more thoughts, will definitely share them again as part 2. Till then, let's go look at some pretty girl group photos. -shuyan


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