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Saturday, May 16, 2009

SHINee's comeback on the 21st of May!

Are you excited? But won't it clash with Super Junior's promotional activities? WHY IS SM DOING THIS?!?! Even Gee and Mirotic and Sorry Sorry didn't clash. :( Mad! Still the new concept and Minho's new nose will be worth anticipating!


Yoo Se Yun Getting Married!

We arent very pally with Seyun but we know him as the guy who hosts Music bank and Good Daddies with Kim Heechul! He is a nice guy and everything and he is getting married! I can't help spazzing about this cause everyone loves a marriage no? And they look so happy together!


Seo In Young in Chinatown!

Its a KPOP STAR IN SINGAPORE! Its a rare occurence and Inyoung being aprt of Jewelry and everything. And the background is her being in Chinatown. Haha. I know Wonder Girls as such have been to Singapore for some kpop festival etc. Still, I wish Super Junior and DBSK would come too! Come on over~ Come on over baby! Even to film some lousy CF or take some pictures it would be awesome for us! A full stalking adventure would be in store for you! And come Sj-M, nobody will anti Zhoumi even cause Singaporeans are veyr ncie that way!


Double "Bum" Attack

So as the whole world knows how kibum decides to do some endorsement for LG rather than including himself in Super Junior activities (which he supposedly should), i think he is rather happy about doing the whole LG CF thing with other random people cos he gets to work with another 'bum'!

Yes yes..no one else but KIMBUM!
Nothing beats two cuties coming together!

But there is something weird about the photos that were released, check this out :

Look at the way kibum looks at kimbum! Its like this shy girl looking at crush or something. Yes, he looks like he is in love with kimbummie or something, especially with his girly hairstlye!

And the following picturess makes things even more scandalous!

Its like Kibum is a housewife or something keeping the laundry, while KimBum, the husband, sits around enjoying the sun and appreciating his wife's hardwork and love.

Next, after collecting the laundries...
They went out for a long awaited date!
And both wife and husband are extremely happy! Haengbok eh!

Haha..okay..enough of nonsense! But its really kind of lovely to see both bummies together!
credits : icepluscoffee



Its sad/freakish to see young people following stupid trends blindly these days. I mean, they can't even decipher what is ugly and what is not now!

First it was the Gu Jun Pyo kind of freakish curls and now...they have what you call..the LOLLIPOP HEAD!

Sandara Park of 2NE1

Some people out there commented that it looked like the men's thing down there.
Ain't it cool that now girls get to have it up there?!

even han chae kyung is doing it too..

I don't mind if girls are adopting this stupid hairstyle. At least its better than seeing everyone on the streets wearing like that :

I wouldn't dare to go out i tell you.

credits: seoulbeats


Hankyung betrays Heechul, again.

If you log on to any china website, and type in han geng, you will find 8329578923 articles of him and his scandals. It is really inevitable cause hankyung is like one of the top-listed star in china right now.

But this time round, he actually brought a girl to his apartment! According to some chinese site, they said that hankyung mentioned that his girlfriend should be someone who is filial, tall and quiet. And according to that reporter, the girl in the photo totally fits the criteria!

this 3rd guy there looks like zhoumi aint it!?

whatever, i can hear heechul mourning for the death of hanchul already.

han kyung : "ooops! Bei fa xian!"

Heechul : "I'm so sad! " :(

credits: ifeng


Ajjushi fans and their "unending love" for Sunny

Yet another birthday congratulatory advertisement on newspaper for another snsd member, Sunny, just like how jessica and sooyoung had theirs too.

While sunny celebrates her 20th birthday yesterday, the rest of korea's attention drew to this advertisement on national newspaper which reads :

"Sunny's father who is currently at Kuwait, thank you for bringing the brighter than sun, Sunny to this world"

"Today's weather for SNSD is Sunny!~ Today's weather for all the SONEs is Sunny!~ Today is Sunny Day!~"

"Happy Birthday to our full of aegyo, cute, wonderful and amazing singer Sunny~! Happy Birthday!"

"Sunny who has the smile like the warm sunshine of May, we are happy because of your presence"

"May 15th, a day where the sunshines brightly, Happy birthday to the aegyo queen Sunny."

"We love you Sunny!" "SNSD's source of energy, Sunny. Happy Birthday!!"

This was done by a group of fans called 2030 group for fans of age 20 - 30 years old. And the hand-drawn picture of smiling sunny was done by an uncle fan!

Its really a cool thing to be a star in korea, they are blessed with loving, supporting and most importantly, rich fans! They'll just do anything for their idols!

Like how i remebered ELFS bought a bed for kyuhyun of super junior the day after he said he had no bed to sleep on in the dorm cause he was just included in the group.

This 2030 group are not only lovely and rich, they even do good deeds such as donating numerous books to schools!

Oh well, i wish i was that rich too.

anyway, hope sunny had a good birthday! :)

credits : soshified


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