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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Firm sues dead actress for being beaten - and wins


Hello!!! She is already dead!!!

The Supreme Court reversed the original ruling and ruled in favor of a construction company that filed a suit against the deceased actress Choi Jin-sil, who committed suicide last October.

The company, upon hiring the top actress as their representing model in March 2004, concluded a contract stating Choi's duties to pay back 500 million won ($399,361), should she depreciate the company's social reputation.

However, in August, Choi appeared on television and newspapers with her face full of bruises, allegedly caused by the violence of her then husband and retired baseball player Cho Sung-min.

Oh so, its her freaking fault that she was abused by her husband and thus not able to uphold the image that they had drawn out for her?


The advertiser company thus filed a suit against the actress, requesting for 3 billion won as compensation. The amount included the 500 million won in damages as stated in the contract, additional compensation of 400 million won and 210 million won in advertising costs spent by the company.

"The purpose of the brand model contract is to use the model's social reputation and images to draw the customers' interest," said the Supreme Court in the ruling. "The model's failure to maintain an adequate image constitutes a breach of the hiring contract."

The concept of the apartment Choi was supposed to advertise was dignity and happiness, and Choi, as its model, was under the obligation to act accordingly, said the court.

A lower court said in an earlier ruling that Choi could not be held responsible for depreciating the image of the apartment or the company as she had not been proven guilty of causing her former husband's violence.

Choi's mother presented herself at court, as legal representative of her two children who succeeded their mother's duties and became defendants of the case.

The estimated value of Choi's estate is about 5 billion won, including real estate and bank savings, according to her family.

And now her children have to pay this off? oh holy shit! I hate this. IT JUST MAKES NO SENSE!!! They are suing someone for being a victim of domestic violence despite the fact that she is already dead? Fighting with the dead huh, how pathetic.


But how, reality is that human are the ugliest creature ever existed on this planet ( minus super junior ).

fuck that.

credits : ashiva @ lj


Guess what netizens spotted in this photo of Yoon Eun Hye at Lee Seon Gyu’s wedding??



Simply LOL!!!! HAHAHA!
Are they detectives in their past lives or smthg!!


source : sookyeong


Idol group Super Junior & SNSD appear in MBC's "Music travel lalala" for the first time


On June 3rd, SNSD's Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sunny, Tiffany and Super Junior had recorded the show.

Super Junior will perform the movie 'Notting Hill' OST "She". Besides, SNSD and Super Junior will perform each other's famous songs "Gee" and "Sorry Sorry" with new arrangement .

Can't wait to watch this! like seriously! my 2 favourite groups! I can imagine super junior doing Gee totally ( with heechul, nothing will go wrong! ) , but i cannot imagine snsd doing sorry sorry!

maybe we can spot some haesic too..*cough cough*


shuyanedits/ *secretly takes out knife to stab doreen* *THINKS OF CHANGMIN AND JESSSICA* WOO HAESIC ROCKS!

source : evanesco @ sj-world


FT Island HongKi Filming Mnet Scandal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ohh, so now its Lee Hong Ki's turn. :( Many people are going to be so sad. At least I have to say, the girl is pretty. Looking at the pictures makes me want to go on a date with HongKi too!

credits: soompi


Backstage Pictures of FRIED CHICKEN CF

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Okay, so the point of this portion was for me to go, WOAHHH MANYMANYMANY CHICKENS! The sad thing is however, the chicken doesnt look very delicious. Maybe because its cold? But it has no juicy and crispy feeling how to film a good CF? And I see something that looks suspiciously like Superglue? The blue bottle. It must have been a sad CF to film if the chicken tasted as bad as it looked. Still, I'm sure many SJ fans will be rushing to eat the chicken still. Can't wait to watch it!

credits: OnlySJ13, icepluscoffee@wordpress


Some 2AM/PM Pictures to melt over.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Woo! I really like seeing one day all together since 2pm is more dance-y type and 2AM is the power singing type. 10 mambers of a happy family. Still togethere they are no beat for Suju's 13! Haha. And I'm quite addicted to the new 2PM and 2AM new songs.

Credits: 꼬막@evon.saramin, bubblyshades@lj


Hankyung saves the day!

Neorago performance on Music bank June 5th.

Look carefully at around 1:40, when eunhyuk drops his mic.
Leeteuk looked stressed and super worried, while hannie picks up the mic swiftly and hand it back to eunhyuk.

you can see donghae, shindong turning to look, while sungmin gives the super adorable school boy stunned look!

someone even commented that siwon wiped his shibrows after the crisis was averted. HAHAHA. i had to repeat like 3 times to catch that.

Yesung's hair! Its a carrot thing. But i think it looks good on him! And im extremely glad that ryeowook's hair is growing! Not digging sungminie's hair still. RETURN SUNGMIN IS HAIR!

credits : super3jib @ yt


Jaebeom and Taecyeon working out



















LOL at their expressions!!

okay, yummy stuffs,


credits : fiftystars @ lj


Yoona's birthday messages from fans all over the world.

SNSD's fancafe "Hwa Soo Eun Hwa" submitted a birthday ad to a daily newspaper to congratulate Yoona's 19th birthday on the 30th of May.

more and more exaggerating each time.

This time, the congratulatory messages were not only in Korean, but also in many foreign languages. There was English, Chinese, German and Arabic, among others.

I spot a message from a singaporean!
No 13th :
"Yoona Unnie, during the day you were born, mother nature blossomed the most beautiful flower,YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! " Nadhirah/female/12/singapore

wow, this 12 yo kid is really impressive to come out with such an awesome message.

arhhhh!! i should have submitted one in chinese like,

亲爱的允儿, 你是我心内的一首歌! 你让我看到了一个美丽新世界! 让我们锁住时间
,让感动漫延. 生日快乐! 我爱你!


credits :xeth @ ssf


KARA comeback : Same Hearts

kara for you, anyone?

wtf is wrong is koo hara and seung yeon's hair?
loving jiyoung and park gyuri's new image though.

what do you think about the song?

Click here to download the MP3 version of the song!

*song is up at download page*

credits : derika2 @ yt



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