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Saturday, June 13, 2009

SS501 1st Asia tour concert tickets sold out in 30 minutes in 1st window


The tickets were sold out in just 30 minutes for SS501 first Asia tour Seoul concert performances 1st window sales.

SS501 will be performing in Seoul on 1st and 2nd August for their ‘THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA’ concert.

Tickets were sold out 30 minutes after the 1st window sales were opened. It was said that the traffic on the online ticket sales site increasedly significantly when the sales opened.

SS501 also spoke up about this, “We are very impressed by our fans especially since this is our first Asian tour. We will showcase our best at the performances.”

The 2nd window for ticket sales will take place end-June.

GET READY MONEY AND TRIGGER FINGER TO BOOK TICKETS FOR SS501 SINGAPORE CONCERT! Though I doubt Singapore Fans here are that many and crazy, it never hurts to be prepared to grab the best seats!

credits: Sookyeong


Horror Movie Factory Cancelled

MBC's 'Sunday, Sunday Night' is cancelling SNSD's Horror Movie Factory due to low ratings. BUT WHYYYY? I mean the concept is cool, the girls are fun and it looks exciting! (No time to watch yet due to many other commitments but it sounds like good fun!) I think it's quite sad actually. And then they will waste more effort on another new show with another concept. I mean, they should just finish this Horror Movie Factory and then start another new concept. They can't expect ratings to shoot up overnight?

Now we will never know who is the horror queen! :( I was thinking maybe SooYoung?

credits: mailto:hoyah@%20lj


SS501's New Digital Single

Its called, We Can Fly.

So no wonder they did the airplane thingy in the sky with fans. It was like sorta hint and promotion for their new single! Well yes, we can fly. :) But the song is like So so only. So I guess now ss501 is depending on HyunJoong's career. Cause I doubt this song can compete with stuff like Its You, Again&Again and Juliette. Not strong enough, but decent effort. Guess TripleS will lvoe this!

Click here to download SS501 New single, We Can Fly

credits: hoonfami@youtube


Wonder Girl's China Plans

Look at the background! Its all sina.com sina.com! Woo, come back to Asia Wonder Girls! Please don't be Nobodies in USA. I mean, why is so great about the US market. Can't they slowly gain recognition there instead of actively promoting there. They have a higher chance of success in China I tell you.

Anyway, I saw this line.
JY Park confirmed that the Wonder Girls were indeed appearing on 13 shows for the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 and said it would be a meaningful opportunity.

Yeah I know the Jonas Brothers are big in USA and they love the JB to bits and it would be a wonderful oppurtunity to boost coverage there. Congratulations! But I feel that, their style is a bit to different to cater to the boyband loving teenage girl people who love the Jonas Brothers. I might be wrong though.

Oooh, I can't wait for a WG Chinese album! It won't be as big as SJ-M due to a lack of Hankyung or a China member. :) But Korean fans are at such a loss sometimes. I mean these people are products of Korea yet, they seem to be flying everywhere. (E.g SJ13 in Thailand butSJ12 in Korea. )

credits: bunglur@lj


SHINee's Gee

I was planning to skip this and click on the yt link. But cause doreen is into SHINee now, she asked me to watch this. And OMG SO CUTE! Don't you love Key's new hair and the way he dances to Gee? And Onews cute giggles? And Jonghyun is making me go weak in the kneees! HOTHOTHOT!I realise, I seem to fall in love with them whenever I hear them sing live. Its the same for Stand By You. It's madness. SHINee is so cuteeee! Please watch okay!

credits: minshinee@youtube


Se7en officially accepts that he is in a 7 yrs relationship!

yay! Like finally! I mean its so obvious and everything.

SE7EN admitted their relationship through his CYWORLD post :

"I Choi Dong-wook and actress Park Han-byul have been in a more than friend relationship since our pre-debut days which makes it 7 years since we’ve been together as a couple. I apologize for always having denying and quieting down rumors of our relationship with the excuse of being nothing more than friends. We’ve been classmates ever since our last year in high school and even after our debut we progressed into a couple by supporting each other."

Park Han Byul is real he made their relationship official and not “nothing more than just friends” anymore. 7 Years! Thats damn long. Awe, they look damn sweet together.

Let's give them our blessings! and to se7en, please just go back to korea and propose to her or something. PLEASE STOP THE WHOLE USA THING!!! its annoying.

credits : se7en's cyworld, newsen


Xiah Junsu buys a Townhouse for his parents

wow, its so good to be a star! It actually makes you rich enough to buy a house like this for your parents! Its so nice to see these k-stars taking care of their parents.
Something we should follow to repay the love from our parents! I mean not in the buy-big-house sense,but you know, like good food or something is enough to make them happy ( i think) !

The house is extremely nice!

The blueprint of the house...!

makes stalking easier.


Heard junsu bought a pizza store for his dad too? Aww...sweet. makes me feel like marrying him more. ah hem. :D

Is there any other k-stars you know of that takes good care of their parents once they are financially abled? Share it with us!

credits :yuukihitoria @ lj


4minute pictures released.

Sad to say, they look ... :( I agree, its very 2NE1 and After School. One group with this concept should be enough.

And it seems there are not much anticipation from them except the label "HyunA's Group".

So it's just SIANNNN when I see their pictures. ZZZZZ. I wont be eager to hear their music. At least 2NE1 had Big Bang. :)

credits: bunglur@lj


2NE1's plans in America

As from late June to early July, 2NE1 is planning to head on over to America! The rookies, along with their YG producers, will be in Los Angeles, California, working on their next album with producers from the legendary Interscope Records. Interscope Records is one of the top entertainment companies in the United States, boasting big-name artists such as Dr. Dre, the Pussycat Dolls, the Black Eyed Peas, and Lady Gaga.

Interscope's chairman, Jimmy Iovine, recently showed his admiration for 2NE1, and apparently shares a good friendship with Yang Hyun Suk, founder of YG Entertainment. The two have been exchanging music ideas and are apparently starting to collaborate, with 2NE1 hoping to churn out hits akin to Interscope's other hip-hop acts. This collision of cultures is undoubtedly intriguing, but just to clear up any misunderstanding, 2NE1 is only working on their album - not promoting themselves in the US.

Oh will they stop it. To be honest, i only see a 15% possibility of KPOP in USA. Well, maybe 2NE1's weirdness uniqueness may appeal to america. Who knows.


RUMOUR : Donghae to be Zhang Liyin's new mv?

ZhangLiyin is preparing for her upcoming second chinese album and someone at baidu posted news about it on baidu,

I believe most of us here have already heard about Liyin’s second album, MV will be filmed soon
A Korean friend of mine told me that SM is figuring out a suitable place for the MV filming.
Ballad will be the music style as usual, it will shows Liyin’s ability in singing high-pitched notes
After discussion, predetermined location would be at Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, where most dramas or movies filming took place.
Because it is a historical place, Such as shops, streets, railroad and streetcar are very ancient
Aside from this, they also plan to take view at another trendy place
I will not disclose the exact location, but we will see Donghae when the MV is filming, haha.
The concept of the MV is most likely to reflect the differences between ancient and modern, it’s amazing
I am impressed with the Korean PD, it’s such an awesome idea.
However, all of these are predetermined, I don’t know and also unsure what is the final decision.
As we all know SM tends to make changes
At least that’s what my friend read from the proposal
Alright, I will pay a visit again if I get any news.

yay, we love love zhang li yin's ballads and totally wouldnt mind more Fishy!


SHINee on shim shim ta pa

i totally cannot resist posting this!

Here is Onew tearing up when he was asked to say something to his members

Ah...I don't know how to begin...
Firstly, I've always wanted to say words of thanks to my members...
As a hyung, I don't always take good care of my dongsengs...um..(tears up)...there are many times that I am incompetent...
Even...even though it's like this, you guys still let me take care of you...and always followed me without hesitation
Dongsengs' great efforts/hard work is really...that I'm able to see you all consistently working hard... I'm really thankful for that.
And...I will always try to learn from that...I'm really thankful to all of you...sorry...I've only said this much...

Onew is totally a sweetheart! You are doing great baby. *hugs*
and Key....some donghae moment there. LOL.

and here, minho confesses his love for donghae .

Minho: First off, PD, please give me some background music.
Shindong: Okay, okay. This kind of background music?
Minho: No, not this kind.
Shindong: Not this kind, a more romantic-sounding BGM.
Shinyoung: Don't we have "Kiss the Rain"? Our Minho-goon has a lot to say.
Jonghyun (?): Our Minho is so wild-hearted, he even wants BGM!
Minho: Though I am really close with the other hyungs, I'm sorry, but I need to say this. In Super Junior, the one I like most is Fishie--Donghae-hyung. We would always talk about things heart to heart. I also have something that I want to say to Donghae-hyung....can I say it?
Shinyoung/Shindong: Of course.
Minho: Donghae-hyung, I love you.
Jonghyun: Suddenly asking for BGM, it was really surprising! It's like a drama scene with everyone watching.
Shindong: From what I observe, I can really feel that Donghae and Minho more than just hyung and dongseng. They are more like friends. (Shinyoung: Oh, really?) The two of them are really close. That's why Minho is not as [respectful? it's more like...he's not as polite and more casual around them].
Jonghyun: Sigh, why request for BGM?!

seems like donghae is pretty popular among the dongsaengs...kyuhyun chose him as his favourite hyung too! awwe, i want a brother like this too~

credits : loveflair&friend @ lj , Yodubu1 @ yt


SHINee's favorite possesions

Another cannot resist-it moment. I'm sorry for all the biasness and everything. ^^

Taemin holds two of Michael Jackson's live CDs in his hands--one that was bought by himself, and the other that was given to him from fans. Taemin is Michael Jackson's fan and by watching MJ's performances since he was young, he found his own dream. Taemin says, "MJ is my idol. While practicing, I always have the thought of 'I want to become a singer that is as great as MJ' in my mind. Although I have a long way to go, I will work hard until I can one day show myself as a performer that can be comparable to MJ."

-hey baby, MJ? i would have understand you better if it was Rain or somebody else.

The on-stage Key is full of power and appeal. His performance and rap is also very strong and manly. The off-stage Key however, is more careful and gentle. It can be said that he's a cute dongseng. Key's precious item really fits him--a pretty, flowery diary. In the diary, Key records every little thing that has happened since debut, and the schedule part looks just like a manager's--it's full of all their activities and schedules. Key says, "By writing diaries, you can calm down and sort out the day's happenings. 'Ah, so this day felt like this', or 'I need to reflect on this thing'. This diary contains my growing up process."

-his diary is so girly cute!

Minho's most precious item is SHINee's album. Actually, it can be said that SHINee's albums are every member's most precious item. Minho quietly took out SHINee's new album shyly and said, "I can't think of anything else to pick besides our album." But then all of the members interupted and said, "What? Albums are everyone's most precious item, so choose your own thing!" But then Minho said, "The period during SHINee's debut was the happiest time of my life. Even now, my heart would still beat crazily before going on stage. I don't think that there can be anything more precious than this. Besides the album, I really can't think of anything else. The quiet and mysterious Minho showed his cute appeal.

-LMAO. whatever he does is just... LMAO. hahaha.

Jonghyun's most precious item is his MP3 player. Maybe not the MP3 player itself, but the 10,000 songs that are in it. "Juliette" is Jonghyun's first written song since debut, and he feels as though he was able to practice on becoming a lyricist by listening to all of the songs in his MP3 player. Jonghyun feels that a singer needs to listen to a lot of songs, so he bought the MP3 player with his own money. Jonghyun says, "Even if I don't bring my cellphone with me, I must have my MP3 player. It's kind of like my other self. I have foreign artists and Korean artists, from pop songs to hip hop dance songs to ballads."

-i just realised that he has pretty adorable eyebrows!

Onew's netbook was given to him as a gift from his company. It's just like his other self. The netbook contains Onew's diaries and his favorite music. He would regularly use it to communicate with fans. Onew says, "When we go somewhere to perform or to another country, I need to bring this small netbook with me. It contains all of my favorite music and movies. When I have it, I feel really secure, no matter where I am." When asked, "What will happen if you lose your netbook?", Onew laughs and says, "Then it would be a huge problem! To replace all of the things in my netbook would take a lot of effort."

-thats so tiny and cute! i want one too!!!! oh onew...your smile is killing me once again...

which one would you pick?!

credits :amourette @ Soompi



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